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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Patty 10 yr ago x
Hi. I hope someone can help me. How can we transfer smurfberries from one user to another? My friend doesn't want to play anymore and want to give me her smurfberries. Please tell me what to do
Mari 10 yr ago x
How to receive free smurfberris?????? Plz help
GorgeousEmerals 10 yr ago x
@Nar the crystals are found on the mountain, accessed by the hot air balloon, you can only get crystals by going to build and selection the dig option, you can purchase each 'dig' with either smurfberries or coins

@Patty unfortunately I don't think you can transfer smurfberries from one user to another, if they have purchased them contact Beeline directly and see what they say, if the smurfberries were all acquired free 'ie by jokey gifts or by leveling up then I don't think you will get them

@Mari you can get free smurfberries by leveling up (3 for each level), or by getting gifts from raft voyages, digging on the mountain, or from Marco (usually 1 smurfberry), Beeline sometimes gives a random gift of 10 smurfberries on special events ie Christmas Day
GorgeousEmerals 10 yr ago x
Whoops you can also get them from Jokey smurf as well....
GorgeousEmerals 10 yr ago x
Sorry Nar, I didn't see your comment from pg 157, my quest was finished when I dug up my first crystal, sorry I cannot help you more
Hamood 10 yr ago x
How to get more smurfbarries free and not jailbreak?
Kruemel14 10 yr ago x
Hi there,

I have loads of crystals in the mountain village. Will they be used for anything later ? I am really tempted to delete them. They just block space.

And is the windmill any good? Finished it. Now nothing happens.

sjwikkie 10 yr ago x
don't delete them! later you can buy grandpa smurfs hut with smurfberries and when you place them near the hut you'll get extra xp, the windmill gives you 1 smurfberrie every weak
cm 10 yr ago x
If Jokey is asking you to open one of Jokey's boxes, how do you do it? Because when I click on Jokey, it tells me to open one of Jokey's boxes, rather than giving me the box...
SoSweet-Trini 10 yr ago x
What is Lucky Smurf Lucky game
Sexiblaq22 10 yr ago x
Add me for daily gifts gc sexiblaq22
Skygamer 10 yr ago x
Totem pole complete.
After a gap of 6 months my final totem pole piece arrived via the bottle quest. While the item itself is only a decoration that can make rain, it completed the totem pole goal that rewarded two smurfberries. For those that are still waiting, there is hope!
Bayli126 10 yr ago x
Congrats skygamer!
Mykee29 10 yr ago x
Still looking for a crystal quarts!
kindred 10 yr ago x
add me, i gift daily from all 3 of my accounts, remember to use dashes not underscores for my account names, KINDRED- , KINDRED-75 , KINDRED-1975 .
Skygamer 10 yr ago x
Smurfberry received from Handy's surfshop.
When playing the first pearl collection game in Handy's surf shop in the island, a smurfberry appeared in a pearl (close to the end of the game) it appeared for a very short time and it was a scramble to get it. Let's hope the game produces regularl smurfberries.
The game also counts towards the goal of completing 7 games from huts. This means it is possible to complete the goal with games purchased with coin only
Bayli126 10 yr ago x
I also got a SB from the game. I've had pretty good luck with berries this week. I have gotten 6 from digging on the mountain!
Christina10990 10 yr ago x
Is grandpa's hut worth the smurfberries on the mountain? I have a ton of crystals.
lele 10 yr ago x
I've got jailbreak on my android how do I use it to get the free smutty berries anyone know
lele 10 yr ago x
I meant smurf berries lol
lele 10 yr ago x
I've got jailbreak on my android how do I use it to get free smurfberries
New friends 10 yr ago x
Hey, I want to add new friends on smurf village - so anyone who wants to add me my id is stamateandreiv.
Bayli126 10 yr ago x
@ Christina- I get about 15000xp a day from grandpa's hut. I also got the storage crystal so the mountain isn't over run with crystals.
Helena 10 yr ago x
What lanterns do I use for papa smurf the only ones I can find are not working can someone help me I've been stuck on it for 3days now :/ (
SmurfedUp 10 yr ago x
You use to be able to get free smurfberry's from the telescope and windmill on the mountain. This was done by being either on your island or land, then exiting out of the game (not closing it down properly through the game menu). Set your clock back an hour, then go back into the game. Voila... jump in your balloon, and the windmill and telescope would both give you a smurfberry. Additionally, shrubs would also complete on the land you were't on when you did the time cheat. Warning, crops would wither, but shrubs and quests were fine.
All this is now ancient history as Beeline have fixed this loophole and it is all now legitimate... unless you are still operating on an old version.
Pete 10 yr ago x
The second riddle is hard. A room with no windows, floor and walls. What is it??
candle 10 yr ago x
Hello everybody pls I need ur help, I can't connect to friends. A message said: check ur internat connection.
I like to have neighbors and send and receive gifts, plz help me, I have android xperia arc
amir 10 yr ago x
Here's a tip how to have a permanent source of smurfberries!
Just contact us at...

edit admins: removed
Freshmaker 10 yr ago x
why doesnt my slouchy, snappy and sassette huts not give me XP once a day since the day i had them months and months ago...???
Skygamer 10 yr ago x
May 2013 - version 1.3.9.
When crops are moved there is a change that they are ready for harvest immediately. The same applies for shrubs, flowers and mountain digging (ie all actions where the smurfs work on a timer). This works on the mainland, island and mountain. Aparently results are inconsistent for different players.
I tested it on the mainland and island - on crops and shrubs. On my mainland, 20% to 30% of the time the crops/shrubs mature immediately. On the island it was about 1% - too low to be meaningful. This unintended feature of the game is very time consuming. It may be useful to lower level players.
Get smurfberries by leveling up quicker.
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