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Tap Mall app cheats for Bundle of Mall Bucks iPhone / iPad / iPod

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noni 12 yr ago x
i really need mallbucks to get a free carpet and to make my mall bigger and i wish that i could get free mallbucks!!!
Ayleen 11 yr ago x
Well i need some mall bucks too everybody does but we hace to at least try other things to find out
Ayleen 11 yr ago x
Buy pocket mall and there they give you 20000 coins and 20 or 60 bucks to start out with and the best thing is that its free
Angel 11 yr ago x
How do I get mall bucks
Abby 11 yr ago x
You earn mall bucks by getting to the next level
Dev 11 yr ago x
I am one of the developer of TapMall :)
I can add as many mall bucks as I want to any user ;) Isn't it cool.
Miss.dont.Like.liers 11 yr ago x
Dev pleeeese help me I need 100 bucks
Sooo bad
Wet 11 yr ago x
Bfffhy jjbvgg jug huh juju by jjjhbb mijgbbj oojjikjb nbhybvgbj uuuuu jjjhbb uuuuu jbbbbn iujhj jjjhbb iijhbbn Some where in between all those words is the answer to getting free mall bucks!
Wet 11 yr ago x
Did my thing work?
jut jut 11 yr ago x
my phone dont have the place where you can get free mall bucks so how do i get them now?
C 11 yr ago x
How do u get more mall bucks?
bugabug 11 yr ago x
hey i try 2 get free mallbuks but my thing wont pull it up :(
bugabug 11 yr ago x
OH WAIT!!!! I have a idea!!!;D
bugabug 11 yr ago x
hey CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried your pplan and FYI IT DID!!!!! NOT!!!!!!! WORK!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I AM MAD VERY!!!!!!!!!!!MAD RRRRAAAAAWWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
Floridaboi56ace 11 yr ago x
To get mall bucks for Tap Mall

To get mall bucks on iPhones, IPods, & IPads. You got to first have them jailbroken.
Than go to Cydia and type in tap mall. You
Will then see Tap Mall DL/C.
I did this for my wife N she is loving it. I hope this help y'all & good luck & Marry
Lexi 11 yr ago x
I need mall bucks now
dee 10 yr ago x
I really need some mall bucks
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