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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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cheater 7 yr ago x
Wow most of you all are idiots. There is no way that selling all your stuff gets free stars. And if you want information about crossbreeding and rope bridges, LOOK IT UP. This is a forum for CHEATS, and ropebridges aren't cheats to me!
Jonza 7 yr ago x
Howdy everyone
Qbert 7 yr ago x
U pple r stupid. I've seen like 5 qs about how to get a rope brige. Just look at each others qs and as!!! Idiots.
ME. 7 yr ago x
For all of you who are asking how to cross-breed a water buffalo and how to get rope, it says in the achievements menu (in the top left of the screen). Just look it up.

PS: Howdy to you too, Jonza.
Noah 7 yr ago x
I have all the animals and now building a arc!! Awesome game!!!
Dani 7 yr ago x
1.Jailbreak your iPhone/iPod/iPad
2.Install ifiles
3.start ifiles and go to var/mobile/applications/TapZoo/Library/
4.opend the file "AnimalObjectTypes.cvs"
with textviewer
5.Change the Price of the animal you want to 0 and buy it.
Now you can have every animal in tapzoo
Tarstadicly awesome 7 yr ago x
Listen all of u are just duffers .common use your head and Crossbreed a Crocodile with an anteater . You will get a crocoeater ( I know it's weird but you know whattttttttt does it give u. Yup it gives you 27000 every 2 hours. So stay tuned and if you want more updates by me visit
Wayne Kurr 7 yr ago x
I own a horse.
Daniluca 7 yr ago x
It's not working
rachrocks:) 7 yr ago x
noahs building an arc!! who would have thought, noah :)
Omfg 7 yr ago x
You people are stupid yes there are hacks and cheats I have one and I pay 0stars/coins for all animals and to get free stars u buy the ones that cost stars(for me theyre free) and u sell them. I have over 1billion coins and I'm level 50. I've been playing for 3 days. Be smart and actually look on a different website (btw requires jailbreak)
Candi 7 yr ago x
@dani What numbers to change to change the price?
Pizza rocks 7 yr ago x
Dose not workp
 7 yr ago x
Gush 7 yr ago x
My so zoo dosen't work any more and I didn't update it help
Luckybubbles 7 yr ago x
Wats jailbreak and is ifiles an app
Ace 7 yr ago x
How do I get a mentor
Jklem 7 yr ago x
Re: using ifile to change price of animals

I got a jailbroken iPhone n I installed ifile n found tap zoo code or whatever n figured out what means what n I changed the price to 0 but when I go into tap zoo it didnt work! Any help out there from code writers?!?!
Jklem 7 yr ago x
Dani I need ur help email me please or give me ur email so I can get ahold of u bout tap zoo!
blah 7 yr ago x
There are hacks lol and it shouldn't be posted online or obviously it'll be fixed.
Chucky 7 yr ago x
How can u do it
Tapcrap 7 yr ago x
Help. I cannot get free stars in tap zoo. Every time I open the free stars and coins things it never fully loads and I can't get anything. Can anyone help?
Bea 7 yr ago x
I need stars! Help me!
poopantss 7 yr ago x
No one haz said anything that make sense!!!!!!
Alexa 7 yr ago x
How To Get 1000000000 Coins & Stars for FREE!
1.Download iPhone Explorer (For iPod & iPhones)
2.Download SQLite Database Browser
3.Connect iPod
4.Go into iPhone Explorer
5.Find com.streetviewlabs.tapzoo in Apps, and click it! If it says not found, x out and try again!
6.Click Documents, and drag the GameState to your desktop!
7.Click the GameState
8.Go to Browse Data
9.Click the box and click Users
10.Now find Coins, Stars, and Experience and paste in com.streetviewlabs.tapzoo, and click apply changes!
11.Save it, and your done!

You can try this as much as you want! It'll always work!
Kittykitty 7 yr ago x

Guys, do we really need to use all the bad language? I mean come on, this is just a little iPhone game, who cares if people are asking stupid questions, can we not put up with that? Is it really that big of a deal?
MoZz 7 yr ago x
I don't know if there is any cheats I think that Rachel is real but she maid the game because she has level 11 stuff and she is level 6 so that is well unfair isn't it I bet there is cheats though but that idiot who said you get 100000000000000 for selling all your animals is an idiot and stupid and dumb and tying to make us sell all our stuf to trick us but it's not working idiot that's wat it is so there
Mzp 7 yr ago x
Lol, play fair. Btw the apps that gives free Stars and coins runs out once in a while. Just check the free coins n' stars place now and Then, and there sometimes is a new app that gives Stars and coins. Hope This helps a bit!
Jackotrffssqfghgffc 7 yr ago x
How to get coins and stars for free and how to get neighbors
Tyzer 7 yr ago x
Just found out a hack , download an app called ifile , there you can rewrite the game coads such as get a million coins from a gorilla, you can also make animals cost nothing :)
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