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Tap Town iPhone/iPod game app free bucks cheat

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Lucy 13 yr ago x
Pretty much a wait around game. I really wish you could convert coins to bucks, but I guess none of these type of games allow you to do that, it's all about the money :) Too many items can only be bought with Town Bucks, if you have any cheats to get around this please let me know!
Richelle Lagunes  13 yr ago x
How do you convert bucks into coins??? Please help
Aaaaaaaaaaa 13 yr ago x
How do u get free bucks
Kiara 13 yr ago x
Is there any cheats to get town bucks...and in one of the quests it says u have to convert bucks to coins....but how??
Cam 13 yr ago x
Go to the bucks thing and you will see a thing at the bottom and press it and a different screen will come up and there will be apps you can buy or get free and if you see one you might want push it and it will send you to the app store with the game on the screen
MnM_Milkshake  13 yr ago x
On Level Were I Need Convert Please Help
crazy chris  13 yr ago x
need to convert bucks 2 coins and don't know how to do it please help I tried everything I cant figure it out??
helper 13 yr ago x
Just go to the menu click on the coins button and then a few choices will show up to convert bucks to coins u will need 75 bucks or more to convert
hallie  13 yr ago x
how to convert bucks into coins level i need please help
Lolly88 13 yr ago x
How can I get free chefs bucks for free without downloading the free apps..because I have to wait until I see a free app to download and I want to hook my place up lol....please help!!!!

Badzman 13 yr ago x
Need money cheat i need very much help
Nico 13 yr ago x
In the collesuem quest how do you turn coins to bucks/bucks to coins? PlZzzzzzz I need ur help
Kookookachoo 13 yr ago x
Is there buck cheat plze hlp!!!!!!
beeeeeeethaz. 13 yr ago x
I no how to get free apps for bucks but is there a quicker way,?
Tony 13 yr ago x
If you need to change bucks 2 coins at least you Have 2 get 75 bucks
Nan 13 yr ago x
I am trying to purchase bucks but I am getting an error message....." In app purchase failed, please try again later". Please help!!!!!
ketch 13 yr ago x
When are the in-app purchases difficulties going to end? It has been to long.
Tommo 201 13 yr ago x
How do you change tap town coins into bucks because if you could tell me plus I could have 3054 bucks
Kekie 13 yr ago x
My thing keeps saying error code when i try to buy the stupid buck or try to convert them
Sharonya 13 yr ago x
How do we earn mall bucks!
Emmybumbum 13 yr ago x
Can't figure out how to convert coins to bucks!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pili97 13 yr ago x
how can i convert buck to coins ? pleasee !
Ajrolling 12 yr ago x
How do you get free bucks
Plz let me know
AmericanBeliever 12 yr ago x
If you go to the menu and press "Bank" you'll see a tab for "Free Bucks" on the bottom left. Click that and the first one says "Earn free bucks on MyTown 2" if you click on it, wait a couple seconds, then exit the screen it'll give you a free buck. You can do it every couple hours. I get about 4-5 free bucks a day.
Hahaha u fell for it 12 yr ago x
OoOoOoO 12 yr ago x
I have 3 billion in coin how I convert it in to buck?
ME 12 yr ago x
I need 400 buck Mount fuji, how ?
Mikethepot 12 yr ago x
When you visit other towns, I am amazed by the popularity levels. Are these real? How do you do that? My highest popularity s about 200 and I'm on level 34!!
Squirrel 12 yr ago x
How can I get free town bucks plz tell me I canny figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joyce 12 yr ago x
U can press free bucks and go on 1# and quickly quit out u will earn 1 free bucks and then do it to the others
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