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Zombie Cafe iphone/ipad game app free toxin cheats?

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cherryblossom 7 yr ago x
hey @bob, do you have 2 apps of the same app or just 1 newly improved one
Bobbo 7 yr ago x
Guys u can only change the time ahead one day, and after that dont change time back or else they will know u cheated and ur cafe will turn green. if ur cafe turns gree too bad u are going to HAVE to restart the entire game
CHEEHEE1 7 yr ago x
i have been changing the time settings and just got a waring that be careful as if i keep doing this my zombies may revolt,oh well im gunna keep doing it to see what happens
Nc 7 yr ago x
R there cheat codes in zombiecafe
Brebre 7 yr ago x
Bob in order to hack do you download it on the computer or on the ipod
Lt.Kill 7 yr ago x
hey bob, where is the hack set in the hack program. reply with detailed instructions okay
JellyPony 7 yr ago x
I really need toxins! Don't you know any cheats?
Killer 7 yr ago x
Don't change the time and if you do you will need to re start the game
MOnic 7 yr ago x
I tried to change my time but only moving the AM/PM I do it for 4 times and i didnt turn green i love it my zombies energy are full and my tumor melt has been cooked
Monic 7 yr ago x
Unfortunately now my cafe turns green but its okey coz i dont have any friends
More Than 7 yr ago x
hay you ray ray just start again. go to main menu on zombie cafe, press options then press delete data and delete progress but WARNING you will have to start again
Bart 7 yr ago x
Is there a way to get free toxin
bob 7 yr ago x
Hey, back at lt. kill,you need to download HXD. In order to do that, you need to google it. Click the free download, and VOILA!!!
bob 7 yr ago x
@ Brebre, you download HXD at your computer.
lilybord 7 yr ago x
after the warning that zombies might revolt, is there a chance that they may actually revolt ? :O
Or is it just a warning to make sure we dont do it again ?
fash 7 yr ago x
It is just a gimmick... it won't revolt at all.... i am done with it... @ level 23 now... i changed the months and years instead of AM/PM and i completed in just 1 day :) i did it for Smurf as well... lol.... as well as zombie farm etc etc etc...
Sabrina 7 yr ago x
Add me - sawilliams634
Death 7 yr ago x
Did you know that even without toxin you can infect people only if there outside!
kent 7 yr ago x
how to get toxis
dylan 7 yr ago x
if you want to get free toxins you need to go to hack my and look for zombie caff click
on it and you it will
say get toxins it will say you haft to buy it but you wont just tap it and whate a few min go to your caff and you will
have however many toxions without paying i have 10milloin toxions try it
Crazy  7 yr ago x
bob, what do you do for version 1.05
Bocca 7 yr ago x
Can some one het me 1000 toxins plz I don't know what else to do
angel 7 yr ago x
hey my cafe has turn green and my sister's and brother's need help and another how to get free toxins cause i really like zombie cafe and i really like to infect the strong zombies
Fishfinger 7 yr ago x
Give me 1000toxin I like zombie cafe because I need stronger zombies pls!!!!!
Frustrated Player 7 yr ago x
I haven't been able to receive any free toxins in days and my cafe is suffering. This game went from awesome to f*** b*** and a weeks waste of time.Until free toxins are handed out I'm over it!!!
Monkeypants 7 yr ago x
I can't get toxin jeez
Log  7 yr ago x
If you turn off the wi fi then change the clock then your cafe won't turn green
theman 7 yr ago x
can i have a lot i really like the game and it is the bust in the world
Ryen 7 yr ago x
Please give me 3000000000 toxins please please I have 0 and also go to settings on iPod turn wi fi off and it will fix the problem of it over working ur zombies
Ryen  7 yr ago x
If I don't get this 300000000000
toxins I'm going to proble stop playing this game and tell all my friends that it stinks because u can't get like any toxins without buying
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