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Farm story can you get more gems for free (iphone ipod game app)

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mannie 13 yr ago x
Apart from installing those ridiculous apps is there any other cheat to get more gems for free in Farm story? I already wasted enough gems on the Halloween chest a few weeks ago which didn't had the items a really wanted!
lisa 13 yr ago x
Any cool stuff you can do with Farm Story Valentine's Day? I don't really see any benefits over the standard Farm Story app perhaps I'm missing something... Downloaded the game for the extra free gems :)
Mohammad 13 yr ago x
Cara-Lee Kenway 13 yr ago x
how can i get more gems for free
Tiny 13 yr ago x
Hi I play farm story or other story games but I really really want free gems not like buying them my little brother actually bought 275 gems for $50 plz I really want gems plz I have 7 gems in farm story and like I really want the Labrador ,dog house , both ponies, family house, summer house, all the animals, and the American flag, or other things that cost gems plz plz make it free and I will rate 5 stars plz I need gems I'm on lvl 44 plz need gems plz teamlava1,000
Tiny 13 yr ago x
I wish that every month they give like 275 I love the story games it's just y do we need to pay 4 it wat if other people accidentally buy gems and their trying to save money plz plz plz I'm begging plz make the gems free I wish the gems r like tur coins I have 2,000,000 coins and I wish I have 2,000,000 gems plz make it free
Tiny 13 yr ago x
Hi again I have wifi problems that deleted all my 35 gems that sucks and it won't let me play farm story alot it would always say "OH DARN" even though I'm connected to the wifi and if I try leaving messages it won't let me ugh it's annoying me and wasting me time if I visit other peoples farm it just keeps on processing plz plz fix this annoying wifi problem I think it's my wifi or my iPod touch plz fix it whoever wants to adde me it's Tiny362 k thx bye hope u guys fix this annoying problem k thx bye
By Niamh } { 13 yr ago x
Turn off the restrictions in settings anytime. And why they did it so high-price? Because that's their way of making money, attracting customers by first putting it as FREE.
Randy Flagg 13 yr ago x
It's not realistic to believe that gems will generally be free, but it would be nice from the "Farm Story Chiefs" to give every player a handful of gems every month, some 5 or so, as kind of a incentive. That would be great!
You 13 yr ago x
Plzzz can I have gems iv rated you five star from my iPhone iPod iPad and computer plzzz can I have gems

Helo my id is yusaf33 And I have less gems coins plzzz send me coins gems
Aaliyah 13 yr ago x
I need more gems how do I get them it's so hard
Bamfmomma2 13 yr ago x
I just installed the games & got the gems then uninstalled often or when will they offer that to me again? I did it until I couldnt & got 50 gems..down to 8 I need more!!!
sambath 13 yr ago x
hello.i alway dream about to make my own farm.I really want more gems. I collect the more crop and tree.for along time i collect the same crop and trees and i give me a gem and 20 experance i wonder that any way to make more gems,because i am 16 years old and no credit card.thank u so much.
Fat boy 13 yr ago x
I am gonna quit playing farm story and tell all ov my neighbors to stop playing and all the people to stop playing unless u GIVE US FREE GEMS.. And don't think I'm kidding.. Mmmmmwwwwwaaaahahaha!!!
( I am reAlly A GIRL)
rolo 13 yr ago x
You can get free gems once you reach rank 2 for each type of crop or tree. I recently earned a gem for reaching rank 4 on a crop. I was surprised. It takes a while so I just save my gems instead of spending them as soon as I get them.
Sydney5545 13 yr ago x
i really need gems i want my farm to look cool but thats not possible 1. i dont have any gems 2.if i want gems i have to buy them and my parents wont let me PLZZ if someone has a suggestion tell me!!!!!!!!!!!Also PLZZ add me my ID is Sydney5545
S3loom 13 yr ago x
My dad had gave me 70 gems only and ibuy summer house my id salem14
Jay 13 yr ago x
I need more gems in farm story I only have one friken stupid gem and trust me I need more
michelle 13 yr ago x
I bought the adventure chest which was kind of annoying because I thought it was like an animal or tree where it has a timer and you open it and get a new prize each time. Not buy 24 gems for a stupid telescope. And also it bought it again by itself and got a pirate ship! I didn't even press buy again! So annoying :( id joymichelle11
Gabby 13 yr ago x
Gabby 13 yr ago x
Add me: stormbaby
ideal1200 13 yr ago x
To get gems, get rank 4 in crops, trees and animal. everytime you get a fourth rank, you get a gem. Get the new badges for gems.
DivaStyles 12 yr ago x
Add me plz diva4eer on haloween fashion story I needdddddd free gems tell me hoe too plz thnx
David ks 12 yr ago x
I need strategy to get more gems could u plz help me?
gabriel 12 yr ago x
I need more gems is's hard to get to hier level it wud be cool to get more gems plz plz plz plz abot 275 wood be good :)
TiaMimi 12 yr ago x
Gracias Team Lava por todos los regalos de Navidad que nos han permitido comprar con monedas pero no vendría mal que SantaLava nos hiciera un regalo de 50 gemas a todos hoy día de Navidad. Mi familia y yo (somos 6 jugando distintos juegos) le deseamos a todo el equipo de Team Lava una Feliz Navidad y gracias por todo 
Woosh 12 yr ago x
Add me : taauruss
Cahn 12 yr ago x
I want gems plz
katbug70020 12 yr ago x
How do you earn more gems?
Answer me as soon as possible,please.
3zooz4321 12 yr ago x
How i can hack farm story i went gems i have 200 sheep and 200 cow and 200 horse and i went 200 dog but i dont have more gems my father buy for me a 3300 gems but i buy a lot of things and i went more and more
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