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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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Eman 7 yr ago x
The stag thing dose not work anymore
Kain 7 yr ago x
I used the iphone explorer and sql database mod to change my coins and stars. The new values reflect in the game but i still cant make any purchases. It still tells me i dont have enough currency. Thoughts?
Ure mom 7 yr ago x
U git a hak on cydia called tap zoo DLC
happy me 7 yr ago x
i want to know how to get free stars? Can u tell me how!!!
jo jo 7 yr ago x
How To Get 1000000000 Coins & Stars for FREE!
1.Download iPhone Explorer (For iPod & iPhones)
2.Download SQLite Database Browser
3.Connect iPod
4.Go into iPhone Explorer
5.Find com.streetviewlabs.tapzoo in Apps, and click it! If it says not found, x out and try again!
6.Click Documents, and drag the GameState to your desktop!
7.Click the GameState
8.Go to Browse Data
9.Click the box and click Users
10.Now find Coins, Stars, and Experience and paste in com.streetviewlabs.tapzoo, and click apply changes!
11.Save it, and your done!

You can try this as much as you want!
franky 7 yr ago x
this game is amazing
Love bug 7 yr ago x
It's not possible
Jacky 7 yr ago x
How to I get free stars
Sam 7 yr ago x
Hi lgun wat is da other cheat
How do you get free stars
brendan 7 yr ago x
can u add me i want the yeti
Zoo poo  7 yr ago x
If u get 4 of each animal... Do u collect 4X the revenue??!?!? Also I never get free stars.. I even signed up a stupid dating web n never got stars or coins grrrr
Bob 7 yr ago x
How do I get every thing in one touch.
B7s6 7 yr ago x
Guys on YouTube there is a saved data hack that can get you 300,000,000 coins and 1,000,000 stars. Just watch the video and it tells you what to do. The video is tap zoo 1.5 saved hack no jail break. Hope this helps everyone.
Pheberz zzz 7 yr ago x
How do u get free land in tap zoo?
jennavendetta 7 yr ago x
can anyone tell me why my footpaths will not join each other anymore :(
Lale 7 yr ago x
I want to know how can I have friend and stars for free cz I try every thing you said but it didn't work so really what should I do and thank u very much
B7s6 7 yr ago x
Just do what video says and you can get 3000000 coins and 96,000 stars.
CallMeLinda 7 yr ago x
Hey i know how to get all kinds of free coins and star.
Just facetime me anytime on noon
i have 123456789012345678 stars and coins but you will need to jailbreak the iPod touch 4,3 in
JJ 7 yr ago x
How do you get free stars and free coins
Bora 7 yr ago x
Keep your ipad untouched, unopened for 100 hours and open it before it reaches 105hours will eventually find stars of 750
Iamaoifebyrne 7 yr ago x
How do I get neighbors?
Emma delema 7 yr ago x
No-one has siad how to get free stars or coins w/o getting another game can anyone tell me how
Kylie 7 yr ago x
i llove this game!!!! its amazinnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TD 7 yr ago x
When I try to open gamestage.db, it tells me "Error: File is not a SQLite 3 Database." Any advice, please?

In fact, when I download it from iPhone Explorer (it's on an iPhone, not an iPod, does that matter?) onto my desktop, it shows up with Zero kb. So I suspect it's not copying over properly, for some reason. Argh!
Zoo Master 7 yr ago x
If you want to get free stars and coins you have to go cydia=manage=sources=edit=add=type

Zoo Master 7 yr ago x
press add sources=press add anyway=download it=go to sources again=check the sources idwaneo=press it find the game tap zoo dlc=install it=go to tap zoo=you get 999999999coins and stars
miami1002 7 yr ago x
IDIOTS! 7 yr ago x
God you guys are idots... both of the hacks work... IDwaneo is the easieast all you have to do is add it on cydia and download the tap zoo DLc and there ya go you have 999,999,999 stars and coins. This does work I have done it. Or another hack I have done is to go into ifile then animalobjects.csv and mess around with the animals for example how much they cost, how long they take to breed, how much theysell for,how much coins they give you and so on. People listen to us hackers these hacks do work.
Lucky 7 yr ago x
Zoo master you're the man THX :)

do you also know wich file to edit so i can delete some stars have way to many now :)
Cameron 7 yr ago x
TAP ZOO HACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! all you have to do is have ifile and find tap zoo app, then scroll down till u get to experience lvls, then figure out what lvl u are then change the amount of coins that u get to a bigger # and u can also change tge number of stars that u get when u lvl up. It's amazing and it works!!!!!!! DON'T BE GREEDY!!!!!!!!!! the most amount of zeros u can put is 6 after the coins and 4 after the stars
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