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Tap Zoo how to get free coins and stars free cheats iphone/ipad game app

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AndShard 7 yr ago x
how to get neighbours?
Buh 7 yr ago x
Hey Alexa, thx for the info. It really works like you said... Thx for sharing:-)
Emilieee Nicky G 7 yr ago x
Okay... Delete 2 animals
next.... Pick up any trash.
Then.... Get three leafy dragons

now if you do this accurately will be able to recieve 3 stars every hour for a whole day ... It works. I am a producer of Tap Zoo and I approve of this message. The other comments and cheats are fakes. Thank you.
Hot Mama 7 yr ago x
Are you jail breaking your iPhone if you do what Alexa & Imabeliever say to do??
jonny bravo 7 yr ago x
I downloaded iPhone explorer n sqlite database to my computer n saved the changes I made in game stat via sqlite but after connecting the iphone to the computer, nothing has changed. can you please tell me what the next step is. thanks
Ashleyy 7 yr ago x
Can someone tell is a cheat but a good hack is on YouTube and it kinda works
jamey 7 yr ago x
wat is it called
rees 7 yr ago x
how to get 10 stars for free on ipod tap zoo
T-T 7 yr ago x
Emilieee Nicky G:

If you were a producer of tap zoo you wouldnt be handing out cheats to random people now would you?
sofie 7 yr ago x
Imabeliever ..

i've done all the things but i can't get the coins to my play .. how do i get the coins so i can use them ? from 10 and down i cant figure out what to do ? help
Carol322 7 yr ago x
To imabeliever-
For those of us that are using iPads this does not apply to us what Alexia wrote! After the update there are no more free apps to download for stars we simply have to pay for them now which really sux!!!!
Tuk 7 yr ago x
It's said, when i open iPhone explorer, that i should have iTunes 8.0 or later.but i have it!
KrazyKyle777 7 yr ago x
Water buffalo = stag + African buffalo.
Chrissy 7 yr ago x
Emiliee Nicky G - how do I delete animals?????
Tuk 7 yr ago x
Fantastic! Imabeliever: This really works! I have now 50,000 stars and 10,000,000,000 coins!
makna 7 yr ago x
Using sqlite and iphone explorer does not require for your itouch to be jailbroken
DeadnLife 7 yr ago x
How do get infinity coins and stars
Leen 7 yr ago x
If you have somehow lost your zoo or it was deleted, touch mouse icon on the bottom right, then tap "other", then tap "load zoo" and it will bring up your old zoo.
I saved mine awhile back, so luckily I was able to bring it up. If you never saved it, I don't think you can bring it back, but I am not sure.
I am with Sofie on this. I am not sure what I did wrong but I did update my "gold" and coins, and saved it and tried to drag and drop the updated folder to replace the one in the iPhone explorer, but it just erased everything.
My computer wouldn't recognize the file gamestate.db so I think it tried to use another program to open it with like wordpad or something.
That might've been my problem, but a few others are having this problem too, so I'm not sure.
Chubby cupcake 7 yr ago x
What r some of the apps to get free coins and stars
ddd 7 yr ago x
i need neighbors
TAPZOO 7 yr ago x
Download iPHONE EXPLORER and SQLITE DATABASE BROWSER on your computer like the previous posts says. [jailbreak not needed!!]

Connect your iPhone/iPod to your computer.

Open iPhone Explorer, click on APPS on left side bar. It will list all apps currently on your iPhone/iPod. Scroll down to search and click on COM.STEETVIEWLABS.TAPZOO. [if it doesn't open, close iphone explorer and do it again. sometimes you have to have tapzoo app on for it to open.] Once you get it to open, to the right, it will list folders. Double click on the folder DOCUMENTS. In that folder you will see a file called GAMESTATE.DB. Drag and Drop this file to your desktop. Minimize the iPhone Explorer and open the SQLite Database Browser. Now Drag and Drop the GameState file that you had previously dragged onto your desktop onto the white space on the SQLite Browser. There should be 3 tabs on the browser. Click on BROWSE DATA. Besides "Table:" click on the drop-down box, scroll and click on USERS. Now you'll see a row of categories;

To increase your zoo money, double-click on the number under COINS. Another window will pop up. This is where you can enter a new coin amount. The highest number I've been able to input that tapzoo will recognize is 2099999999. Once you've typed in an amount, click on APPLY CHANGES.

