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Global War free Honor Points get more cheats for iphone

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I0HACKD0I 11 yr ago x
Kamekaze2011 11 yr ago x
There are no cheats for this game, being a fan of the game on facebook will give you a weekend redeem code to recharge all of your stats once.

Again there is zero cheats for this game honour points need to be bought from the general in app, and lotto tickets are given for winning wars, opening army gifts and you get 2 daily.

to maximise your cash flow fully upgrade all of your territories and do missions and kill bosses, these are the ways to get alot of cash i have 107billion in game and my own army, search;
DragonFire Clan and click apply ill accept all invites

Peace out

Jose 11 yr ago x
I want cheats cause they are awesome
Demonoftherings  11 yr ago x
Okay how do I get the hacks for the game do I upload them do you guys just put them on my game or do you guys have to send the by comments and stuff
kailynxxx 11 yr ago x
give me cheats i want some plz
Swupi 11 yr ago x
Is there any cheat codes for heaps of money and honor points
Professor chaos 11 yr ago x
When I get killed and my health goes to zero, somehow they still are able to kill me. Killed in action?? How do they do that? Taunting won't work.
GeneralHood 11 yr ago x
Besides the weekend codes, are there any other cheat codes?
CommWill 11 yr ago x
This cheat is brought to you by (GMA) Game Modding Army:


We need members.Join Now!
lee 11 yr ago x
there r no cheats in this game, the best advice to give is that u can only max out ur properties as quickly as u can to gain enuff $$, i purchase a 3000 honor point pack daily, ive maxed out on all loots and weapons tech and infantry @ my lvl and acc balance at 200bill have spent close to 50,000 honor points
lee 11 yr ago x
for all maxd out properties u only recieve 666.175mill a day
Crotizzal 11 yr ago x
I would like the honor point cheat please, thanks
studebaker 11 yr ago x
i played this game for a year and i level up every 4 days and i have 4 billion dollars in the bank. but it seems that i try to get log in for a fan of global war but i dont know how. plz tell me on this comment board
I sniped u 11 yr ago x
Wht is this weeks (november 13-20) cheat code
rio 11 yr ago x
how do you get free honour points
Josh m 11 yr ago x
How do I get honour points for free?
mr pickled 11 yr ago x
i need codes for rechrge stats and more!!!!!!!!!!also add me im a privat not a merc 641-234-089 also join my army luv and war u will be promoted to colonol stats dont matter and we r verry chatty.
Tazmaniac 11 yr ago x
Can I please get free honor points,lotto tickets and 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
attack and defense please I need it trust me.
Gamer89 11 yr ago x
Free honor points and money redeem codes anything or everything I'm dying here
Oldmangamer 11 yr ago x
Im 58 and love gw riot! Not a geek tho :( what are cheats that would help? Discount honor? Killing while dead without mark etc. thank you
Trev 11 yr ago x
Codes plz
Globalwarguy1111 11 yr ago x
Ok guys the best way to get honor points is by fully mastering missions all the way to rank 4 that and getting I think 20 points in wars gives u some honor pOints
Workaholik 11 yr ago x
My code..add me

643 766 369
Ahub83 11 yr ago x
What kind of Cheats do you have??
Leroyjbrown 11 yr ago x
Apart from the honor they give away in wars is there a cheat or hack to get free honor?
1 2 3 kaboom 11 yr ago x
please join my armt "kill or die" i created it 2 days ago i am on the privates side
the WiNnEr 11 yr ago x
Cheats Plz!!! Thank u, and if u found any more cheats plz tell me those too, thx
dbrick26 11 yr ago x
globalwar4 army looking for recruits. Tier 13 and growing fast. We watch each others back. Search and apply.
lee 11 yr ago x
do you have any cheat codes avail? How do i receive them. Money....Ammo ......Health...Energy?
E 11 yr ago x
Global War Friend Codes

Just put down your code and your side (merc or priv) so anyone can add it if they want a bigger crew

644-329-696 merc
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