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What does portrait orientation locked (arrow icon) mean on iPhone?

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sophie 13 yr ago x
Hi what does the arrow icon mean on the iPhone and what is portrait orientation?

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john 13 yr ago x
It means that your iphone won't turn pages if you turn your mobile. So portrait stays portrait and landscape stays landscape. You can enter or exit this mode by tapping the home button twice, and scroll the icons to the left. The portrait orientation arrow icon will show/disappear in the menu bar.

The iPad has a special button for this, but it is said that with the upcoming iOS 4.2 the button functions as a mute button. But I haven't updated yet.
^to john 13 yr ago x
Thanks soo much!!! You helped a ton!! :D
melo 13 yr ago x
how can you get 3g on the ipod touch4 without jailbreak
john 13 yr ago x
@melo Assuming you are not referring to 3G as in third generation iPod, but 3G as in mobile wireless communication: this is not possible on an iPod Touch 4, because there is no slot to insert a sim card.

However, if you have an iPhone 4, or another mobile device that can broadcast a wifi signal, you can connect your iPod Touch to the internet that way.
Jaden smith 13 yr ago x
Thanks so much!!! I've always wondered what that does. :)
Jane 13 yr ago x
How do I save battery on my iPhone 3GS?
john 13 yr ago x
@Jane there are no real guidelines for this, but a few my tips:

- never leave an app running while your iphone goes to sleep/standby. this goes for safari as well.
- restart/reboot once in a while, this will get rid of poorly programmed apps/games that you recently started, so they won't reside in the memory anymore (until you start them again). the problem is you don't know which apps are "bad".
- there are games that cause excessive battery drain, don't play them (games with a lot of movement etc.)
Jojo 12 yr ago x
How can I delete my account for the app store and make a new one without using a whole not her I d. I have two emails and passwords but neither work. Why is that???? I need nanas phone keeps getting messed up cuz my iPod so I tried to make a new account but I didn't work....?.?????? What to do????
scott 12 yr ago x
Thanks. This helpedme today
Cory 12 yr ago x
Thanks for the help
Sandeep sandy 10 yr ago x
My i phones spekers left side speaker was not working .. Please do help wat to do ... My phone getting very slow and hangup its irritating
Fado 8 yr ago x
My iPhone 6s pocket calling ppl and apps getting deleted how can I stop this problem I thought the phone won't open up without my password or fingerprint
Sj 7 yr ago x
Y'all sux dookie crisp
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