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Zombie Cafe iphone/ipad game app free toxin cheats?

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The hacking god 7 yr ago x
I have cracked the game so much via ifile(with some of my own improvements) and have a 10 sec cooking time on all and 9999999 toxins and money add rik reaper via facebook n we can team up on some enemies :D if ur lucky I'll get a stack of toxins!! If not u will get afew 100 atmost:P
Jay 7 yr ago x
Maybe there is a reason that our zombie cafe turn the wrong clock and go back to the main menu.If we want to get toxins we must play the computer zombie cafe.And is easy to turn the clock,you just need to tap the setting and slide it down then you see a general press it and slide down.After that you will see a date&time,press it.Forward off the set automatically and press set date&time
Ryen 7 yr ago x
I just want 300000000 toxins and I'll shut up
Ryen 7 yr ago x
Go to settings and turn your wifi off it won't send you to the main menu
Ryen 7 yr ago x
Can u get me 999999999 toxins
smas awsome 7 yr ago x
how do you earn more toxins
Why 7 yr ago x
Stop asking for toxin dumb ass has anyone got any toxin from asking ? Who would give you 30 pounds or more worth of it
TombradyLJ 7 yr ago x
The reason the cafe turns green and ur friends can't go on it is because the game caught u cheating
It will wear off by itself in 2-14 days
Qeil 7 yr ago x
When your cafe turns green it meens that your cafe is being investigated. It gets ivestigated if the game producers think your cheating. ETC- the time glitch. It will go away after a few days after they see your not cheating.
Cheesebull 7 yr ago x
I just change my time from AM to PM and that works fine. (I wanna date Taylor H)
webber 7 yr ago x
give me 20000 toxin pls and monney
tjwebber 7 yr ago x
how long till i get my 2000 toxins and $
Tank 7 yr ago x
Please can I have 100000 money and 9999999 toxin please please please
awesome789 7 yr ago x
if you make your zombies rest then set your time forward 1 hour your zombies will be fully rested
2efvxcv 7 yr ago x
heres a leveling up a food that has high xp.cook it for 1 second then throw it will aready have the xp points and the game can't take tem away.But you have to be rich to do it.
2efvxcv 7 yr ago x
look zombie cafe isnt that inportant.come on do something without ypur phone always in your face.and you might say well you play too but on my frinds iphone.get a life.
A hElPiNg HaNd 7 yr ago x
If the cafe screen goes back to the Internet is ****** just play the game without having Internet on :( it's a pain but it's the only way round the problem. Btw does any know how to get toxins more often in raids? I have had 2 in 46 raids!
Angel 7 yr ago x
10000000 toxins can help you out but if you have credit card just go to iTunes then search zombie cafe cheats and buy it if you have credit card it's 0.99$ it's cheap maybe you can afford it and if you open the app search for cheat toxins I hope it helps but if there's nothing there just follow this:
Just download zombie cafe hack file in media and download the file and if it's finish just double click the app and write the number you want and close your iPad it's plug you know and open it I hope it helps if does not help just find in YouTube it more helps thanks xd
Angel 7 yr ago x
Guys if you have zombie cafe,smurfs,and zombie farm don't change the time just read this (this is the explanation why you need to not change the time):
Example you cook mac and fleas in zombie cafe 6hrs and you planted strawberries in smurfs 1 hr and you planted potato 30 minutes in zombie farm in the same time and you change the time in the same time for 6 hrs the only one will exist is the mac and fleas the strawberries will be withered and the potatoes too so the best thing to do is to cook or plant the same time or if you do it your cafe will turn green and you have to restart the game again
Angel 7 yr ago x
Your cafe turns green and your friends cannot go to your zombie cafe its like your going to jail the only thing you can do is to restart the game but if you don't like restarting the game just don't do the cheat for maybe 1 month or 2 weeks I hope it helps
Mike117 7 yr ago x
Cafe turns green when you change the time manually
hades101 7 yr ago x
cafe turns green when ur under survelliance by the zombie federation
( i got a note saying it on ma screen)

u DO NOT have 2 restart it will go bak 2 normal in a few weeks
cool kid 111 7 yr ago x
how do you get lots of food because i only have 999 peaces !!!!
beibo5200 7 yr ago x
hahaha I read o grip of comments and I started changing time and my cafe turned green hahaah
Turkeyman5 7 yr ago x
Your cafe turns green if you cheat by changing your clock to get food faster
Bill 7 yr ago x
When i try to open the app it goes to tje main menu. When i hit start it kils me out of the app. I don't want to start over, but i dont have a clue how to fix. Need help.
cool kid 111 7 yr ago x
my cafe turned green but for some reson i just turend my ipad of for acouple of hours and it was normal

i did changed the time and i did not get my cafe turned green
Ryen 7 yr ago x
Turn wi fi off it will stop bringing u to the main menu then later put the time back to the right one and turn wi fi back on u welcome
Em 7 yr ago x
Hey guys I'm stuck on how to get money I need help please
Crazy dave 7 yr ago x
How do I get free unlimited toxins and money plz tell me
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