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Smurfs' Village Iphone game app free smurfberries cheats

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SLMartin 13 yr ago x
Smurfette's house can be placed anywhere. She will give the XP as she walks around the village. It's best to have her around as many smurfs as possible to get the most xp.
mehi 13 yr ago x
how do you add friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rob - level 29 - Smurfs Killer 13 yr ago x

To had smurfy neighbors, you have to use game center.

1. Launch game center.
2. Go to the friends section.
3. Tap on the "+"
4. Enter the game center nickname of the people you want to become friend with.
5. Tap on "send" and wait for acceptance.


Btw, my GC nickname is: Smurfs Killer

RobinLou 13 yr ago x
@ SLMartin, thanks for answering my question about Smurfette!
New question re: rocks, mines, more XP, etc...
I've placed a whole bunch of rocks around my mine, assuming that I'd get extra XP like I do with the farmer, but absolutely nothing of the sort has happened... Like WTF?
RobinLou 13 yr ago x
@ Paws4ever, thanks for the tip about the crops! I tried it and it works perfectly. And thanks for adding me as a friend too. If there are any gifts that you would prefer more than others, just let me know, k?
mehi 13 yr ago x
thanks and i just added you
cooldude123 13 yr ago x
charliegirl,You have to get more room for 25 smurfberries!!!!!!
Meeee 13 yr ago x
My whole piece of land is filled with snails how to I delete them!?
RobinLou 13 yr ago x
Thanks for adding me people!
Meeee 13 yr ago x
How do I delete my dumb snails :(
RobinLou 13 yr ago x
To Meeee: I don't think you can delete snails...just like certain houses, smurfs, etc... Once you got 'em, you got 'em forever... The only way would be to start the game over from the beginning maybe....
Paws4ever 13 yr ago x
@RobinLou you are welcome. Sometimes I see Farmer Smurf in villages and he is no where near the crops, or even touching them, and I think "what a waste!" Happy to help. I like flowers, rocks, whatever :) Let me know what you like as well 
amuzz 13 yr ago x
Cannot open Smurf Village on my iPAD

this is so frustrating .. already on level 19 then cannot open the app anymore ... keep going back to iPad menu after the Capcom screen ... please help ..
siew yen 13 yr ago x
how do that pink bench mission??
Paws4ever 13 yr ago x
Pink bench mission:

Build a pink chair with it.
SLMartin 13 yr ago x
I believe if you use the rocks with the moss on them you will get the extra XP. They do cost a bit more then the other rocks.
mehi 13 yr ago x
i had myself logged in and now when i open it it asks me if i want to log in?? i dont get it!!
Laura 13 yr ago x
Are do you get that pink bench? I tried so many times and it never works.
Laura 13 yr ago x
I feel like giving advice so...

Mitch, I had that same problem just put the wood pile near timber surfs mill and wait untill the next time you have a bonus by touching his house.

Also there is 2 Laura's so from now on I'm Laura P. The other Laura can stay the same.
MarioNLuigi 13 yr ago x
Hey guys great news! Okay there is another silly way to get smurfberries for free. On YouTube watch the smurfberry hack/glitch and the screen is sideways and his method to get free smurfberries ACTUALLY works every week for me. I got at least one free smurfberry from jockey that way. I can probably get more than one.
Smurfilicious 13 yr ago x
Stupid Log piles

I have read through and this is what i have gotten. you click the timber cabin and it tells you where to get the log piles? i have waited until the logs show that it is time to get my timber (as it does every 12 hours) and nothing still no log piles. am i doing something wrong? Willing to give gifts for a solution :-)
mehi 13 yr ago x
You have to buy the log piles in the store and put them next to timber smurf
Smurfilicious 13 yr ago x
What store?
boogie 13 yr ago x
Riddle #3 - What is the answer to riddle number 3 please???
MarioNLuigi 13 yr ago x
@smurficious well ya gotta go to the hammer icon. Then click the flower/nature icon. Then scroll to the WOODPILES of wood and logs and place it near timber smurf's hut. The woodpiles should say "place these logs near timber smurf to get extra xp". After that wait for at least 12 hrs. Depending on the time for timber smurf and tap it when the woodpiles icon over timber smurf's hut appears. Additional xp along with 60 xp and 60 gold would count as well. If I were you I would get more woodpiles to earn more xp. Same goes to the next mission.
plchia 13 yr ago x
Papa Smurf's third riddle
Many foods can make me strong, but give me water and i won't live long. What am I?

need help for this riddle?
Ninjaturtle659 13 yr ago x
I hate having 2 send my smurfs out into the forest, is there anyway 2 speed up that process??? Y should I wait 3-20hrs for him to come back?! grrr
Thunder 13 yr ago x
Pacha: answer to the riddle is Fire.

Ninjaturtle659: you can bring your surfs back sooner from the forest but you'll have to use a smurfberry each to bring them back. Depends on whether you think it's worth using a smurfberry for.
Stacey 13 yr ago x
i cant get past level 11 how do i do it
SLMartin 13 yr ago x
I would like to add a few of you as neighbors, but I don't have a facebook account. Is it possible to add friends without one?

Sandy :)
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