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Restaurant Story get more free gems cheat iphone app tips

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Jess 10 yr ago x
Add jessbd87
I tip & gift stew everyday :)
James b 10 yr ago x
I hav spent about 100 on gems and I keep hitting things like magic box !!!:@:-/ look at mi restersnt it is sick Add me jillywasme
Jazzy 10 yr ago x
Please add me @Pinkyjazzy im new at this
I will tip
Izea 10 yr ago x
HBLUEay I cant fnd the home button im followng tonys advice
ritchie 10 yr ago x
add me will tip and gift storm8 ID danritchie
ILoveDancing#1 10 yr ago x
Add codybella47 For Daily Tips,Gifts And Messages! Just Message My Restarunt Avery'sEatPlace
ILoveDancing#1 10 yr ago x
To get Gems,When you start cooking look at the right bottom and the number. Cook that much of that number. Example: If You Cook Omeletes And The Number Was 4 Cook 4 Omeletes And At The very end when you tapping to serve the last one,you will earn 1 gem and some coins.
eric 10 yr ago x
add me ericlwk.. i will give daily tip and gift. i promise will be ur best neighbour... come and chat in my restaurant.. you are always welcomed to join my restaurant... TEEHEE..
weezy 10 yr ago x
Men I need gems!!!! But anyways add me Plzzzzzzzzzzz. Weezy626 will tip and gift everyday best neighbor :)
Bakiry555 10 yr ago x
How do I get drink machine
brandon69 10 yr ago x
How do you restart your career?
Baibro 10 yr ago x
Has Tonys idea worked with anyone else cause it didn't with me!
I always spend my gems accidentally!!!!!!!! now i have 2 left!!!! plz add me!!! id: killa118 thx.
Hi 10 yr ago x
ID: rainbowlovers19
Add me
Lilslow 10 yr ago x
I was able to get more gems by getting promoted. You get promoted by cooking the same food MANY times. Start with French Toast. Cook as many as you can, as fast as you can (this will also take care of hungry customers and keep happy level up). Once you cook the right amount it unlocks the level. You get promoted to Apprentice, then Line Cook, then Sous Chef, etc....for EACH food!!! Apprentice = 2000 coins. Line Cook = 1 gem. Sous Chef = 4000 coins. After that I don't know, b/c I'm only on level 9. Buy more stoves and keep cooking the same item over again, move to Omelettes if you want gems but haven't reached the Line Cook there. If you want gems, just keep changing the food until you get promoted in each. If you want coins, keep cooking the same food over until you get promos to Apprentice and Sous Chef. My guess is every other promo is a gem, alternating with coins. Good luck!
Lilslow 10 yr ago x
And for the love of the game, if my answer helped you.... ADD ME!!!

storm8 ID: LIL2SLOW

Thanks!!!! I don't hate tips either! ;)
razoredge187 10 yr ago x
add me Razoredge187
Lilslow 10 yr ago x

I just found out today that if you get promoted to Executive Chef in anything (I did french toast and omelets - just kept making them like a maniac!), you get 10,000 coins for being promoted!!! Every time you become Exec. Chef, you get another 10,000 coins! If you then go to the cookbook when you have an open stove burner, you will see the green gem ADD button on the bottom and the yellow coins ADD button. If you click on coins ADD, you can buy 10 gems for 10,000 coins! Problem of gems solved! Good luck.

Yes, I'm still accepting tips. :)


kandimonae 10 yr ago x
add me id : kandimonae
Rose 10 yr ago x
Hey guys, Can someone tell me what to do with the tools / screws that we get / receive as gifts ? Im not sure if there is actually anything to do with these, or where to find them after you accept them ?
Razoredge187 10 yr ago x
For the items you receive all you need to do is but a stove, soda, or ice cream machine and the parts you get will help you build it. But the item has to have a hammer in the picture. Hope that helped... And add me ....razoredge187
Castanos res. 10 yr ago x
Add me please i'm not afraid to tip......guero19.....add me and i will send you gifts everyday
Rawrx3 10 yr ago x
add me , Suicidalxfelicia . i tip and send gifts often (:
Rose 10 yr ago x
Thanks Razoredge187, that makes sense !! But, I cant find a soda or ice cream machine anywhere ... ? Thanks for your helP !!
Razor Ramon 10 yr ago x
To get more gems you'll need to cook more food. You'll get 1 gem when the bar level of one food item reaches 3. I got over 60 gems so far.
DiaNa 10 yr ago x
ADD Me My ID : Diana900
SUNGBYRD 10 yr ago x
ADD ME ID: sungbyrd66
Sammy 10 yr ago x
It dosent work
Geoff 10 yr ago x
Add me gesta1611
Miranda 10 yr ago x
How do you get soda machines?
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