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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Saira 7 yr ago x
The thing worked for me but igot one coin. How will I buy a pumpkin with one coin?
Paws4ever 7 yr ago x
@juicybella Farmer Smurf must be touching your crops to work. He has a little brown piece of land in front of him, connnect that to your crops. You can position him in the middle of all your crops so he can make 8 pieces of it more valuable. He only works if you do that.
lewis 7 yr ago x
Its so easy to get smurf berries for free i have got 3 ways of doing that.I have got 10000 smurfberries
MarioNLuigi 7 yr ago x
If any of you guys want to get free smurfberries u have to level up or wait for jockey. I never buy smurfberries or switch the time to level up. But I usually wait for jockey to put smurfberries in these presents. You have to be patient to get them. I think he gives smurfberries once a month or 2. Somewhere around there.
MarioNLuigi 7 yr ago x
Some other people around here must have hacked or jailbreak their iPod to get free smurfberries or they might be lying about getting FREE smurfberries. If they know another way they should tell people how to prove that they are not lying.
Brad101010 7 yr ago x
Louis please tell me how to get the 10000 smurfberries!need them urgently!!!!!!!:-O
bluecows 7 yr ago x
plz tell us how to get the free smurfberries------what have u got to lose?
Rob 7 yr ago x
My guess is: Don't hope for free smurfberries whithout jbing ur idevices...

So long greedy smurfs :)

And by the way, i'd call lewis a big fat smurfy troll!!! (feel free to prove me wrong and earn our smurfy gratitude forever)
Brad101010 7 yr ago x
If Louis does put this cheat online then we owe him one!
see u later smurfy fans
rhys 7 yr ago x
if you want to grow crops faster change the time forwards and if it comes up with a sighn sayying u have been CHEATING then turn your WI-FI of sooo it has nothing to check against!!
rhys :)
Brad101010 7 yr ago x
Got grouch smurfy today! What do I do with him?
I appreciate the help
Happy smurffing!
Jess 7 yr ago x
Lewis please tell us the cheat, I beg of u u will be the best ever person my rolemodel PLEASE I have got faith in you Lewis and if you r lying then I will HATE u forever ands will many other people lying only get u in trouble or hated so Lewis please give the cheats to us!! Xxxxxx
heidi 7 yr ago x
Lewis is lying for sure.
Jess:) xx 7 yr ago x
I am sad now because Lewis won't tell us and he has not commented after the one abot the free berries xx
bigalande 7 yr ago x
what is the smurf village maize crop?
Sanj41 7 yr ago x
Which mushroom do I place for papa smurf's second riddle???
Brad101010 7 yr ago x
Looks like Lewis is lying about the cheat. Either that or he wants to be selfish and keep the cheat to himself!
ahunter 7 yr ago x
hi all,

Does anyone know what is the papa smurfs second riddle? - this is a room has no floor, no walls, no windows, and also no door. what is it?

Can anyone help..
Smurffan 7 yr ago x
it's a mushroom

I've question: how is it possible that everyone gets presents and i don't?
I also have been warned by papa smurf, 6 times, but after how many times there's going to happen something?
I am scared that I have to start the game again from the beginning.

1) When Grumphy smurf is visiting your village you can touch on him when he has stormclouds above his head. You get about 200 xp.
2) you can give your friends presents by clicking on their village and the giftbox below.
3)If your game doesn't work because you get back to your homescreen, turn off your ipod and startup again.
4) If you do everything papa smurf says, you get lots of xp.
5) I always play greedy's backery and get 40 xp and 40 coins. I think that's normal cause everytime I play, he says: "smurftastic, these are the best cakes i've ever tasted, and I am a critic."

I hope you liked the tips.
Sanj41 7 yr ago x
heidi 7 yr ago x
@Sanj41 LOL :) nobody seems to really understand what you're asking. I'm sorry I can't help, I still don't have the riddle.

At what level or when do you get the mushroom riddle? Maybe I'm almost there.
Sanj41 7 yr ago x
Level 24. The answer to the riddle is a mushroom but I don't know which one! I haven't got enough room to build any more either! 'tis annoying me greatly!!
heidi 7 yr ago x
Oh wow, I'm still at Level 18, almost 19, so don't count on me. Will be a while until I reach Level 24.
Brad101010 7 yr ago x
Ha! Got level 20! Well only today;-/
heidi 7 yr ago x
^^ Well I'll get there! What's the fastest way to earn XP?

@Sanj41 I don't really understand: the mushrooms are small, you don't need a lot of room, and not that expensive, why don't you try them all?
Thunder 7 yr ago x
Sanji41-try both the small single mushroom or the clustered mushroom. It doesn't cost much. Or you can try just moving each from one spot to another, that might do it. I don't even recall seeing the 2nd riddle, I went right to the 3rd riddle. And it worked when I moved the item from one spot to another.

For those of you fiddling with your clocks because you can't wait, is it really worth screwing up your entire game. It took you that long to get to where you are now. Your choice but you really can't say much if things go wrong.
Thunder 7 yr ago x
bigalande: the maize crop is corn
Brad101010 7 yr ago x
What level are these riddles on because if I face them I don't stand a chance!
Brad101010 7 yr ago x
Sorry for rubbing your face in it the other day Heidi :-(
Hockeysmurf 7 yr ago x

How does farmer smurf work? All my gardens are touching it (i have 8 touchong) and when i click on farmer smurf it highlights all them. But when i plant crops nothing happens? Does the (6 pictures included) have to do with anythibg? What does that mean?
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