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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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Angel 7 yr ago x
Hey yo mama if you don't like cheats so much
Why are you on a cheat site
Seb 7 yr ago x
How do get land for free
1. Download iPhone explorer for Mac or windows
2.You may need to wake up your phone for it to detect, but when it does, go to apps, then find tap
3.after that, go into documents and find gamestate.db and drag it to your desktop
4. Download SQlite database for windows or Mac
5.Open this file in sq lite database and go to browse and then switch the drop down menu to users and change your data. It is clear what I mean when you actully do it
6. Finally click save and drop the file into the same place it was in iPhone explorer

This works with iPhone iPod touch and iPad
Liz 7 yr ago x
I've been selling my animals but the stars were not credited. How do i get the credits?
snozberries 7 yr ago x
re the facebook issue - my dog has a facebook page and when ever the game says I have to invite 5 facebook friends I just send my dog 5 seems to work. It works for email too. I just submit my own email address however many times they want me to invite someone and I get my points.

I don't think you can get stars for free outside of downloading apps. I wish they'd let us buy stars with the game money 1,000,000 coins for 1 star or something.
snozberries 7 yr ago x
TO this is a real working hack

I got as far as downloading iphone explorer and finding the tap zoo app. After that I am lost...

Igun 7 yr ago x
Well Mr.Benz to get a water buffalo cross breed a African buffalo with a stag
Igun 7 yr ago x
To get 7 free stars only works once first make sure your area is clean then delete the game and then get it again you will have to start a new account then when you start with a random number of stars my brother did it and he got 7 stars if you don't believe me I got the tap zoo cheats app on app store it cost a $1.19 and I was kind enough to share one cheat but there is a cheat that gives you 50 stars for free and I will only tell one of you if you reply to me first and then I will tell you bye see you soon and try out the cheat please peace out:)!!!!!!
tyzer12 7 yr ago x
If your using ifiles and change the code make sure you get the right one and it doesnt work for animals you already have so change the gorilla to something like 100000000 coins every 5 mins , sell it and buy it again :)
yoz 7 yr ago x
Igun 7 yr ago x
To yoz what level are you on reply and tell me and I will tell you a star cheat you get 50 stars for this only works once
Kodiman 7 yr ago x
Ey I won't hack but tell me a cheat without jailbreak please I'm level 15 and I could reach 800,000 and above coins but I never have stars ok so help me if you all messagers are boys your all handsome like me bye
BigMac99 7 yr ago x
Hi I hav 136,000,000 coins but 11 stars how do u get many stars easily
You 7 yr ago x
I have downloaded phone explorer n gone into applications but cannot find the tap zoo. Ni have tried searching zoo, tap, etc but nothing - any help?
Ur mum 7 yr ago x
If you. Have 8 crossbreeds sell them for 59 stars
rob bob 7 yr ago x
Hey "Ur mum" u dnt even know how much it costs all the crossbreeds u will spent 100$ on this i would'nt spend that 300 stars more to get 59 stars its stupid and crazy did u do that?
Krissy Ann 7 yr ago x
How do you get a stag beetle
Ur mum 7 yr ago x
Of course not you twat
Newb 7 yr ago x
Can y'all
Send me
A friend request so I can get the yeti. My email is,thank you
sexylobster 7 yr ago x
how do you get the bahamut to breed with my sea turtle or bahamut!?

how do you get crocoeaters!?
leeno 7 yr ago x
If you visit neighbours and it says one of them has a sick animal, click on it but when the box opens saying they have a sick animal, close tap zoo. Then re-open and go back in to the visit neighbours and they will now have two sick animals. Works every time and I've told others and it worked for them. You won't get free stars but you will get extra coins when you treat the additional sick animal
Gurloflife78 7 yr ago x
How do you find rope to finish your bridge???
robert 7 yr ago x
i have a gorilla hahahhahah u guys dont!
Kittyk007 7 yr ago x
How do i neighbors its achivment can anyone tell me someone said they had 11 friends tell me how to get that many plz
Gh 7 yr ago x
Robert every one has a gorilla
Everyone  7 yr ago x
Do u know how many kids go on this site soplease stop talking dirty but if anyone needs a freind on tap zoo give me ur email
Maverick 7 yr ago x
I've got a Quetzalcoatl and you don't :)
Ur mum 7 yr ago x
I hav quetzalcoatal
How do you get the more birds task?
tomdabom 7 yr ago x
which ifiles do you download?????
Bla 7 yr ago x
I need stars!
all u people who are asking how to get stupid buffalos, about 10 people have replied to it
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