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Fashion Story free online cheats for gems (iPod Touch/iPhone game app)

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guest 13 yr ago x
How do I earn/get more gems? The gems are really expensive! Gems are nice to speed up orders, but 24 gems for the special box?? And 15-20 gems to buy clothes for your avatar! Some outfits just take too long.

tags: ipod touch, iphone, cheats for gems
guest 13 yr ago x
Fashion Story crashes almost every time when a neighbor tips, or send gifts. Other than that it is actually pretty fun to play. I would also like to know if there is any other way to get more free gems?
guest 13 yr ago x
I love this game! Any way to exchange your coins for diamonds/gems? I don't make enough money on clothes and accessories to make any fun purchases for my boutique :(
Guest 13 yr ago x
Will somebody PLEASE tell me how you earn gems in this game instead of saying how much u like it?I'm serious!!!!!!!!!!!
Katy 13 yr ago x
I guess we have to buy gems using our own money. Sadly, iPhone 3Gs users can't buy because there's a bug: Sandbox Environment. But NOT everyone get this. I GET THIS AND I THINK LIKE, TeamLava don't want my money? I'm paying for gems and now it won't let me. I hate in game purchases. I also tried to delete Fashion Story and download it again and then it won't start all over. This is so annoying.
Quinn  13 yr ago x
I hate Fashion Story so much. Mean posting on each other's walls. They should make it more nicer. Also, just for little amount of gems cost more than 1 famous Marc Jacobs bag! LOL just kidding.
Quinn 13 yr ago x
Fashion Story yet is addicting but sometimes is annoying. Used all my gems and coins and nothing is left. Can't even purchase because of stupid bug.
Flame 13 yr ago x
how to get free gems (without cheats):

in MY OPINION, i GUESS that you have to let a mod sent you gems (this is against the game laws, though so if you're a good person and found a mod report to teamlava)

middie 13 yr ago x
Other else than the latest cheat that were the steps, I found one too. I didn't discover it. I work for me. Don't blame me if this doesn't work. But most games need cheats. There's only 2 cheats, possibly. Mine is the second one.

Pay attention to the news! They will give you opportunities. The headline in "Awesome!" And usually it will show up as "Download .....Story and Get 6 Gems FREE!"

This is not exactly a cheat. IT'S NOT AT ALL. We just want you readers to pay attention because you'll only pay to a post that had "CHEATS" on it!!

Click install. All the games of the same company are free.

It lasts forever. Sometimes, when you download all, you'll get the gems. And there's a limit: You won't get anymore once you download all its games (opportunities on news)

But at least there's plenty for you to use for Magic Box and other stuff still available! So you them wisely! For the one who started out with 10 gems and used all of it... Then you'll get less gems! I never use the 10 gems and now I got like, 40. We sure hope there will be more opportunities coming. Cheats aren't the only option still available! It might mess with your system! So be SMART!
Ashiiii:) 13 yr ago x
Hey poppy mine did not WORK probably t worked for you because you have an I-phone 3G, 3GS or the 4G but I have a I-pod 3rd generation so it did not work also I bet that thoee cheats were from a LONG TIME AGO!!!!! D:<<<<<<<
hi 13 yr ago x
hi! does it only work for iphone? or can it be also for ipod touch 4thgen? cuz mine didn't work
hope1997 13 yr ago x
Umm send me neighbor requests my Storm8 ID is
Np 13 yr ago x
What's in the magic box?
jade 13 yr ago x
its so annoying if it loads so slow! AND its really annoying if the internent connection is lost!! BUT OVERALL FASHION STORY IS COOL
Me 13 yr ago x
This is about the gems cheat:
Not surprised it did not work tried both but nope nothing happened matey
miley730 13 yr ago x
it didnt work for me add me id:miley730
... 13 yr ago x
can you make two avatars for this game as in two different shops for two different people?
M. E. 13 yr ago x
How do I get free gems (without downloading apps), AKA what are some cheats?
Lana 13 yr ago x
hi everyone can someone tell me how to do the cheat because i dont get the step 7. While on their store, stand by your iphone by clicking the top button on ur iphone. My ID is Lana47
Lana 13 yr ago x
so noone knws i guess
Kiki 13 yr ago x
downloading FREE apps are quite good... for me, i just delete them after i went back to FS and check that there's gems.
admins 13 yr ago x
To the user above with names Yooo! Kiki poppy etc.etc. stop spamming this topic AND other topics with conversations you are having with yourself

Thank you :)
Lana 13 yr ago x
thanks for the help for the step 7 for the cheat eg poppy..can i have the ID of the people who say that the cheat worked for them plz cause i can ask u any question and if you want to add me its Lana47
Heyy(: 13 yr ago x
Heyyyy!(: add mehhh:swag98
lauren 13 yr ago x
bye the bye how do you get loads of XP and gems (the little rock things)?
Mary 13 yr ago x
Does ne1 know how to move furniture in the game!?
zo bunny 13 yr ago x
I need more gems for my avaters clothes and to make orders faster but I NEED a cheat to get them.

Stella 13 yr ago x
To get more gems you need to buy lots of each item. As you buy an item you will see a bar above the item increase. Once you get to 1, it'll give you extra money and xp, the key is the get to the second level for each item. Each time you reach the second level for an item it will give you a gem
Jenna7284 13 yr ago x
I bought the magic box but can't see anything new.... What did i get for 24 gems?
qtpi 13 yr ago x
anyone know how to change the prefrences script in ifile to get free gems and coins? <3
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