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Gun Bros iPhone App War Bucks Package cheats free

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joshua 11 yr ago x
This is the best game ever by far! I wish the warbucks weren't so expensive! They should give them out for free every once in a while :)

How do I get game center??

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nick 11 yr ago x
Great game for a free app, but I think the war bucks are a bit ridiculous just another way of making money. What's the best gun you can buy with coins and what's the fastest way of earning coins in gun bros?
sword1119 11 yr ago x
Well, if you can somehow save up enough to buy the Hand Cannons, they should be a VERY solid purchase with coins. Recently, with the addition to earn warbucks via downloading other apps, you can easily get about 5-6 free warbucks. I recommend you buy the Titan Pants at least, costs 1 warbuck and provides +20% Def but -14% Speed. Solid purchase. In haven, if you go to the leftmost side, and go as high as you can; in the little corner thing, the enemies will only spawn below you. The Handcannons will pwn in Revolution 1, easily allowing you to progress from round 1 to at least round 20, with a few H. Grenades.
Mick3y 11 yr ago x
No any cheats?
jj 11 yr ago x
0bsession 11 yr ago x
hey, an easy way to make it easy is to add friends (:
My ID Is: 0bsession

The 0 is a zero (:
jhndj3000 11 yr ago x
well i thick that it is over priced but also if you get the game you need to have at least a 25$ itunes card so you can turn it into warbucks then get the best guns so you can survive longer
xcv xrcgfcgfgfc 11 yr ago x
how ca i get free warbucks without having to buy them or earn them?
angelo 11 yr ago x
it really weird-the game was free but u have to buy the warbucks. awesome game though.
T-man 11 yr ago x
i started out with three war bucks and got 1 more the next day
dude 11 yr ago x
Please give me some war bucks
Slayer65362 11 yr ago x
Add me people slayer65362 I will except anyone I'm really good I have the infinity armor and the xxl mulcher and machetete mayhem ima beast add me
Superstar 11 yr ago x
How do u purchase warbucks and coins because I cant find the in app purchase place and were is the fragged savings and loans at because I need to get coins. And how do u get additional chambers because I had the coins but it wnd'nt let me purchase it and how do u get online
dude 11 yr ago x
Please more war bucks.
tj 11 yr ago x
Best game ever
jake  11 yr ago x
why dont u download stuff then delete it
jake  11 yr ago x
and ye its off the store free war buks
Calvin 11 yr ago x
Straight to the point ne1 know free war bucks cheats. Add Ghost Cog
Wormy dude 11 yr ago x
Add me plz have 0 bros so plz add me lvl 28 but have apocalypse and the WTF7000 with infiny armor. Wormy Dude
dude 11 yr ago x
Will 11 yr ago x
How do u add bros.? Anyone know how to get free warbucks?
sourgummibearz 11 yr ago x
guys, please add me. level 46 with diabolic head and chest and stealth pants. warbringers+event horizon. I'm a good tank. Aceofspades98 to add go to game centre and go to friends and then go to add then type in my name. saving up for the belly blasters, getting it soon, i have 47k+++ thanks guys
MY ID: aceofspades98
Legendary909 11 yr ago x
Yo add me legendary909 i got good guns ima beast
Legendary909 11 yr ago x
Add me on gun bros ima beast ill take anyone
appu444 11 yr ago x
hey add me appu444.i am really good i am in level 100 and i have a gauntlet
Bd 11 yr ago x
How do I change the weapon of my brother?
dabaxbg6 11 yr ago x
hi gun bros the best game ever add me on game center dabaxbg6 y have xxl mulcher and gauss rifle and im lv 35 :)
latingreeneyes,<313 11 yr ago x
how can u change the weapon of the other bro and whats the easiest way to earn money and war bucks
Legendary909 11 yr ago x
Add me legendary909 ill take anyone im level 50 have ion blaze rifle nd machete mayhem ima beast si add me nd join the revolution
Lilweman 11 yr ago x
Wish they were cheap
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