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Snowy Farm game iphone app free Crystals cheat

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jill 11 yr ago x
I really like Snowy Farm and how you can get crystals for free! If you write a review you also get a few crystals. Is there a way or cheat to earn more crystals without having to buy them? They are really expensive :( Any tips appreaciated.

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KK 11 yr ago x
I don't know how to get free snowflakes but if this helps there is a way to get free money and experience.Every time you add a new neighbor you get money and experience.That's how I got to level 80. :D don't know if this helps...
Danni.x 11 yr ago x
I know how you get milk from the cow, you just touch the troth and it fills with alfalfa. But apparently it sais you need to feed the bees alfalfa too?? How??
KK 11 yr ago x
To feed your bees alfalfa all you have to do is plant alfalfa and before you harvest it make sure your bees have pollenated it.After they pollenate it, it should turn yellow and you will get honey.Then you can harvest it and get alfalfa.It's kinda confusing. :P so plant, wait till it turns yellow, then harvest alfalfa and honey. BTW your honey should appear by your bees.Hope this helps. -KK
KK 11 yr ago x
Forgot to mention one thing.For the coins and experience clue cheat thing you can't use it constantly eventually it will say try tomorrow or something along that line sry not much of a help anymore : (
Chris 11 yr ago x
I can't figure out how to put apples in the pie maker they are in the barn but if I touch the maker it just says no fruit in barn
KK 11 yr ago x
Well if you can't make pit then the game is probably having a glitch. Either that or you just aren't doing it right. There should be a little white bubble thing coming from the machine if you click on that, you should be able to choose what pie you wanna make in this case apple .
kat 11 yr ago x
I like this game but i think they r just scamming $$ off people. For example, if a crop withers and they ask if you want to spend a "buck" to get it back, they really mean a crystal. And you cant buy way too many things unless you "purchase" crystals - so what r we supposed to do? Spend tons of $$ just to play a little game??
Cruel, sleazy, advantage-taking
KK 11 yr ago x
I agree. I think it's stupid how on every game you have to buy something with money or an I tunes card or a credit card. I mean why can't we just have fun playing the game. Why do they have to ruin the fun by making us buy other stuff it's stupid. They don't care they just want money like everyone else in the world...
jada-bug 11 yr ago x
i would luv some free crystals how do i get them?????
N3y n3y 11 yr ago x
Where do you get coco at for the chocolate maker??
KK 11 yr ago x
Like I said before there is no real cheat to get free crystals just work hard. And I honk you have to grow coco. Not sure on that one.
Coupebabe 11 yr ago x
This game is brill! I've been playing it sice Christmas and haven't spent a single real penny. You just buy the things you can buy with 'coins' and avoid the things that need crystals. You can visit three neighbours a day and also water their crops for a reward. Enjoy x
Iluvjustinbieber 11 yr ago x
You don't grow cocoa, like, you don't seed it, there's a tree for cocoa, it costs like 90 crystals though, but to get free crystals, you go to the menu and click crystals, down in the corner, and you can download some free apps to get a couple crystals, but you can only get like 30 total every once and a while
mamma dukes 11 yr ago x
i luv this game ! yes the cystals are a lot but i would like to know how do u get green grass all over ur farm ! mys white??????
help me 11 yr ago x
How do i get more free crystals need some more!!
KK 11 yr ago x
Ok thx for the cocoa tree tip i didn't know you had to get a tree and people pay attention!You can't get a lot of free crystals you have to pay this concept was already discussed my gosh! Buy or download only two options there! Are! No! Cheats! For! Free! Crystals!!!!!!!
KK 11 yr ago x
Oh and btw idk how to get ur grass green I don't think u can since it is called: SNOWY FARM sry
Kai 11 yr ago x
How do you restart the game? I can't see how to do it, I can find the restore option but not restart
Chantie805 11 yr ago x
Any Way I Can Get The Cocoa Tree For Free?!? [: any Help?!?
Chantie805 11 yr ago x
I Wanted to know if there was any cheat on buying stuff lik the cocoa tree on snowy farm cheaper or for free??!?!?! [: Please HELP!!
Pintocat 11 yr ago x
Can someone please tell how do u get the
Cocoa tree for free. Thanks
Michelle 11 yr ago x
Snowy Farm game iphone app Green grass

I've visited random neighbors & they all have green grass. When I try to sell or move my snowmaker into storage, it says I can't do either. Any tips? Because I've seen ppl put their plots up to the edge of the screen & I can't.
KK 11 yr ago x
Ok lemme say this loud and clear. THERE ARE LIMITED OR NO CHEATS FOR THIS GAME ok? None. Zip. Zero. You hear me? 000000000!
So no, there are no cheats for getting the cocoa tree discounted or free. Also, if there is a way to restart the game, I don't know about it because when I tried it wouldn't let me. I tried everything but nothing worked. And also I have no idea on how to get green grass. Sorry.....
KK 11 yr ago x
Oh and Michelle, I think your game is glitches or messed up or something cause I can put plots up to the edge of my farm, and I can sell anything so sorry to tell you might have to delete it and download it again....:(
P 11 yr ago x
How do you make COCOA!!!???
P 11 yr ago x
Never mind
 11 yr ago x
I really like this game on my iphone, but how do you get more free crystals? They are so espensive to purchase.
KK 11 yr ago x
Ok people seriously?Read before you write.Cause I assure you that if you read the comments above,you will know how to get free crystals.YOU CAN'T!!!!!YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM!!!!PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT!EXCLAMATION POINT!Get it?Got it?GOOD!But seriously,READ BEFORE YOU WRITE!!!plz.... Plz... PLz....PLZ!!!!.........K bye!!!!
Jan 11 yr ago x
wine maker: how do I change from vintage wine to regular wine?
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