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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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Tessa 9 yr ago x
Be careful when you let your children play Tap Zoo (Christmas): stars are easily bought with a few taps... and will cost you a lot of money! Other than that it's a fun game, like the animals, slow game play if you don't buy stars, I would appreciate free tips or cheats on earning stars :) Thanks!

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hamad 9 yr ago x
what is my pet

Jr 9 yr ago x
How to get free stars quick
swat0133 9 yr ago x
hoe heet me kat
SAssy 9 yr ago x
What is a money cheat code for tap zoo itouch 4
Flamee 9 yr ago x
Dont got any stars
Flamee 9 yr ago x
I need to no how to get good stars and quick?
KieraYoung 9 yr ago x
I know how to get free stars, but not alot at a time. I only know how to get like 5 stars at a time. okay, here are the steps:
1- go to the menu
2- go to coins & stars
3- dont tap any things such as 'vial of stars' or 'vial of coins'
4- tap the long rectangular button that says '(TAP HERE TO EARN STARS AND COINS FOR FREE)'
5- look at the apps you can get (most of them are free)
6- click an app, wait for it to download, play the app for 2 minutes
7- if you want to keep the app, keep it. if you dont, just delete it
8- go to tap zoo and see your stars or coins you earned.


P.S- this is not a hack. this is something that the game gives you to choose.
andy 9 yr ago x
a lot of waiting and you have to spend real money, not iTunes giftcard money, but real legit money out the bank for a lot of the things. it's kinda boring cos there isn't much to do, but definitely worth the cost of less than a bag a chips(:
kirstin 9 yr ago x
This is an okay app, but wish you didn't need to utilize facebook to gain friends. You think with the networks we use, this could be something gained just that way. Still its a nice change of pace from the farm type games
albert 9 yr ago x
How to earn many free star in tap zoo without downloading other application?
Dylan 9 yr ago x
I coins and stars
PIffy 553 9 yr ago x
How to get free stars on tap zoo?
Chris blackburn 9 yr ago x
It's easy all u got to do is delete 10 animals that u have bought or cross bread with atleast one star and the u will have ten stars hoped u like this and this hasn't been fixed so be happy while u can ;)
Yo mom 9 yr ago x
Every one is so stupid all those kids out there DON'T FRICKEN CHEAT IT DOESN'T MATTER JUST DOWNLOAD APPS
Lily 9 yr ago x
On my iPod when ever I tap GET COINS AND STARS FOR FREE it never comes up just says loading and it's a White screen
Taptap revenge 9 yr ago x
Can anyone atleast say a real cheat or something please
pop 9 yr ago x
how to get bigger land for free
Bigbdogg 9 yr ago x
Free land is easy to get if u but the land and stay on that screen and shut ur iPhone down it won't register that u spent that money and u get the land instantly it's the best cheat yet hope this helps
Hardgirl 9 yr ago x
By selling away all yr animals doesn't get u 1000000 stars at all!! Does anyone have a better way to get stars w/o purchasing??
 9 yr ago x
U must be blonde in order to believe that
Ant 9 yr ago x
How do you get free stars and neighbor because I don't have a facebook
 9 yr ago x
Any way to get friends without Facebook?
zjsdfh 9 yr ago x
Just how do you get free stars???
Abijean 9 yr ago x
How do u get coins and stars for FREE?
gomama 9 yr ago x
free land. how do you do it?
Tapcrap 9 yr ago x
How can I make my land bigger I can't even put 5 animals please help me
Luccius 9 yr ago x
No one has said anything actually constructive,if you are not aware of a way of getting free coins or free stars ,just abstain from writing anything on the WWW ,makes you just look what you are ,plain stupid !
Zoobular 9 yr ago x
How do I get rope for my dock?
taylor 9 yr ago x
what do you crossbreed in order to get a water buffalo?
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