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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Nightstarsz 6 yr ago x
@llicja are you receiving gifts from me? I am gifting but not receiving. I'm having the same issues, either the friends don't show up or I can't gift them.
Christina10990 6 yr ago x
I'm tring to gift when I can, but I'm not at home until mid July...that is when my gifting will be every day again.
Llicja 6 yr ago x
Hi Nightstarsz, yes I am gifting you everyday since you have updated Your village. I will check if I receive yours, but still many of my gifts are anonymus (signed by 'somebody'). My error with friends disapeared after few hours. I think it is some another beeline's technical problem.
Llicja 6 yr ago x
Nightstarsz I have just gifted you again - left it next to your Smurfette's beach house. BTW I keep receiving info that few of my friends have not updtd their villages. Finnfa, Gemma 1408, R.ME.WF, Starter 66 - are you guys still playing??
Nightstarsz 6 yr ago x
@llicja I'm not receiving any gifts. I don't know what to do to fix the problem. I've emailed beeline.
Nightstarsz 6 yr ago x
Llicja are you receiving gifts from me? I will continue gifting and hopefully beeline will have a suggestion on why I am not receiving.

Thank you.
nurseylissa 6 yr ago x
Hi y'all I stumbled on to this site when looking for hints on the game. My GC name is nurseylissa if you want to add me. I just found out how to gift bolts so if you need them let me know. :)
Skygamer 6 yr ago x
@ Christina10990
Enjoy your holiday. When you start gifting again, please unbanish me. I have not received a gift from you for 7 weeks. (4 of which I had not upgraded to the latest version). You were one of my most regular gifters. Thank you.
Llicja 6 yr ago x
Nightstarsz, sorry that you have such an annoying error. I will also keep gifting you anyway. I hope Beeline will solve it soon. I cannot say for sure that I did not receive gift from you as all my gifts this morning were anonymus :(
nightstarsz 6 yr ago x
So beeline is telling me they do not support 'cross platform gameplay'. I am using ipad, I just started having problems last week. Is anyone else having this problem?
SmileySmurf 6 yr ago x
Yea... um i did the time change thing only TWICE and 3 smurfs from my village left!!! This is a stupid website.
Ausome Person 😝 6 yr ago x
Need....... Free....... SMURFBERRIES!!!!!!!!!
Hoda 6 yr ago x
Hey guys there is this really cool glitch that happened at Easter have to have the bottle that washes up ashore .ok beeline will give you a free the Minuet you go to your island click on the bottle.then beelines gift will popup.close the little message that the bottle had then click on the bottle again wait a few seconds and then beeline will give you another free smurfberry. Keep doing this for about 6 times then it will stop .
Jokey Smurf (bj)  6 yr ago x
Friend me On game centre jokey Smurf (bj)

Ima Back mwhahaha
Shawn 6 yr ago x
Hey! Add me up on GC as a lot of my GC friends went inactive. Will return gift daily. Nick is below.

OJ needs bolts on island
Smurf 6 yr ago x
@Nate - is there any punishment for deleting and reinstalling the app for smurfberries? Does beeline come to know abt it?
Andi 6 yr ago x
What is this thanksgiving statue everyone keeps talking about? and snow/winter feature? I am on level24 and i don't have anything like that. Also I keep planting crops on the island and then once I leave and go back, they have all wilted. What is up with that??! I thought I was doing pretty good in the game (coin and how much stuff I have wise) but I only have 3 smurfberries....and still no answers to how to get more if you don't want to buy them without having to wait till you earn more.....HELP!! Otherwise, LOVE the game!!
Andi 6 yr ago x
I don't know or understand this blueprint thing either or bolts?? i am so confused!!
Andi 6 yr ago x
I also don't have a facebook acct. am i never gonna be able to visit other villages or get gifts from others?
Christina10990 6 yr ago x
@Skygamer - I think I've got you unbanished now. I wish I was on brother was in an accident 1,500 miles from where I live and I've been with him in the hospital...which is why my internet is sketchy. I will on a vacation starting on July 8th for about a week and probably won't gift at all in that time...then I will be back to my regular gifting (and finally be HOME : ) ) Thanks everyone for continuing to gift me : )
Skygamer 6 yr ago x
Sorry to hear about your brother, I hope he recovers. Thanks for unbanishing me.
Skygamer 6 yr ago x
Regarding Smurfberries
Please read my post on page149 adressed to @pepa.
Also see the post on page 149 by Shadybeatz.
Nikii 6 yr ago x
Hey! I updated my smurf village and it made me start over and it won't let me plant a garden. So my brother to me to delet the app and download it again and now it won't let me download it. How can I gay my smurf village back?
Skygamer 6 yr ago x
@ Christina10990
Thank you for the gift.
Charles 6 yr ago x
Tungminhkhi 6 yr ago x
Hi everyone,
I'm on level 30 of smurfs village. I'd like to have friends to send one others seeds for palm trees, flowers, crops, dyes. Watering...
Please add me GC is Tungminhkhi.
Thanks everyone.
Sarah bob Dawson 6 yr ago x
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of gifting recently. Once these bugs have been sorted, I'll resume, but ATM its so much hassle just to gift people, trying to get into GC or islands etc, plus these new ads are driving me scatty. I also have ridiculous toothache right now, so it's not my best time. I'll be back soon. I promise!
Gifts 6 yr ago x
Hi guys I'm new to this site. Can someone please add me? I need bolts, flower seeds and palm seeds? I'll gift everyday too. Thanks
Gifts 6 yr ago x
Sorry please add my account li2 82
Bayli126 6 yr ago x
Well, I am back from vacation. I was able to gift a few time while I aw gone, but things should get back to regular gifting now that I am back home.
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