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Eenies at War Shiny Gems / Gold coins free cheats? (iphone app / ipad)

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Sorriya 11 yr ago x
Obviously most of the hacks like editing levels, changing files, and to do those, u have to downgrade Eenies at war to 2.1 because most of the hacks are 2.2 and under since denies 2.2 pretty much patched everything.
Sorriya 11 yr ago x
Does anyone want any of these hacks???
All 500k for all the items even ankh!
I have them still... Even in eenies 2.7! For SS< Any SS...
LeoZeppelin 11 yr ago x
A great gold cheat that hasn't been patched is when you sign out of game center, then open eenies and repeatedly play the UFO crash(with the three aliens that say their suits cost 500 gems). Each time you play u get 15 metal. Simply sell all of it and u make at least 5625 gold, depending on the perks u have.
hulk96 11 yr ago x
how do i get iteams 4 freee how do u do the glich
sorriya 11 yr ago x
For Nuclear bomb hack, i wont tell u because it messes and gets patched soon when a lot of people use it.!
Big UFO too. SS is good, but here. just go to parts, and look for ss u want, and copy that, and add that as a reward in campaign. just add goldBarret at the reward.
for items, do these items
add them as reward...
There. These ID should be in the part where stringValue="XXXXXXX" and intValue="OOOOOOOO"
O=Amount u want as reward
X=ID I put up there
I prefer ankh, but dont use in front of Clan, United, and X-Strikers. They are GM of eenies workers are in their clans!
Daniel 11 yr ago x
Is there any way how to level up faster at eenies???
boisen4600 11 yr ago x
Hm.. How's the glitch in Eenies at war v. 2,9? :)
Clustergunies 11 yr ago x
I already had a iPad 3 or people call it the new iPad I want to use the code jailbreak at cydia I had jail rake my iPad but if I add another cydia that can jailbreak Eenies for free coins and gems would it be broken ?
NovaGFX 11 yr ago x
sorriya, No-one in those clans are "GM" of eenies workers. "eenies" don't approve of clans, and have been advised to not listen to. Eenies developers are rarely seen as they are working on the next updates. I would know as i'm one of the developers, also stop posting hacks on this page.
dre35slim 11 yr ago x
Nova is their a page with world rankings?? Tell me please
Chowei 11 yr ago x
How do I delete the things that I build? I seriously need to know. Green Dino. Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance! Have a nice day
JMZ 10 yr ago x
I don't even play this anymore!
Dulan 10 yr ago x
How can I get the ss without ifile.
Jake Whiley 10 yr ago x
SS move is easy to get when it's flashing in the corner of the screen click it lol
Dark24623 9 yr ago x
To get more money on eenies . First you need to turn off your wifi. Them go to eenies . And finally go to campaign and play pylon nut you have to win. The. You will get 15 metal peices . Then sell the metal peices to get money
HardS 9 yr ago x
I think none of your glitches wok for version 3.+
I think the hacks will work but on iPad you need jailbreak....any ideas on v 3.+ glitches?
HardS 9 yr ago x
But increased security so some hacks don't work
HardS 9 yr ago x
And downgrading eenies on iPad is hardddd
Please send any kind of glitch
GlitCh founder 9 yr ago x
Hey i found the answer for hards I have found this...they can't crack it so... When I sell my iron
Helmet,it's still there,so I sell it five times and got 1000 so try this pro glitch!
Idk if it'll work on you
HardS 9 yr ago x
K thx glitch founder!
lizard 9 yr ago x
How do u hack for coins
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