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Restaurant Story get more free gems cheat iphone app tips

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jenny 11 yr ago x
Is there a way to get way more gems in Restaurant Story for the iphone without buying any? Like cheating or something :) Any tips appreciated!

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Lottie 11 yr ago x
How can I get gems free? I'm on level 13 and have only ever got 2.....
Lindsay 11 yr ago x
How can u get FREE gems in restaurant story? I know u can cook food and get gems and install related apps to get six gems. But what I am asking is if there are any OTHER ways to get FREE gems. Thank u for Ur help!!
~Lindsay 
chris0213 11 yr ago x
i need free gems without going through the levels in order for me to earn them .
Syrtlpoi 11 yr ago x
louise 11 yr ago x
Losing Gems! It's a good addictive game. I only have one issue with it. The gems are too easy to accidentally spend. Because the game lags I sometimes triple tap unconciously or accidentally hit the wrong thing (ie: the stove next to the one I was trying to tap). Well, sometimes that causes me to buy things that require gems or bring food back from the dead or quick-finish food. There needs to be an "Are You Sure You Want To Do This With Gems?" Yes/No box. This is ridiculous. Ive lost ATLEAST 40 gems from these accidents!! Fix this and I'll give 5 stars.
anthony 11 yr ago x
WHY does it have to be so addictive And future suggestion you should be able to buy gems w/game money ex:1 gem for 1,000 coins please do this there's stuff I really want but u need gems
Sophia 11 yr ago x
How to get free gems on restaurant story? i really want my restaurant to look cool and i need gems for money and special stuff so i need free gems
Hannaah  11 yr ago x
I've only got one bit of advice, When you get to level 3 on any food you get 1 gem so say when your about level 40-50 you will have all the foods, So you can get say about 40 gems with all the foods on the grill , stove and oven !! Thanks for everyones advice!
Sixfoot8 11 yr ago x
Why can't I buy gems when I try. They say I must buy the app first but the app is free so how do I buy the app if it's free and how do I get gems if I cant buy the app
Dee 11 yr ago x
The more levels you play, the more gems you earn. There's no other possible way to get gems.
jennynick 11 yr ago x
when you have an open stove when ur picking the things to cook, on the bottom there is the gem symble and the word add. then theres ur coins and the word add. if you click the word add next to ur coins, you can buy gems with ur game money
heidi 11 yr ago x
@jennynick: You are wrong. It's the other way around: you are buying game money with gems. So you actually lose gems and I don't recommend spending your gems on money, which you can easily earn. Be careful!
andrea 11 yr ago x
someone add me!!!! storm id: hklove11
Catwalk 11 yr ago x
How do you get free gems on bakery story cuz I have this new spring box I want to open, to get cool thongs for my bakery but you need 24 gems and now I have 0, any suggestions?
heather 11 yr ago x
This thread was of absolutely no use.... I'm looking for answers. Not more questions.

sanu 11 yr ago x
i really want it
j 11 yr ago x
everybody here asking the same questions. after this post please realise that out of all these post nobody post a answer there were like only two and they were pretty obvious smh if you don't know the answer don't post the question. thanks
Cheater 11 yr ago x
Stop writing if you dont know the answer!add me and I will give you tips and gifts everyday
horo 11 yr ago x
add me please horo16
Crydal 11 yr ago x
This was a waste of time. No one answered.
stupido 11 yr ago x
It's really a joke that there are no confirmation questions on spending gems!!! They did it only on selling some expensive things, even though that butten is not so easily pressed by mistake!
It makes me conclude that the developers want us to loose gems, so that we probably will spend money for new ones. For me it brings the opposite reaction: I will stop playing it for it made me angry and stole a lot of time in vain!
hey there everyone! 11 yr ago x
you know, there's no such things as cheats these days.... there's something similar to cheats, but it's a better way = = '
Mj 11 yr ago x
Ur user by the name of stupido I think this is how this game works u loose gems on things u dont need or by accident so that u could by more w/real $ so dat way hv $ coming in
A.J. 11 yr ago x
Is there any way to get free gems without buying them or getting apps?
Skye 11 yr ago x
Add skye08 for daily tips n gifts
Yan 11 yr ago x
Add me Yanhui restoran
Superyalda 11 yr ago x
There are no cheats to get gems.

What I can tell you is this:

You earn gems, stars and cash when you reach higher levels in the chef rating on each food item. If you cook X number of omlettes, for example you get to the next level

Some general game levels give you gems. I don't remember which ones, but I did see it somewhere

From time to time, gems are on sale, I saw them for up to 30% off, so keep an eye on that.

Those are the only ways I know of to get gems. I wish there we're more ways. If someone else knows more, let me know 
awesome girl 11 yr ago x
I want to make more food butt I don't have any more gems in the beggining they should give you a bunch if they did I will a least give it four stars
Tony 11 yr ago x
The way to get 9999 gems and 999999999999 billion coins is to = 1. Move something in front of your door 2. Start to cook something 3. Only apply the 1st ingredient 3. Hit the home button 4. Go to settings > general > date and time > move it up a day 5. Go back into the game 6. Apply the second ingredient 6. Enjoy the money! Yourwelcome and I hope this helps. Works as of 24 May 2011.
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