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Eenies at War Shiny Gems / Gold coins free cheats? (iphone app / ipad)

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Pandora 12 yr ago x
Mmk but I still need 2.2!!! Have you found it or can you go back to your 2.2 and crack and post it?
sorriya 12 yr ago x
dont worry but the 1 dhot KO is patched but the cheat isnt patched XD
x3hongsheng 12 yr ago x
anyone knows how to get a barett?
JMZ 12 yr ago x
pay 2 bucks on mystery box or hack it
gems 12 yr ago x
i need free gems glitch or cheat i have 2.3
x3hongsheng 12 yr ago x
thanks jmz that means i wasted 80+k buying 10 gold and the blueprint -.-
Dpgg94 12 yr ago x
What do you mean by touch the weapons icon onlt? What hack is that? Need to jailbreak?
Dpgg94 12 yr ago x
What cheat hasnt been patched? The one shot kill cheat is similar to the other multiple shot glitch so isnt it patched ald?
sorriya 12 yr ago x
well i mean the multishot cheat is available and another hack is to get the Big UFO, but its patched, but there is another way through mine.if you have the mod cheats, or igf you dont, go to manage>Source>edit>add> then get any game you have and go to profile in the middle, and click thank the user, the code is this; MTc0NTMz : and facetime mem >
Im a guy....
Jason The Glitcher 12 yr ago x
I have bought 19 and got 99999999 mod points because it glitched
Jason>sorriya 12 yr ago x
I have found a way to hack for the level 88 fast@! And you could get unlimited golds but not gems.......... But there will be gem hack on eenies at war vs.2.5-9
Hari 12 yr ago x
I figured it out only for gold and level cheat my advise is delete eenies and play it new game note: ifile needed
1.go to eenies app
2.scroll down
3. Tap valley campaign
4.then find for completed valley campaign I think it will put xp reward
And gold
Change xp to whatever number and gold and u are done play valley campaign a few times and u will also get free gems through perks add me my gamecentre nick name is hari44
Hari 12 yr ago x
How to hack mystery box
Dpgg94 12 yr ago x
Are there any cheats that dont require jailbreaking of the device?
sorriya  12 yr ago x
Whoa Whoa Guys dont listen to Hari. You dont put any exp amount. Only 9999-250000 because if you do about 9999999999999 then you reach level 89 but you become level 1 soon. And as you reach the level 88 then stop and do only about 1200-3000 because it will turn you back to level 1 if you become or level to 91 or 89 because it isnt even posible. And I have a hack that i found for gems now.
but only 500 gems a week. Invite me in eenies or game center, ...:D
Jason 12 yr ago x
Eenies At War 2 Glitches

Hello IM Jason and ad me
in Eenies at war
Sorriya 12 yr ago x
Hello Can we like turn the eenies at war 2.42.2?
Hank 12 yr ago x
I don't know how to jailbreak my ipod or anything, but I'd like to upgrade my dino and all that. How do I get all this gold? I don't really understand how to hack.
Sorriya 12 yr ago x
Guys! I found the way to get gems through perks by getting about 999 perks for gems! Though you will turn to level 1 several times and barrett even if you re-download the eenies< you still have the gems and the barrett!
dre35slim 12 yr ago x
Ok sorry for not replying I just got new hacks on my iPod now if you guys want codes or glitches pm me cause I'm not gunna share online here.So add me on ( Game center) then I could help
dre35slim 12 yr ago x
Money code 5000 Credit:dre35slim 0x000246784
dre35slim 12 yr ago x
New glitch!!
Step1.Let the other person get you to low Heath.
Step2.(Soon as the kill) pause the game tap their eenie multiple times 3 or
Step3.Once it says The other person (Disconected) un pause the (match) then you will lose but also win. But then go check your stats the lose you get doesn't count but the win does on leader boards and on the game so zero loses if you restart a new game just play on😁
Roy 12 yr ago x
Can someoen teach me a glitch where i can get alot of gems???
Cristina 12 yr ago x
Quiero gemas gratis
Roy 12 yr ago x
Pues yo tambien
Roy 12 yr ago x
Sorriya teach me how
Sorroya 12 yr ago x
My EENIES that just turned to level 1 with gems and golds

glitcher  12 yr ago x
sup guys heres a glitch open up any menu when playing a match click on as much things as u can best to do 2 or 3 then own also if u have any more plz tell me my game center name is, lord black zero
(with a skull at the end which is an emote)
Lana 12 yr ago x
If you need 5 teleport&oilpack go offline.
And play one fine day don't kill sheep
But kill alien as fast as possible
dre35slim 12 yr ago x
Does anyone have their own software that they make their own codes on?
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