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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Asdf 12 yr ago x
Things I know: on the iPod 3, the moment you change the clock forwards, a badge pops up saying "potatos are done". Go back to the game, and it tells you to rest your internal clock. But turn off the wifi, and you can keep on cheating. So the app doesn't have it's own clock. But turn the wifi back on, and you are busted. Maybe moving it one day and then moving it back one day directly after with the wifi off doesn't alert the game because the time has not changed a second.
Patprod 12 yr ago x
Changing the time is the best solution, but here is the solution to do it directly when you are playing. First disconnect all data connexion (with Cydia or airplane mode but airplane mode you can't get incoming calls...). Enter the Smurfs app, then grow Pumpkin for example. Plug your iPhone to your computer, add 18 hours to your computer time, then open itune(disable the automatic syncro). Immediately the Pumpkin would grow.. simply harvest, and you can continue as long as you want... Now if you want to avoid the Papa smurf message:"I'm disappointed you have been overworking the smurfs by changing your clock, be careful or your smurfs will leave the village", I can explain, but it's a bit more complicate and you need a jailbreak iphone. In the app smurfs folder of your iphone you have a tmp folder. Some of the files are saved when you leave the app. So if you come back to the actual time on your iphone, when you reopen Smurfs, the app will immediately detect that you had open the app at a futur date, therefore Papasmurfs will warn you. So here is the solution, when you finish to play, exit, simply drag and drop on your desktop the files saved at a future date, change your computer date to the actual date and time, reopen itune (but no need to syncronize your iphone) and simply copy the file on your desktop to save them in the tmp folder of the smurf app.

I used i-Funbox (PC) or diskaid(Mac)

Enjoy :) and don't hesitate to ask me questions
Sage Kroeker 12 yr ago x
The Time Cheats Works Best if You disconnect from wifi, then re-connect to it EVERY TIME you use it and you won't get Papa Smurfs Message. I hope I helped anyone who almost screwed up their game. THX! :)
El Socky 12 yr ago x
Right, if you want easy smurfberries then start again and remember to save your smurfberries to begin with. Turn Wifi off and then you wont get papa smurfs message every time. I usualy get the message when I turn Wifi back on but it only does it once. When you level up keep your 2-4 smurfberries and wait until you get 15 smurfberries and buy the thanksgiving statue. This gives you the ability to use Goldern Corn...IT'S AWSOME!!! Hope this helped :D
cj 12 yr ago x
hi i need a cheat for smurfberries. i have an iphone. what can i do to get things like the smurfete house for free?
mc 12 yr ago x
tried to to cheat and restarted my game and didn't carefull i was already in level 14.
ML 12 yr ago x
does anyone have a cheat for smurf berries that actuarially works I mean I have to wait for ever and I've already done the time cheat and it works for the first couple of times and then fails the rest...
If the people who created surfs are put there we need a cheat and now please! do it for all your fans out there and post it on the this website and then we will continue the game with out one moan. So please on behalf of your amazing fans out there..... Thanks if you do and I hate you if you don't Lolz xxxxx
madey 12 yr ago x
The quickest way to get more smurfberries is to keep on growing crops and play games the when you can to get more xp and the level goes by faster.After every level they give you a free smurf berry =)
LIN 12 yr ago x
not all people who plays this game have money to buy smurf berries...pls help.
p-dawg  12 yr ago x
i need smurf berries
p-dawg  12 yr ago x
does any body no how to make itunes gift card code if any body knows i will tell u how to get free songs
Peach 12 yr ago x
Do the smurfs really really leave if you keep using the time cheat (in the winter game).
If so, after how many warnings ??
Thanks :)
bigalande 12 yr ago x
how do you complete the greedy's smurf baking game with the Cherry Cakes?
Liz 12 yr ago x
I have a problem with crops on smurfs. I grow them and I don't get any coins so I berley get any coin do u guys now how to fix this problem
kyle 12 yr ago x
@Peach: No they don't leave, however I stopped cheating a while ago, they updated the game a few times after that and a few people above had some problems...

@Bigalande: What's going wrong? Keep in mind you can have multiple screens in the bakery game, so you should swipe left/right to see if the cherry cakes are ready in other screens.

@Liz: Which crops?
KillerTW 12 yr ago x
I had been using that time cheat for a while but then Jokey Smurf stopped giving me gifts and won't he give me any more smurfberries?
kit kat 12 yr ago x
i no a cheat!
Shifter 12 yr ago x
What iz. The cheat kit kat
kyle 12 yr ago x
New update Smurfs Village Valentine. With a new Handy Smurf minigame and levels 29 and 30 added. Farmer Smurf can harvest all your crops at once (haven't tried that out, I don't know how it works yet, will probably costs you smurfberries). Smurfette is visiting just until after Valentine's Day and if you want her to stay you have to build her house, which costs 30 smurfberries :( A heart floats above her head, if you tap it, she'll kiss and hug the nearest smurf :) And you can give a gift to your friends once/day.
Pamela  12 yr ago x
How often Smurfette gives away her hearts?
heidi 12 yr ago x
Pamela, I think once a day, just like you receive gifts once a day from Jokey Smurf.
Pretfred 12 yr ago x
Canceling your flightmodus doesn't work! Papasmurf will still give the warning...
Laura 12 yr ago x
How do you get smurfberries if you don't have Wi-Fi and don't want to spend money?
bluecows 12 yr ago x
how do i get free smurf berries? someone in this world has to know so please post it
Wendy 12 yr ago x
I bought a bag of something for 50 coins? Anyone know what it is?
Meek 12 yr ago x
@Wendy. How would anyone know???? Lol
bluecows 12 yr ago x
it could be a "sack o' grain"
Jaime 12 yr ago x
How do I buy smurfetts home?
Sam 12 yr ago x
Just One Thing About Smurfs ..
GREAT GAME , Love Playing It.
Mina 12 yr ago x
How do i build the house for that girl smurf that says shes only staying until valentines day unless i build her a house? I really want her to stay!
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