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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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haz'zam  6 yr ago x
how do you get neighbors.
Byrd 6 yr ago x
Anonymous 6 yr ago x
I got 99999999999 stars u don't
Ja den 6 yr ago x
I have over 10k of stars and over 10m of coins free. tap zoo2 level 25. @ me you'll c. My Facebook name Ja Den
spookie123 6 yr ago x
Hi I say hello to the world
Odys 6 yr ago x
when i go to idwaneo in cydia and i install
Tap Zoo DLC in the bottom it always says package failed and the when i press returne to cydia it says sm/thing and then it it says ignore temporary and delete... what should i do to get the free stars and fix cydia ? iPod v. 5.0.1.
stars4all 6 yr ago x
How do you get free stars?
spookie123 6 yr ago x
who entered a comment using my name...?
Sangheraj 6 yr ago x
Lets all sign a partition
maddie! 6 yr ago x
yall know how you get money from ur animals and stuff well if yoou get all the coins from yo animals then go to settings and date and time and set the date a day later and then go back and get thee money from ur animaals and keep on doiing thaat! urr wellcomee(:
Phil 6 yr ago x
I didn't know Rachel was fake
I was wondering why her zoo always the exact same
Dantapzoo 6 yr ago x
There are no cheat codes. Only way is to hack. Which you should avoid as the servers won't allow you bk onto the game. Unless you overide the currency with a sensible figure? Hmmm
Dantapzoo 6 yr ago x
Maddie that will not work. Handy if it did though!
Neighborneed 6 yr ago x
I need neighbors. Send me requests at
Please NO SPAM.
Byrd 6 yr ago x
3!R3 6 yr ago x
Send cheats for tap zoo 2

Coz that's y I came to this wb site
david 6 yr ago x
You could get 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars by going to cydai and if you don't tell me or just write a comment here .
Zack 6 yr ago x
I hope this works
Byrd 6 yr ago x
Ok go to cydia and get "ihacksrepo" on the sources and add it. Then go to the source and go down do the I section and you will see some thing called IAP Cracked. Go to tap zoo and try to buy stars or coins and you don't even have to type in the passcode it just gives it to you for free. IT ALSO WORKS FOR EVERY SINGLE OTHER APP WHERE YOU BUY STUFF: )
Courtney  6 yr ago x
umm...idk if this works maybe it was a glitch 4 me but i think u should try it.
step 1) get an tap zoo 2 app
step 2) go to ur tap zoo 1
step 3) go to ur tap zoo 2
step 4) repeat step 1 & 2 ovr and ovr again

(plz tell me if this works for u thnks u :D)
Courtney  6 yr ago x
i need friends plz add me. idk how u will but im guessing i give u my email adress :D
my email is:

if u think about it, it helps u 2 :D
thnks u :D
Huub 6 yr ago x
@taylor, x-breed an african Buffalo with a stag and u have a water buffalo
Sandra1968 6 yr ago x
Why can't I get into my friends zoo nor he into ?
Sandra1968 6 yr ago x
Ask4all manager 6 yr ago x
U are not going anywhere! Just answer the question, and end the questions!
sonic 6 yr ago x
How to get money off kindle
zoomania 6 yr ago x
There are several hack videos on youtube but i haven't tried any of those i'm afraid it might destroy the game.. i'm already on level 30...
Ethan 5 yr ago x
How do u get free bells without jailbreaking ur iPod anyone know? Come on
Cerys 3 yr ago x
@zoobular use the rope swing.
Waji 24 2 yr ago x
Hey in tap zoo the game i bought so many things but my grade is C so please tell how to get A grade my coins and stars are gone please send some coins and stars i wait for 24 hours if you dont send my family members are also playing we all delete the game
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