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Tap Mall app cheats for Bundle of Mall Bucks iPhone / iPad / iPod

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jenny 11 yr ago x
This is a really fun and addictive game when you are bored! Is there a way to get a bundle of mall bucks for free? They really cost alot!
lara 11 yr ago x
The app really needs more clothes and it would be easier if you could earn the mall bucks somehow? I got this game on my iPad, any cheats are appreciated!
lynn 11 yr ago x
Please tell me! How do you get mallbucks on tapmall?
candy 11 yr ago x
Earning money goes slowly if you are just starting your mall. It would be great if you could expand with coins. Also, clothes for your character costs money and are really expensive :( What I don't like is that delivered items gets stolen really quickly!

By the way, you can earn bucks for free if you download apps they recommend.
Ella 11 yr ago x
You don't get very many mall bucks for downloading the free apps, to get more mall bucks you have to pay for some apps as well, most of them are crappy!!

Yes they are way too expensive to buy, I couldn't believe that 150 mall bucks is $4.99, that's ridiculous.
Someone has to come up with a cheat, please!!!!
Lynz_lou 11 yr ago x
I would love an expansion to store more clothing in the store room. Also I would like to suggest maybe an alternative to earning mall bucks. Maybe earn one every time you level up?
Eimir 11 yr ago x
you should be able to exchange coins for mall bucks!
frede 11 yr ago x
Chris 11 yr ago x
To get the tap mall cheats my name is really thomas but to get the cheats you have to erase the game then get it again and call yourself stupid and raise your hand and say 1776 the musical and the kiss the floor and wash the dishes then the game will give you 10,000,000 mall bucks I'm also on YouTube so you could look me up there I am a thin boy who like the ocean so get moving if you want to meet popularity I mean really my name is george and I'm from England it's really cool seeing statues of queen Isabella
Molly S. 11 yr ago x
See i buy clothing and while im wating for them to get delivered people buy my clothing inthe store and i dont have any mall bucks to buy another spot to order stuff... How do u get coins and or mall bucks?
J. 11 yr ago x
I need 50 mall bucks, quick! 50 expensive skirts were stolen. My fault, I know, but I need to get them back as they cost 25,000 coins, and I only have like 3,000 left. It would be really helpful if someone came up with a cheat, for me, as, I'm sure you'll agree, buying is just way too expensive for what they are! Please, help!
uhgkgkjgkj 11 yr ago x
what are cheats for tap mall
HelpMe 11 yr ago x
How do u get free mall bucks... It's a waist of money to actually buy them and everything is so darn expensive so please come up with a cheat to get free mall bucks....... U are not only helping your self but others too
Ih8mallbucks 11 yr ago x
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need mucho, grande help to gett tee mall bouks! Sody if my speeling is no correct, I'm from
Zee 11 yr ago x
I need to get 55 mallbucks and I have to install games to get the mallbucks free they should really make a cheat about this but the mallbucks only give you 5 or 4 mallbucks that's botty
Pleaas help! 11 yr ago x
I really really wish someone had a cheat because everything on tapmall is so expensive and not just bucks i would like more coins too because how r u suppossed to by things for ur avatar when it costs like 20000 coins????!
Stephie 10 yr ago x
What fo y'all mean web you say your items get stolen??
need amll bucks 10 yr ago x
i went to get the expanstion and it was 20 mall bucks. when i did have 20 mall bucks it went up to 40 mall bucks. now that i am close to 40 mall buck i looked and now they want 55mall bucks. i am beginging to thinks all this game wants is your money and it will not get any out of me. i will ge trid of the game first!
tawarxx 10 yr ago x
i really need neighbor in tap mall, can anyone tell me how to get people??
angelica 10 yr ago x
this app is enemy of fashions story (teamlava!) :S
Uehevrvf 10 yr ago x
How do I get into fashionshow
Lexis star 10 yr ago x
I need a cheat for more mall bucks or if someone can tell me how to earn the more at a time they are really handy
Starlight 10 yr ago x
i need loads of bux but i dont know how to get them please tell me some cheats
i need tons of mallbucks please come up with cheats!!!!!!
Thomas 10 yr ago x
To earn free mall bucks you go to menu and click earn free mallbucks. Hope that helps! :)
Thomas 10 yr ago x
If you leave your clothes in the delivered section for a long time then it gets stolen :)
Tick 10 yr ago x
There is no fashionshow,at least of what I know
Wendy 10 yr ago x
To get a neighbor, you click on menu and then click visit a neighbor
Sarah 10 yr ago x
Ok i'm not on YouTube.I'm a kid.But i'v read your stories.I do know how to get coins but not MallBucks.I'v never gotten 1 MallBuck.I at least want 2.Do you know how to get some?
Joey 10 yr ago x
I really need some
Mall bucks
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