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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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Jess 7 yr ago x
LEWIS!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thunder 7 yr ago x
Hockeysmurf-of the crops you have touching farmer Smurf, 6 of those crops will be worth more when you harvest. Ex. if the crop is normally worth 25 gold pieces, 6 will give you 31 when you havest.

Brad-riddles should be starting within the next couple of levels if you're currently on level 20. No big deal, answers have already been provided for you in all the responses above.
Brad101010 7 yr ago x
Thanks a lot guys! Lewis you better tell us the cheat soon or else jess looks as if she will hunt you down!
smurfs rock! 7 yr ago x
my smurfs app isnt working:(:(:( everytime i try to get on it it loads a little but then just shuts down and goes back to my home page
Paws4ever 7 yr ago x
Lewis is not telling the truth. So for those of you asking, forget him. Spend the $10 on smurfberries, get 125 (plus what berries you currently achieved) and be done with it. Make sure you spend it on Farmer Smurf and the Thanksgiving Statue so you can get that corn crop. You'll still have extra left over to buy whatever you choose. Happy Smurfing!
bluecows 7 yr ago x
lewis, plz ell us

what the heck he isn't gonna tell us
Bowbow 7 yr ago x
Help! How can i get my smurfs back? They just left without saying anything!!
Plz!! HelP!!!
smurfette 7 yr ago x
Becareful even with the wifi off they still u are cheating the game and the smurfs will go away. ;(
Bowbow 7 yr ago x
So they never come back? :(
blue one 7 yr ago x
how do you bake the blueberry cake for smurfette??
Laura 7 yr ago x
How do you make the pink bench for Grumpy?
Paws4ever 7 yr ago x
Need neighbors to send/receive gifts on gamecenter. Add me and I will gift you everyday (am on every day). Paws4ever
Thanks! See your village soon :)
Rina 7 yr ago x
HELPPPP.... After Cheating and got caught by papa smurf, my snail, caterpillar and smurfette can't give me extra XP every days... What should i do to set it back so that i could get my XP back? (fyi, im using the new Valentine day smurf village edition.)
Mirrormoo98xxx 7 yr ago x
You can get smurfettes house at anytime so all you have to do is save up your smurfberries.
Also if you get smurfberries then save them because that's what I did then I spent it them all in one go and don't hav any left and I hav found lots of things that I need
Smurrfffeeee 7 yr ago x
If you do the time change cheat, and end up going say two months past the current date. Then Return the clock to normal, you will not receive gifts from Smurfette, Jokey, or snails for two months.
It's best to set the clock back, then go forward to the current date.
Mel_smurf 7 yr ago x
papa smurf has asked me to put logs and wood by timber smurfs hut, i have done this but it hasnt completed the mission, how do i make it work??
Vowbow 7 yr ago x
@ mel_smurf
I had that problem too. Wait untill there dissapears an icon above timber smurfs hut and you finished your task. Easy isn't it?
heidi 7 yr ago x
I also have 2 questions about placing the logs/wood near timber smurf's hut. I also don't really understand this, but apparently I completed the mission:

1) Do the logs just stay there if the mission is completed?
2) Papa smurf told to touch timber smurf's hut to see "which logs are affected" ??? I clicked but saw nothing.

Next mission is to place some rocks near miner smurf's mine. Will try later.
MarioNLuigi 7 yr ago x
Guys I told you.. Lewis is LYING unless he jailbreak his iPod/iPhone/iPad. Or he did not update his device and switched the date and time. The ONLY WAY to get FREE SMURFBERRIES but you have to be patient. Just wait for Jockey to give you presents. One time he gave me 5 smurfberries all at once and several times I received one smurfberry several times. Some of you will be tempted to switch the date and time but DON'T! Smurfs would leave or they can take away your money and remaining smurf berries one person told me. Buying smurfberries is a rip-off! I know several people are competing for the highest level race or the nicest or coolest village. I tried switching the date after I planted potatoes and successfully did it once. After I switched it to the original Papa smurf found out and gave me the warning. If you want to do it, good luck. If i were you and you have up to 30 smurfberries, buy smurfette, farmer smurf, baby smurf, or lazy smurf for xp and easy money. If you place rocks right near the mine like I did you get an additional 10 xp each rock nearby or something like that.

LEWIS if you are not lying tell the secret to prove that YOU are telling the truth.
MarioNLuigi 7 yr ago x
One more thing. Lewis must have did that and must be begging for attention that way.
Chels 7 yr ago x
How do you complete the task "collect wood for timber smurf?" also, add me to game center chelsb90
I will leave a gift in return every 24 hrs!
SherryC 7 yr ago x
you just need to place the logs or woodpile near timber smurf. Then, wait for every 12 hrs until the woods logo shows up. Tap on timber smurf, and you will earn the exp and $ from timber smurf and all the woods near him!
Acid76 7 yr ago x
Pink Bench

Does anyone know how to build the pink bench for grumpy? I've built a pink one and nothing happens. I've built a brown and then painted it pink, but nothing happen. Can anyone help me out?
mehi  7 yr ago x
ok im on level 14 and i need help i dont know what to do about finding wood for timber smurf HELP!!
heidi 7 yr ago x
@mehi see message SherryC ^^^ . You need to wait about 12 hours until you can complete the task (after you placed the wood of course).
mehi 7 yr ago x
ok but what wood??
heidi 7 yr ago x
@mehi go to the shop, tap the flower icon, and search for logs, cost is 10 coins. The text below should read: "These logs give bonus XP when placed near Timber Smurf".
mehi 7 yr ago x
ok thanks how long should i have too wait
bluecows 7 yr ago x
Kirsty20 7 yr ago x
How do I plant plants for smurfette? Please help
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