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Global War free Honor Points get more cheats for iphone

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Noneyabidness what my name is 11 yr ago x
I have no idea how to get honor points. If you got any cheats please let me know. Thanks.
Mighty knees 11 yr ago x
hey. If u actually want to get good at this game by buying honor but dont want to buy itunes cards i have something for u,  download the app: junowallet giftcards. u get free giftcards easily by inviting others&download free apps& liking fb pages, i got over $140 on it& counting daily.
(The photo is prove& their itunes, xbox, ps3,nintendo, rixty& soon amazon cards really work)
use KK80158 as invite code to get $0.25 free!& ill give u tips to within 24 hrs to make much $$

Scary 11 yr ago x
Free honour points inapp purcheses,cheats
Nico 11 yr ago x
Appreciate someone share e ratio of attack/defence
dj 11 yr ago x
anyone got cheats for brothers in arms 2 global front? its way to hard to keep moving in the game and i woul like mro dog tags >=]
Bon 11 yr ago x
If I reset my account, can I change from Soldier to Mercenary and also change countries or is it just my stats that are reset? Thanks.
Bon  11 yr ago x
Sorry, Global War :-)
greg 11 yr ago x
can i have 1000 honor points everytime i log on and infinite loto tickets
Alpha stats 11 yr ago x
Join my army alpha vipers and I want a honnor point code
Thr1 11 yr ago x
I need an honor point code can any1 help
Ghost 11 yr ago x
Ad me I'm ghosthun7er
nortonagent 11 yr ago x
in global war is it possible to get infinite lotto tickets and 10 honour points every time you log in?
naynay 11 yr ago x
i need a redeem a code plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Dan 11 yr ago x
Help need honor codes so I can change name plzzzzzz I'm danny989 comment me if u have one
Agntcarolina 11 yr ago x
I have free hp
Toxic Poison 11 yr ago x
There are no cheats for this. Only weekend codes that GW gives you starting saturday and ending sunday.

Lol im in a tier 18, BA2, look me up. Toxic Poison. I give away lots of HP codes. I buy about 40 plats a week. Im a PMC.
Toxic Poison 11 yr ago x
Also, if you need any questions answered just comment me. i have comment wall block. Im a pro at this game and on almost 10 hours a day. I reset from 260. Again look me up, Toxic Poison. See ya
Toxic Poison 11 yr ago x
Also sorry for the spam but...


10.25k HP redeem code. Good luck
Danny 11 yr ago x
I bought honor points health streak and restat redeem code where do i get my restat redeem code and health?
agent 7 11 yr ago x
what is the code to get infinite tickets and 10 honor points on log in
plz help so I can play more
Gravett 10 yr ago x
need free honer pls
haggsdog 10 yr ago x
add me 648-120-691

search and join RETREAT HELL all applicants accepted. tier 10 army, strong, loyal. join us and be strong!
stormysarge 10 yr ago x
hey peeps join the chat guild its full of people to teach you how to spam cheat and glitch my friend joker is the head there also friend me meh name is stormysarge see ya
The spammer 10 yr ago x
There's many cheats on this game there's some to glitch thousands of honor points an gifts for your army too.
Justin420 10 yr ago x
I need free hp code
Gen Randor 10 yr ago x
Go ino chatroom, click manage, leave, a notifaction will come up saying "are you sure you want to leave?" Click yes buy whipe you do click back, settings in the top left corner and you cant het banned. If you leave chat you go out of chat you will have to re-join/re-glitch.
Gen Randor  10 yr ago x
Above is chatroom says buy after click and also right after whipe=when i hope the instructions are clear
Thatguy 10 yr ago x
Can i haz honor points?
.. 10 yr ago x
I need cheat codes!!!!!!'
CassiveMock 10 yr ago x
Global War is a server based game, which means you have to hack the server (which is HIGHLY DIFFICULT AND ILLEGAL) in order to get unlimited honor. Ifile, iapfree, localiapstore,igamegaurdian, etc will not work for global war. If you have a jail broken device, your best bet is to get global, hd, and riot, then just gift bot using udid faker. Hope I helped
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