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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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Chris 7 yr ago x
It tells you you cross breed an African buffalo and a stag
bill 7 yr ago x
Rope for dock..... Buy the rope ladder
JJ O reilly 7 yr ago x
New tap zoo upgrade is class
Pozitos 7 yr ago x
Please will somebody tell me a list of cheats that ACTUALLY work!!!!!! :)
Manderz 7 yr ago x
Where do you buy the rope ladder from
Daley 7 yr ago x
Go in to Store, then Decorations, then scroll down to Rope Bridge, and thats how you get it :)
SGAs 7 yr ago x
How can i get Rachel Mccarthy to =(
Mandy 7 yr ago x
I tried that but it's not in my decorations spot
simon 7 yr ago x
@SGAs Rachel Mccarthney/McCarthy is a fake neighbour, not real, so don't get all excited ;)
T rex 7 yr ago x
How do you get a t rex
Tappy 7 yr ago x
There are no cheats in this game. Don't sell your stuff that's dumb. If you want free stars you have to wait till they offer some usually you can get some every week. Save them for the big things and for cross breeding. Don't waste time looking for easy cheats, buy land constantly and build your animals to 4 each that' the way to get ahead.
Ed 7 yr ago x
There has to be a cheat for free stars.... I have seen someone's zoo with 93,917 stars and it's not possible for someone to actually spend that much money on stars...
Braydon12342 7 yr ago x
How do I get my rope ladder for my dock ??? need help
Lewi5 7 yr ago x
If u buy 1 star u auto get 5
bumblebee123 7 yr ago x
How do I cross breed to get a Water Bufflo?
Lancs81 7 yr ago x
Rope bridge is in Decorations for 20,000
Water buffalo is done in cross breeding by crossing a stag and African buffalo
Bob 7 yr ago x
How do you get the minotaur?
Kiki2124 7 yr ago x
It sucks but there is no actual cheats. The only thing u can do is download apps, which sucks because they ran out of free apps on my game today:(
Emily132 7 yr ago x
How do you find the rope?
Jbean 7 yr ago x
What happens after u build the whole ship?

Looking for neighbors too
TapZoo 7 yr ago x
I DO have a cheat, but I cannot share because it is really hard to do...

I currently have all the possible animals when I am still on level 30.
phoebz 7 yr ago x
get a Gorilla or 2 and you'll be able to collect revenue every 5 minutes!!!
Quinny 7 yr ago x
Hi guys how do u get stars easy
Jonza 7 yr ago x
Rachel is a fake neighbor
Jonza 7 yr ago x
Any cheats?????
Simond72 7 yr ago x
I hv 11 neighbours but still can't cross breed a t-Rex???
Me 7 yr ago x
None of those cheats work people get a life and play fair
GG 7 yr ago x
How do you get neighbors? I connected my zoo with my Facebook and now the "visit neighbors" page is different. I used to be able to go see some fake girl and a random zoo and now the only screen that pops up is 2 rangers in a park or something. Please help
Mr. Benz0 7 yr ago x
How do I get a water buffalo so I can finish my boat
Chepe 7 yr ago x
Read online that yyu can use ifile cracked on cydia and that gives yuu things!!!!????9
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