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Zombie Cafe iphone/ipad game app free toxin cheats?

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kidnap 7 yr ago x
excuse me but, i dnt have facebook and someone alot earlier on said if you download smurfs' village u get 5 free toxins bt i didnt! is not having facebook a reasonn for this?
Ryen 7 yr ago x
No on the main menu of zombie cafe if the app shows up and u press on it it will work u have to see it on ur zombie game
Angel 7 yr ago x
Hey guys the things u need to do ask how to get 100000000. Toxins
Nrcnrc 7 yr ago x
No angle
Ryen 7 yr ago x
What does that do I try asking it doesn't work What I need is the table thing on the p list to hack I have it I just dont know what to change

I have the plist I just don't have the table to show u what to change
Acevasco 7 yr ago x
The time cheat in the settings no longer works due to an update. It still works but you CAFE WILL TURN GREEN. Also, if you do it more than about three times you zombies revolt against you, i.e. QUIT. Thank You.
Nicholasnb1 7 yr ago x
If you shut down zombie cafe Before you change the time your zombies won't revolt.
Bjornos20 7 yr ago x
You can change THE time at option of tour iPad or iPhone not in THE game itself
I need help pls 7 yr ago x
I cant git any toxins i bot 800 and it never should up right there i lost about all my real
monye so in brock pls make it up and give them to me pls!!!!!!!
Bill 7 yr ago x
How do go to a friends cafe?
Bill 7 yr ago x
Also, if you turn off your internet connection before you change the time, your cafe doesn't turn green and your zombies don't revolt.
Bll zophar llb 7 yr ago x
How do I get 100free toxins
Andrella123 7 yr ago x
In order to sell things you go to the button where you buy things and then hold an item and drag it on the items fir sale then it will ask you if you want to sell the item.
I know  7 yr ago x
I know how to get free toxin and money 99999999toxin and 9999999 money. If somebody tells me how to send toxin ill send you 1.000
I know  7 yr ago x
Becuz i have 9999999 toxin and money too. If you know how to send toxin ill give you 1.0000 or more you can add me on Facebook my name joselarin and my on Facebook is a green kid in top of a pig and thx.
tjwillie 7 yr ago x
why cant anybody get toxins i need some so bad i wish there were cheats for this game.....................
Iknow 7 yr ago x
Ill give toxin for free but i dont know how to send toxin
Spazm 7 yr ago x
If your cafe is green means your cafe has found a discrepacy mostly your cafe server has a different time to ur iPod :)
I know  7 yr ago x
I thing That no one wants toxin
Angel 7 yr ago x
Where do u get plist
hacker 7 yr ago x
to "I Know" could u just tell us how to get the toxins instead of making us go through the process of u sending us toxin? thanx. and to Bob, what do u do for 1.0.7?
AngeL  7 yr ago x
Hey to iknow if I tell u how to send toxins you'll send toxins for free but I think no one knows how but I'm just asking u this how did u get 9999999999 toxins and money and tell us now and u need not to know how to send toxins
Ryen  7 yr ago x
Please can u email me a lot of toxins I'm stink at hacking u guys are like awsome at it please
Angel 7 yr ago x
Yup ryen you're right can someone email me or teach me one thx this really help me a lot
Basketballchick 7 yr ago x
There arent any cheats people, but u can change clock in settings ;)

U ppl need 2 no that ppl won't send u any toxins
Kat 7 yr ago x
I read that if u just keep comment on the app it will give u an update and maybe we could at least get some toxins with r zombie money
krullie 7 yr ago x
ik kan geen iphone explorer openen help me ff
Tobbey 7 yr ago x
Why is my cafe green? Can I fix it?
Ray 7 yr ago x
How do u put stuff in the frigde
Colm laad 7 yr ago x
How do you get toxin
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