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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Freshmaker 11 yr ago x
Grouchy wants me to plant and harvest 30 tulips... Which one should i plant...?
GorgeousEmerals 11 yr ago x
@Freshmaker, it doesn't matter which tulip crop you plant (I just chose the one that took the least amount of time to grow), but with this one you need to have 30 flower beds so that you plant the tulips all at once and harvest them all at once. Or else you won't get past the quest.
GorgeousEmeralds 11 yr ago x
Hi to all of my GC friends, I know I haven't been here in a while but I have been trying to gift all of you with updated games with gifts when ever I can. It has been a long time since I have been able to give and receive gifts without any errors of any sort.

Just a tip: if you enter a friends village and water their flowers/palm trees and the blue bar is still visible above the flower/tree - do not gift! wait until the blue bar disappears then gift or else the village will crash and when you start it up again you won't be able to see your friends village for any time between a couple of hours to a couple of days. See ya
Nore 11 yr ago x
My husband started playing smurff in his iPod with the same GC account so I decided to create my own but now I have to start all over again... My questions is... Any way I can transfer my village to the new account without having to start all over?
Skygamer 11 yr ago x
@ Nore
Copying an existing village.
1. Play your new game on your husband's ipod. Be sure to enter via your GC account.
2. Restore one of his saved games by tapping on pappa's head 16 times in the options menu.
3. Play for a while.
4. Open the game via GC on your ipod. A message should come up that your current version is different than the GC version.
5. Compare the villages and choose the updated version.
6. Your husband may receive a message that his current GC version is different from the latest saved version. Choose the preferred version.
Note: This advice is assuming that all games played on an ipod save their backups to the same location regardless which GC game is being played. I have not tried it but it seems possible to do it with ipads. Let us know if it works.
Mιdηιght 11 yr ago x
ωhατ dσεs smυrfεττε's sυmmεr hσmε dσ?
nickey 11 yr ago x
How many smurfs does it take to make a smurfberry pie?????
kindred- 11 yr ago x
Anyone that wants to add me my gamecenter id is KINDRED- (remember the dash after the name, not an underscore!) i will gift and water everyday, and i NEED BOLTS PLEASE
Farmer Smurf 11 yr ago x
Are golden potatoes better or golden corn?
Farmer smurf 11 yr ago x
Shady eats what do I difim level 27 with over 5 mill of coins do you know how to get free smurfberries then?
Farmer smurf  11 yr ago x
Sorry I ment shady beats I'm on my iPad right now so I'm bad at spelling
~Shadybeatz~ 11 yr ago x
@Farmer smurf, log out of your gc account and make a new one, new address and password then go into smurfs and tap play, your new village should start from level 1 and beeline usually gives you 350 smurfberries to begin with, if you dont want to start all over again you can go into the option menu, tap on papa smurfs face 16 times and see if theres data from your other village so you have ur regular village but i found that the more new accounts you make, the more smurfberries they give you. or you can jailbrake which is what i did(:
IS2318 11 yr ago x
@Shadybeatz I had just tried tapping on papa smurfs face and I got an option to recover village and got a list of saved villages, what should I do now? a little lost here. help! :)
Farmer smurf 11 yr ago x
Awesome thanks Shady!
~Shadybeatz~ 11 yr ago x
@IS2318 once you've tapped his head 16 times yes all this data from saved villages come up, click at the top of the list cause there the most recent saved ones and it should highlight then at the bottom of the screen you should see 'preview village' click on that!!!! to make sure its ur latest village and not one from months ago, then wen u get out of it click recover village then play the game and u should have your old village:) and welcome farmer smurf:)
IS2318 11 yr ago x
Im sorry. Im still a little confused here :S So I would have to do this after I create a new GC account right? And keep doing it to get more smurfberries everytime but my current village wont be lost since I would recover it everytime right? thank you all your help! awesome village!
IS2318 11 yr ago x
Another thing, how do you keep your same username after you create a new GC account? It tells me IS2318 is already in use of course
IS2318 11 yr ago x
Ok so I created a new account, I went to play and did the recovery village but the number of smurberries was the same to the old one (16) and the 125 that they give you to start dissapeared :S I think I am doing something wrong.. help :)
Jekaa :) 11 yr ago x
Add Me On GC Jekaa :)
Bolts Pleaseeeeeeeee ill Return The Gift
Princessb 11 yr ago x
How do I use the storage hut please?
Sco 11 yr ago x
Hello for everybody. My 7 yo son is playing Smurf Village and needs bolts... Could somebody help him to reach this very important goal for him, please.
His game centre id : Sco.a
Melika 11 yr ago x
I am on level 16 and I don't have any smurfberries.what can I do?
Melika 11 yr ago x
Oh yeah I forgot, I heard about jailbreaking your device but I don't know how to jailbreak my device so someone tell me how to jailbreak my device so hurry up
Melika 11 yr ago x
Oh never mind. I don't want to start my iPad 3 all over by jailbreaking my device. Tell me something that is easy.
Christina10990 11 yr ago x
Whoo-Hoo!!!! After 35 days, I am FINALLY home!!! Which means I will finally be gifting everyeday again : ) Thanks everyone who gifted me while I was gone,
Melika 11 yr ago x
Another thing I don't want to start over the smurfs because once I did and I didn't get any smurfberries.
Melika 11 yr ago x
Princessb the storage hut stores and deletes things.that's all I know because I can't buy anything that is 1 smurfberry even I have none.
kindred- 11 yr ago x
i now have two accounts, both need bolts on the island, i will gift in return every day and will water any plants too, add me to gamecenter please under KINDRED- and KINDRED-75
Smurfy girl 11 yr ago x
It says to tap on timber smurf to complete the mission but every time I do it does nothing
legendofzelda101 11 yr ago x
@smurfy girl

it might be the fact that you have to collect from timber smurf multiple times, tap on whoever gave you the mission to see.
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