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Tap Fish 2 Exotic Fish Bucks cheats free (iphone ipod)

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nicki 13 yr ago x

I downloaded this I have a jailbreak for my ipod you can get get fish bucks for free but the app detects you're cheating and prevents you from playing. So it's of no use.

Some of the fish and backgrounds are really expensive. My idea is if you could earn fish bucks easier for free, with mini games or something like that! I have to admit you can buy some good fish just with coins.
Emmy 13 yr ago x
I really want fishbucks. I just want to be able to breed more than 2 fish at once. Do you know how to get some for free without the game thinking I'm cheating??????
Hope 13 yr ago x
How do I get ALOT of fish bucks with out it think I am cheating
Dbonko 13 yr ago x
There really isnt any cheats i guess but i have looked for cheats on tap fish and i really cant find anything on it. Sorry I have looked it takes time to get better i guess.
Kate 13 yr ago x
If you go on the game and click on fish bucks you can download free apps which u can get free fish bucks
Hi 13 yr ago x
You can get games that are about ninety nine cents and get about 15-30 fish bucks sometimes even more
cagetheaubre3 13 yr ago x
When I go to fish bucks and try to get the apps to get the free fish bucks it opens my safari Internet but it won't load the page I've tried everything. Is there a alternative to getting fish bucks? I just want to revive my fish and I need 2 fish bucks.
Maggie 13 yr ago x
How do you earn fish bucks?
Miss P 13 yr ago x
Always Fun! Stay in touch with tap zoo,tap fish,tiny zoo,
tap mall and glow magic.
LOADS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gemini 13 yr ago x
Hi when down loading the games or whatever trying to get fish bucks the
Always asking for yo email and u only getting 3 to 5 fish bucks it a waste of time
maarten 13 yr ago x
Ik vind het een leuk spel
Princessa 13 yr ago x
How can I get free fishbucks
Without the game thinking I'm cheating? I want to breed exotic fish but most of them cos alot of fishbucks.
argusauge 12 yr ago x
I just managed to get millions of free fishbucks ;)

Basically you will have to edit a configuration file localstore_en.xml on your iPhone.

Let me give you a step-by-step instruction:

You need to jailbreak your iPhone. If you don't know how to do that, refer to

Second you need an explorer to access files on your iPhone. I use iExplorer which you can download for free here.

Connect you iPhone via USB, start iExporer and navigate to the following directory:
YourName IPhone/Root Directory/var/mobile/Applications/3437C924-BE79-4234-88C5-FC3BE28F42EC/
Need a screenshot? Ok. Here it comes:

With iExplorer you cannot edit files on your iPhone directly. So what we are doing next is to copy the files from the iPhone to our computers harddrive, edit there and then copy the modified files back to the iPhone.

Step by Step:
1. Create a temporary directory on your computers harddrive. Such as C:\Temp
2. drag and drop your whole folder to C:\Temp
3. Once copy is done, navigate to C:\Temp\
4. Open file localstore_en.xml with a text editor (localstore_jp.xml if you are japanese).
5. Search for "sea turtle" (or any other available fish you wish to use for creating fishbucks)

Note the price-tag which looks like this:
Sea Turtle


This tells us that the sea turtle sells for 400 coins.

We are going to change that second-last line now into:


( don't forget the minus-sign!)

From now on, the price of a sea turtle is minus 999999 fishbucks. Therefore adding 999999 fishbucks to our account each time we purchase a sea turtle.

6. Save localstore_en.xml and exit the editor
7. copy the file localstore_en.xml from your computer by drag and drop back to your iExplorer directory.
Don't worry that you will get some warnings including "are you sure to delete localstore_en.xml?"
Just answer yes. Everything will be allright.

8. You may now close iExplorer and disconnect your iPhone.

9. Start Tap Fish 2 on your iPhone, buy fish eggs, Marine Life, Sea Turtle and the screen should look like this:

Look at the price of a sea turtle: 0 Coins!
Each time you purchase one, you receive 999999 fishbucks
argusauge 12 yr ago x
obviously this site is not able to display xml code as it appears on the screen.

I will therefore add a screen shot for the above 5.

5. Search for "sea turtle" (or any other available fish you wish to use for creating fishbucks)

open screen shot:
edit xml to look like this:

From now on, the price of a sea turtle is minus 999999 fishbucks. Therefore adding 999999 fishbucks to our account each time we purchase a sea turtle.
Aj 12 yr ago x
Will that work on the IPod?
gregg 12 yr ago x
why will this not work on a non jailbroken iphone? I can view my files in iexplorer and my iphone is not JB?
Reagn Brackett  12 yr ago x
Please pick me I have no money ITunes
argusauge 12 yr ago x
Nope! If the iPhone (or iPad) is not jailbroken you will not see all directories. Especially you will not see the
.... var/mobile/Applications/...-directory.
tman 12 yr ago x
what up
TINA ONG 12 yr ago x
how to get free free HAPPY FISH bucks.thank you
Lindsay.25 12 yr ago x
I want to know how to get alot of fish bucks to get the really good fish to breed.
sissey  12 yr ago x
I only have an android phone ...can I get free fish bucks like this also and can I jailbreak my phone?
ladidaiz 12 yr ago x
How can i get free bucks using my android phone, i dont have a i phone or i pad?
joey 12 yr ago x
hello PLZZ TELL ME SOME CHEATS im tired of waiting to level up and get some!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
epikninja 12 yr ago x
Hey! add me on gc: epikninja
Add me on tap fish 2: StarBlazerFish
Abbthemadme 11 yr ago x
There is an easier way where u just change the amount of fishbucks u have
Matt 11 yr ago x
Abbthemadme can you email me or let me know how to get fish bucks from Tapfish 2
Blije vis 11 yr ago x
AEAFAN8S gratis bucks/free bucks!
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