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Trade Nations app free magic beans cheats? (iPod iPhone)

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jester 11 yr ago x
This game is like Sim City but a LOT easier and really addictive. Sometimes it's a bit slow, other than that I would rate this game 5 stars. Any tips on how you can get those magic beans for free to speed things up a bit :) ?

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The jag man 11 yr ago x
How do I get free magic beans
Irv 11 yr ago x
I need beans
Yomoon 11 yr ago x
Trade nations is the most addictiing game ever made
Add me! Havenese  11 yr ago x
You can download free apps and get magic beans... But that's it so far..... :) maybe that'll help? But is there any other cheats for it? I'm getting a little angry because it's so slow!!! :) add havenese on trade nations.
Janjaap de jonge 11 yr ago x
If jou go to sell and tap 5 times from left to right you Will get 5 mbs. The start at the start button site
Add me havenese 11 yr ago x
It does... NOT work... Any more real cheats??
tn 11 yr ago x
Charlie 11 yr ago x
Yea if u have ur phone hacked and download installous. What you do is look for the app u wanna Download for beans on installous and make sure to see if Installous has the right downloadable version first. If it does go back to trade nations open it up wait till the app store opens and let it load to the point that u can see and read everything. Tap the home button to get out of the app store download the app in installous and install it. Open it up and bam free beans. Be patient though sometimes it takes a little while for them to show. But no more than 20 minutes
gracemodelgirl 11 yr ago x
how can i get free magic beans without downloading free apps?
Hp1975 11 yr ago x
Need neighbors. Add me Hp1975 accept all trades. No declines. Lots of shops available for trade
Hfgufcgyfctyfct 11 yr ago x
Can you explain that a little clearer, i have cydia and installous, but i dont understand what to do now.....
Charlie 11 yr ago x
Once you have those two its really simple. All you need to do open trade nations and go to the free magic beans list. Pick an app that costs money and click on it. Let the app store load until your able to look at what update version the app is. For example : 4.1.2 or 3.3.1 or something close to that is what it will look like. Next go to installous and see if they have that app in that same updated version. If yes download install and open the app. If no, don't waist your time it won't work. It is very crucial that the updated version are exactly the same
David 11 yr ago x
@Charlie I was going to try that trick, but there are only free apps on the iPhone version of the game. Which is weird because the iPad version has paid apps. (but my iPad isn't jail broken)
cloudycoo 11 yr ago x
need trade partners add cloudycoo
David 11 yr ago x
Need partners add aikidospike
Epiphanylady 11 yr ago x
None of these really helped... >> also, you can add me; epiphanylady.
yaro 11 yr ago x
i want a lot of money, magic beans, friens and a lot of workers. my name is yaro mekhtigian and yaro
charlie 11 yr ago x
@David its the exact opposite for me.

@epiphanylady if its not working your doing something wrong because ive gotten up to 200 beans before at one time

@ everyone you may also add me
fish_dude 11 yr ago x
i would love like a farm of something that you could grow magic beans at, rather than buying them, or getting 1 every time you level up.
you can add me as well,
BeakOy 11 yr ago x
Eversince I jailbroke my ipod touch 4g (4.2.1) I never see the paid apps listed anymore. that goes for trade-nations, zombie farm and pocket legends. I'm wondering why some can and some can't.
Racheal57 11 yr ago x
After you download free apps and get the free beans you can go right back and delete the free app!
Allysiawho 11 yr ago x
Add me: Allysiawho

NEEDBEENS 11 yr ago x
Is there any way to get free beans without
militaryradar 11 yr ago x
add me
nlsam 11 yr ago x
Can someone tell me how I can add other users?
Add me nlsam

tozieda 11 yr ago x
NEED TRADE PARTNER... nick:tozieda. pleaseee....
Rossdog 11 yr ago x
Neeeeeeeeeeddd more so slow and I need to have item of the day
Tom 11 yr ago x
Add me lvl 28. Thomas711
I'm a pro at Trade Nations.
Giving away free magic beans!
Wakeupgeoff 11 yr ago x
The Cydia trick doesnt work. The trade nations can tell if your device is jail broken and removes the paid apps from the list. So you only see the free ones. So thats why some people are seeing paid apps (on non jailbroken devices) and others are only seeing free apps (jailbroken devices)
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