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Farm story can you get more gems for free (iphone ipod game app)

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Dave 11 yr ago x
PLEASE HELP! I WANT TO EXPAND MY FARM WHY DO I NEED SO MANY NEIGHBORS? Why can' t I convert my coins into gems? I that possible? Please help I do not want to spend my actual money to fix up my farm.
Heart 11 yr ago x
I'm really enjoying playing this farm story, but then the gems r pretty hard to obtain for free! It's ok if they sell the gems but then their price is too much! If only they can be selling it not so expensive i guess a lot more players will be buying. I hope too that they can be giving more gems or at least lower the prices of the items wherein gems r being used to pay for it.
X 11 yr ago x
Need an undo button.
Need gooseberries.
Need to get rid of this giant adv plate that is next to my farm, asking me to play pet shop story.
Need a list to store my favorite farms (not myneighbors)
Don't expect money from me without having fixed these bugs. You are not microsoft.
TacoDip 11 yr ago x
I think they should give you like 5 magic beans every 10 days you che k in or domething
britt 10 yr ago x
People u can get gems by downloading games from the same company!
Shaki 10 yr ago x
How can I get more gems >:O tell me!!!!
tzeeb 10 yr ago x
Please! People! Go outside and play real games with your friends or kids! Don't get so caught up in a game! It is a game only!
Ideal12000 10 yr ago x
Easier way to get more is to go for special crops that come during celebrations, like chocolate strawberries. One more clu: grow it on your whole farm. Its faster that way.
david ks 10 yr ago x
I need more GEMs!
sahildobani 10 yr ago x
just get level 4 for a crop n earn a gem
sahildobani 10 yr ago x
my id is sahildobani pls add me
xxGeekxx 10 yr ago x
How do I get gems for free?
ruben 10 yr ago x
Hi i am ruben i need 25 gems please on farm stoty my id is ruben1000
Nice 10 yr ago x
pls add me on farm story. my storm ID is Chikkin
China bears  10 yr ago x
Ok I have down loaded all story games and have gotten no gems. I am on level 26 and would love to buy some stuff to jazz up my farm. And I was tricked out of my gems by Pop ups😡
Chux 10 yr ago x
I think they should modify the activity bonus so that you get coins for first 4 consecutive days of playing then you get a Gem for the fifth and the cycle continues.
Tllphillips 10 yr ago x
How do I get free gems fast??
elise 10 yr ago x
how can u get free gems in farm story if uve had the game a while? thanx i tap on gems in the game but i dont see a free option! please help me stat thanx god bless e
elise 10 yr ago x
how can u get free gems if uve had the game a whle? i tapped on gems in the top but didnt see a free option! thanx for any hlp i really appreciate it god bless e
Mohammad1234523 10 yr ago x
yogames 10 yr ago x
Why cant we get free.gems plz u know.we.all.want free gems
Safdar  10 yr ago x
I have 1,800,000 Coins & 67,000 Gems in Farm Story on my Ipad 2 ;)

F.B Profile :
Charlotte 10 yr ago x
Guys seriously...
U just hav to complete quests on the game, then u will get a new one saying "buy any decoration " and when u do so u get 3 or 6 gems depending on something
Xkiller 10 yr ago x
so whats the app called
Sally Lou 10 yr ago x
Who won the carrot contest? I planted every three hours day and night first day to last.
Didn't even recive one. Gem. Think it's a scam.
tuny 8 yr ago x
Get more gims
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