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Star Wars Imperial Academy free cheats for Keys? iPhone app

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Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
Hi Tucker

On the left side of the hangar, (if you are looking up at the highest point, you need to jump up onto the wall, where people fire from. Then you just walk off the wall into space! You land underneath the scene, with stars everywhere. But, when I tried this, I could not shoot anyone (not even droids), and I couldn't get back again. There is only one use, that if you are one kill ahead and desperate to win the game, you could jump up there and hide underneath the scene until the game ends. I've friended you.
Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
As I said above, if you use the sniper rifles as a second weapon, and you get killed with zoom on, you come back to life with zoom still on, but for the wrong weapon. Hitting the centre screen doesn't help. You have to change to the rifle, then tap centre screen. Otherwise you are running around with the wrong weapon, and can't see a thing. Been killer a few times like that!
tucker8991 12 yr ago x
Hi dukeholme

I know you excepted my as a friend and half my friends go down there and so I just stay in one spot and when they come down I scope in with my sniper and BOOM there dead.
Drose001 12 yr ago x
Hey guys I know almost all the rocket launcher cheats but I can't figure out how to do the cloud city tower one. Can someone plz explain how to do that one?
Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
Hi Tucker
I'll have to try that. I didn't know that anyone knew about the 'land under the hangar'. I got up to the Cloud City Tower walkway once, when trying to get on top of the tower instead. Never seen anyone up there, in nearly seven months of play. Tucker, I'm on UK time, which is why don't stay long. Alan
Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
Three players have asked to make friends, and then put on their profiles, “give me your password and I’ll give you 8 or 9 cheats”. One is Stuthehunter99. The other two are generalhale and MersOngsO (not the real MersOngs). These last two are BOTH owned by CAMERON D M.

Don’t give out your passwords. This is a con trick. I played a level 44 yesterday, in his level one white armour and a level one blaster – against kdaily1720 and myself in full armour. He had given his password to someone, and they had recycled all his armour and weapons. This leaves you playing at your level with nothing and effectively ruining your account. Otherwise they can change the password and lock you out. If your iTunes password is the same, they can spend money as well.

They don’t need your password to give you cheats, they are just trying to knock players out of the game. CAMERON is even pretending to be MersOngs to trick people. I have reported these two players. Please warn your friends about this, or report them as well.
tucker8991 12 yr ago x
dear dukeholme,I am friends with generalhale and mers0ngs0.they have not asked me for my password.general made more than one account u know.
samwburt 12 yr ago x
can u do rocket launcher cheats with teir 1?
tucker8991 12 yr ago x
dear samwburt,no u can't
Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
Hi Tucker
I was going by their profiles. All three profiles ask for users passwords.
Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
Just heard that Star Wars has been removed from the App Store. Does that mean there aren't going to be any more new players?
Javier1250 12 yr ago x
Hi u remember me?oh and does anyone know how to go underground in cloud city chamber? I know..add me if u don't know n want to know
Scrooge7777 12 yr ago x
Has anyone else lost their level rating, credits and keys and also their BH armor and tier 4 weapons? I was playing earlier today and now.... I went from level 36 to 28 .... I'm freaking pissed!! >:|

Also, all it will let me use is the tier 1 E-11.... >:|
Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
Hi Tucker
You've got me hooked on Red Vs Blue!!! It's nuts but fun.
hghuim 12 yr ago x
y is it removed from the app store
Tucker8991 12 yr ago x
Dear dukeholme it's a great show and season 9 just came out.I've heard it's better than the original,so feel free to check it out at
looser210 12 yr ago x
hi tucker sorry i havent been on in forever whens the net time you'll be on
Javier1250 12 yr ago x
Hey add me as friend guys name is my lvl50
Joker5678 12 yr ago x
Why can't you get star wars imperial academy on the app store?
Tucker8991 12 yr ago x
We all need to be on this place at the same time and be like a chat site
Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
In case you missed the announcement, ngcomo are 'retiring' Star Wars on October 27th 2011. Along with a few other games. After this it will not be playable!

I suggest you try Eliminate COOP. The controls are the same, but the armour is more diverse, with some that fly, some for underwater, some cloaked and others that are heavily armoured or can jump right over another player. There are 100 levels, about as hard to move between as Star Wars. It's taken me a few months to get to 59.

Download from apps store and you can build on the game level (im 23 Advanced) that you already have. You can research the guns and rules by Googling Eliminate Wiki.

Play death matches (academy), COOP, (players vs droids) and Bots (like Clones).

Hope to see you all there.
Tucker8991 12 yr ago x
I might get eliminate
Dukeholme 12 yr ago x
Their Eliminate servers have been down since Friday, but normally it is a lot more stable than Star Wars. The controls are the same but the armours are slower than a level one white. The hard thing is knowing which armour to go for as they are all very different. I expect a lot of the Star Wars players to move over now. It obviously wasn't paying. Today there were only three games on Star Wars at one point. Eliminate is free, but you can spend like on SW. SW was meant to replace Eliminate, but never had the take up. Eliminate is much older with top player killsnin the hundreds of thousands, rather than tens, so a long way to get into the leaderboards!
Joshteacher 12 yr ago x
What's the deal with "servers are crowded"??!! How can they be crowded with 0 games in progress?? Are they preemptively trying to kill the game? This sucks!
zarl0n 11 yr ago x
hey dudes
zarl0n here (with a zero not an o)
i reset to lvl 1 for some reason now im 30 after 10 days
its cool killing new ppl lol
zarl0n 11 yr ago x
oh yeah, add me if you like im usually on every day :)
BGGjhgdhk 11 yr ago x
i know how to get free keys
eerch3 king 11 yr ago x
nice game play you like %%%%^^^^^***
stormclone 11 yr ago x
why did they take it off iTunes?(new to the game)
stormclone 11 yr ago x
Good by all the game will be cut this is the best game why are they eliminating it?
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