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Bakery Story app free gems cheats? (iPhone / iPad)

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lauren 8 yr ago x
I really like this game but it would be nice if you could earn gems with each level up, and push notifications would be nice!
Kristen 8 yr ago x
Can you play the Bakery Story game online?
Bella 8 yr ago x
There might just be a cheat for it I don't know but I'll try to get more info on it
immy 8 yr ago x
if you bake the same thing again and again than you get rewards after a while and one of the rewards is you get a free gem.
cristy 8 yr ago x
can you play bakery story online and how do you get free gems
Saraaa 8 yr ago x
How do you earn coins?!?
Lily 8 yr ago x
You can get push notifications by going to the settings option>push notifications or just notifications> click the app out of all the choices then switch on
hayley 8 yr ago x
Go to app store and update your bakery story app - then you will get push notifications :)
Hannah 8 yr ago x
My customers are all having thought bubbles with clocks in them. What does this mean?
jenna 8 yr ago x
ok me and my best friend are like obsessed with this game and we were like ahhh how do we get a break with out people coming in and no more food. well i dont know if you knew this already but you can put a chair or table infront of the door and you can cook without people coming in
Emma 8 yr ago x
Really caz when I went on I did that and it didn't work but oh well I'll try again cuz... OHHHH that was resterant story that I tried that . Thanx for the fact TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brianna 8 yr ago x
Yeah I really want to get more gems! How do you do that?
Magaliz 8 yr ago x
How can u paint your wall nd the floor..
I have an android phone n I got tat app.for free do u need 2 be on a computer 2 do all tat stuff?
jenna 8 yr ago x
brianna: you go to design and look at gems and it will say add and you click on that but the bad part is it costs money.): and with gems you can finish a dish early or get more coins or buy special things for your place

Magaliz: you go to design and you click on the wall or floor icon and no you dont have to be on the computer
mad 8 yr ago x
my younger sister mistakenly added 432 gems by continuously keep clicking on add gems:( but i really don't want them because its worth around £60. can get refund by retuning them, if yes please let me know how can i get refund?
xrubi 8 yr ago x
how do i get cheat gems and gold without payin and earnin by cooking. like a cheat code?
jenna 8 yr ago x
sorry but idk if you can get refunds. maybe you could go to the creaters website or write to them.

and idk yet i am still looking for cheats. you could try to look some up on google. i haven't found any though ):
jenna 8 yr ago x
i figured out how to take back that purchase!!!!!! you go to main in the lower left corner and yo click help/FAQ and then the question and the answers are right there!
franie 8 yr ago x
I have this game on android and I was trying to change wall color but I don't have a wall or floor when I press design
Amy 8 yr ago x
Why are some of things that I unlock not visible when I go to cook something? Like for example i just leveled up and it says I can now purchase raspberry macaroons but yet I do not see them when I click on the stove..same with restaurant story.
Debs 8 yr ago x
When you post on someone's wall, how do you make those neat little icons come up instead of just typed words?
isabella 8 yr ago x
Hi Debs,

You need to install Emoji Free from the app store, as the name suggest it's free :)

Just install, launch the app just once, and close it. Now, whenever you type something (doesn't matter which game or app) you can switch to the emoticons keyboard by pressing the globe icon (next to the space bar). I hope this all make sense! Let us know.
lizzie123 8 yr ago x
I need an answer i have these decorations that i really want in my backory but i don't have enough gems or coins!!! Please help!!!
alice 8 yr ago x
Is it possible to buy gems with money you earn on the game, I think i've seen it before but now i can't find it!!Someone help me please!
jenna 8 yr ago x
to get more gems if you cook the same thing like brownies enough times u will get a higher rateing and you can get gems from that and you can by them. when you click design go up to gems and there will be "ADD" right next to them you can add them by buying more. it is connected to your itunes account and it uses that money. HOPED I HELPD!!!!!!!! (:
nolifeloser 8 yr ago x
Hello there, currently i have just started a bakery on bakery story. i have a very critical question that must be answered immediately. This question involves looking up answers because this could change the game today on how we know it. if this is not answered soon then bakery story could be ruined forever. please answer this is the most detailed and loving way you can. this would be very helpful for in the future... Do you like... cookies!? if so please leave a comment about all of things you love you hate about cookies. it will be helpful to know if my number one fan ( you ) likes cookies and if i should bake them in my bakery or not. thanks you and have a very nice day.
Sweets 8 yr ago x
Hey everyone with an android phone there is now an update wooohhhhhoooooo so we can do all those cool dec and buys just like the iphone capability. Enjoy cuz I know I am! Just did my floors, windows, and walls.
dpb1 8 yr ago x
decorating on droid

I couldnt decorate either until i updated my app. Once the new updates were loaded, I had the icons in the design area to change walls, floor and add windows!
Still looking for a cheat for coins!
jonesie33 8 yr ago x
how can u get free gems????? if u no tell me.....but that might not even exist
..... 8 yr ago x
How do u get the candy display???? And all the other displays I've seen in peoples bakeries?
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