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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Silly 12 yr ago x
Cannot open smurfs village on my iPad. Plse can smebody help?
MarioNLuigi 12 yr ago x
I just got 5 smurfberries from Jockey smurf and I am a level 25. But I still don't have a grouchy smurf but everybody else has one. What the he'll?
Lulu 12 yr ago x
I was looking through random villages and some people have 2 smurfettes anyone know why? And i have her house so its not that you get another fod valentines day anyone know?
MarioNLuigi 12 yr ago x
@Lulu well that is probably because someone already update his/her app and after that he/she purchased a smurfette house and there might be a glitch in the game. Again,I just got 5 smurfberries from Jockey smurf and I am a level 25. But I still don't have a grouchy smurf after I updated it but everybody else has one. What the hell? Can someone PLEASE help me out?
Name 12 yr ago x
Grouchy and hefty smurf

If you're still on a mission, it should take until after your done with the mission to get grouchy. With hefty, it should automatically down the time future items are built. Ex: if it normally takes 15min to build, he reduces it to 7 and 1/2min.
stefii 12 yr ago x
How can you get more smurfberries?
How do I plant flowers for smurfette 12 yr ago x
How do I plant flowers for smurfette?
Thunder 12 yr ago x
Name: Hefty Smurf is definitely not doing what he's suppose to do. I did select the house that normally takes 15 min to build and placed him right beside Hefty's house. I monitored the time and it took exactly 15 min to build. Tried it with other thing's as well and same thing. It takes the full amount of time to build. Bummer, looks like my Hefty is a DUD! What a complete waste of 25 smurfberries. Thank's for the response though.
HelpfulDewd 12 yr ago x
There is a way to get free smurfberries.... But it involves restarting your game, jailbreaking your iPod, and using a computer program to hack into it. I've done it, but you've got to do all kinds of work, and you CAN mess up your iPod.

As for Grouchy smurf, you have to do the missions to unlock him.

Rocks and flowers you can buy in the store by clicking on the plant icon in it.

The above applies for trails, use the plant icon.
MarioNLuigi 12 yr ago x
Jockey smurf rarely gives out free smurfberries little by little. If you wanna switch the clock go for it and the warning will pop up and there could be many types of consequences besides the surfs ditching the village. I got 5 smurfberries from him 3 days ago.
heidi 12 yr ago x
You guys mean you get 5 smurfberries at once (so in 1 day) from Jokey smurf? How many times did you receive that? I only got like 3 smurfberries the past few weeks. Oh and Smurfette left my village yesterday :(
saso 12 yr ago x
hey guys
I need helpppp I'm playing the game from iPod touch and from my iPad with the same game center account so am not playing the game daily from my iPod and I'm n level 6 so in my iPad I'm in level 17 suddenly I found myself in my iPod village ,,,,,how can I go back to my ipad village ,,,,,"! Help plzzzzzz
candypandy 12 yr ago x
hi ppl... on the ipad when i try to go on smurfs, the starting song comes on, hiccups, makes a weird noise and goes back to the homepage. Does anyone know why? I KNOW im not alone other ppl have this problem 2! PLZ ANSWER ME I HAVENT PLAYED THE GAME IN MONTHS!!!!!!!! HHHHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPP!
heidi 12 yr ago x
@candypandy stop shouting :) you could try one of the following:

1) restart your ipad (press the hold button on top/right of the iPad for a while until you see the "slide to power off", then power on again)
2) delete the smurfs village app and reinstall from the itunes store
3) update your iOS through itunes (but this really shouldn't be necessary)

Other than this, I really don't know...
serajim 12 yr ago x
Greedy's cherry cake

Hi. I need to play greedy's cherry cake. Is there a strategy that I am not aware of to perfect this game. I am aware that this game is of quantity over quality. However, I find it really difficult.
heidi 12 yr ago x
@serajim What do you mean with perfect? I had I think +40 XP last time I played it, not sure. If it's possible to get way more, I would like to know also!
MeiXiu 12 yr ago x
My Smurfville won't play if I am not connected to a wi-fi or 3G. Is there a way to fix this to play "offline" ? I am using an iPhone 4.
Jillie 12 yr ago x
I know how to fix the problem with your Smurf village not opening. I had the same problem. It just shuts off when the music plays and goes back to the main screen. Turn your iPhone/iPod off and turn it back on again. Works for me every time :)
Lewis 12 yr ago x
There is a way of getting a wagon of smurfberries for free
Thunder 12 yr ago x
Elle: I know that the answer to Papa Smurf's second riddle is a mushroom but which mushroom? I tried placing one of the baby ones and one othe clustered ones but it doesn't seem to be it. Can you let me know which one it is.
Smurf-addict 12 yr ago x
Hi, I tried the time changing cheat .Papa smurf gave me his 'I'm disappointed etc' message when I set my iPad clock back to the correct time. Now, jokey smurf doesn't give me any gifts and my snails and caterpillars don't give me the daily xp. Does anyone know if this is because of changing the time..??
Serajim 12 yr ago x
I need to bake cherry cake, but the end result is always poor. Is there a way to beat this? I can't move forward! Help pls
Ilenedream 12 yr ago x
CHERRY CAKES, I FAIL it everytime. What's the deal??? I can play it perfectly!
HELP, help need to bake! Says I did poor. GAME LIES

heidi 12 yr ago x
@Ilenedream @Serajim you need to click on the cake when you see the cherries. Not before that. If you click right away (when you see the cherries), you'll get a "Ok", if you click when you see smoke coming off, you'll get a "Smurfy!". The latter one is a bit more difficult to achieve, because immediately right after that your cake will burn.

Also, keep in mind there are 2 screens in this game, you have to slide back and forward! Did you see this?
MeMyselfAndiPod 12 yr ago x
K, I think EVERYONE, including me, wants to know how to get free Smurfberries so if ANYONE knows even how to get just 1 Smurfberry, you will be loved. But, you know, the more the merrier! Thanks everyone!
I don't have a life 12 yr ago x
I have been playing and have had the game not open on startup when the music comes on. The first time this occurred I reloaded the app. Now it has happened again and always after I have been playing for awhile (level 15~20). Turning off and on of the ipad appears to have corrected the problem.
joh072 12 yr ago x
How do I remove a plant? 6 yr old put it in the way
heidi 12 yr ago x
@joh072 click on the hammer (lower right on screen) which takes you to the screens where you can buy stuff. In the lower-left corner you'll see a move-button. This also lets you remove all other stuff, so be careful.
Paws4ever 12 yr ago x
Why isn't Hefty Smurf reducing the time it takes to build new things???? H E L P :(
JuicyBella  12 yr ago x
Iwanna know what's up with farmer smurf I have him directly in front of crops and he doesn't help wit anything I click him crops lights up and then nothing happens can someone help...
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