Do the same when increasing your STARS amount. Stars will be under GOLD. The highest number I input is 99999. This has been sufficient enough for me to get everything on TapZoo with plenty of stars still left over.

Another one you might want to change is your EXPERIENCE. Obviously, just type in the experience level you want to be at. Ex. 348086932 is:Level 45.

Also, if you need neighbors, there's a category NUMBEROFFRIENDS and NUMBEROFNEIGHBORS. The 'neighbors' one includes the default friend Rachel.
I didn't change this and so I don't know how it would apply or affect the game since they would be, I guess, invisible neighbors and some achievements ask you to post on their walls. There are lots of TapZoo players that want and need friends! If you don't want to be known, make an anonymous FB account. Go to TapZoo's FB and add friends from there! Best way to go so you can have actual friends and be able to check out their zoos :)

So after you've made all your changes, make sure you save it! Either go to FILES and click on SAVE DATABASE or click on the FLOPPY DISC icon. Close the browser and maximize the iPhone Explorer. Drag and Drop your new, saved GameState file back into the Documents folder and close the explorer. If you have TapZoo on, exit out and open again. your coins and stars should be updated!

Hope I've made this easier to understand...Enjoy!

P.S. I suggest exploring the GameState file. There are a lot of things that you can change that can speed up your game experience. But don't go crazy, trying to change everything. Make sure to understand what you're trying to change cause I'm sure you don't want to ruin your game.
NSF 7 yr ago x
Should I update my tap zoo to version 1.8.3?
Klem 7 yr ago x
I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G and I had to hack working before the last two updates the newest on 6/6/11. I had to re- jailbreak my iPhone bc it happens and you need to every once in awhile so therefore I lost my tap accomplishments. Now when I download tap zoo I start with 1.6 billion and 68 stars.
I used the ifile hack to change the price and sell price and whatnot but now it don't work. Soon as I open ifile and the tapzoo folder in ifile and change what needs to be changed and the open the app again after it says I can't connect to the server! I think the update fixed it so we need to figure out something again or if anyone has the same problem let me know! Its the best hack ever if I could get it to work again!
Kristie 7 yr ago x
Hey, I just did the hack, and it worked perfectly for me ( thanks to those who posted it- you're awesome)

However - I was just moving things around in my zoo and I noticed that several of the animals that I got from recent achievements ( the platypus one and also the bush fire one that I had yet to complete) are all gone.

I had saved my game before attempting the hack. Also backed it up on iTunes. Tried loading previous saved game when I realized some animals were gone but it wouldn't let me.

Is there a way to get them back?

Any help would be appreciated.
Tap zoo hack 7 yr ago x
Kristie which hack did you use? And what device and what version of tap zoo? The newest update 1.8.3 came out 2day
Kristie 7 yr ago x
I followed the post instructions from TAPZOO made 16 hours ago.
I'm using iPhone and the version is 1.8.3.
Klem 7 yr ago x
Thanks kristie. I didn't try the computer the hack but im going to. Didn't have to bc the ifile hack worked until about 3 weeks ago. I wonder if it will work with jailbroken or that shouldn't matter. I wanna talk to the personwho made the ifile hack! It was sweet
Kristie 7 yr ago x
Don't thank me yet Klem! I've lost animals from the past few quests, the bush fire quest altogether, the save function didn't do jack and now I've lost everything.
sirjack 7 yr ago x
can someone tell me how to get neighbors??
Big farts 7 yr ago x
It said I got an F on food?
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