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Fashion Story free online cheats for gems (iPod Touch/iPhone game app)

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emily 6 yr ago x
u can keep ordering clothing items and get 2000 coins or 1 gem so u get 1 gem two times and 2000 coins 2 times u have too order the item so many times and u can only do it 4 times per clothing also download other story apps and u get 6 gems add me my id is evenezia15
No Name! 6 yr ago x
If you download all the ...Story games you earn, when it comes on one of the goals and you download it you also get gems, if you keep saving up and not using then unnessasarily then you will have...
No Name! 6 yr ago x
...Gems becuz you get some every level!
Enjoy the game and if you would like...

ADD ME... ID -- rokstarrr123
Boutique name is Fashion Frenzy
Jess 6 yr ago x
U can't really earn gems. The only way to get them other then 2 buy them is to complete challenges and tasks that the reward is gems. And it does take a while to get lots. :((
Vana 6 yr ago x
My storm id is 1amour - pls add me. I earn gems by ordering the same stuffs many times, once you reach the the second and fourth time recognition, you earn gem :)
jk 6 yr ago x
Hey guys! I need more neighbors add me. My name is snoober diddle
Sarosha 6 yr ago x
Is there a certain amount of clothes to order during a day. Because I ordered clothes yesterday then won't let me order anymore. Then the next day it does an stopped again. So any help because I am losing stuff.
sorry not telling 6 yr ago x
I wanna delete my account on fashion story, I tried deleting the app and redownloading it but it still did not work it gave me the same account that i don't want or like! How do i delete it?
Bree 6 yr ago x
I Really Need Neighbors Please Add Me Brianah15 Thanks✨
Bree158445 6 yr ago x
Please Add Me I Need Neighbors Brianah15 Thanks
Sarosha  6 yr ago x
I just shut my iPad off and turned it on then all the glitches I was having left. But thanks for not helping at all! Jk. Y'all weren't on.
Sarosha 6 yr ago x
I need neighbors my name is Sarosha786 please. I'm new at this and I need gems to change my store name because I accidentally typed in random letters and hit okay. Please Add me.
Sarosha 6 yr ago x
Sorry my name is sarosha786. No capitals.
lilly 6 yr ago x
I have fashion story on my ipod touch. But I will to start again. But when I remove it. And download it. I get the same game again. How do I remove it?
nychellay 6 yr ago x
You cannot remove the game. It's downloaded to the server, so you can only play it on a different device.
Emily 6 yr ago x
Heyy people i will tell you the easeist way to get gems you should:
1. Order all buissnes cloth
2. When you order all buissnes cloth you should order as many as you can
3. Everyday do the same
PS you'll get only one geme
Brianna's 6 yr ago x
How do u get items back that u stored? If u no plz add me: polarbears1998

Please and Thank You
Nico 6 yr ago x
Well to make more money, set the time ahead (like 1 hr or so) and u will get money. But the bug is that if u hav clothes in ur catalog waiting for u and it says ready, u put it on (u probably no this already...) but it disappears right after which is sooo annoying. anyway, if u hav stuff n ur racks they will b gone and u will hav coins. My storm id is: NikkisAwesomeFashion
add me if u wnt too!
Add me 6 yr ago x
Add me: eeplax13
Melina 6 yr ago x
Add me my ID is melinarocap
Suzi 6 yr ago x
add me---------------- kittykoo45
Me 6 yr ago x
add Me. Stormy Id: Margarita64
Emzzie 6 yr ago x
Add me on it (Storm ID:) Jetney
Masteric 6 yr ago x
Please add me! ID: berlianyaonasis
brebre 6 yr ago x
how do I add people?????? :(
Belieber 6 yr ago x
Hw do i get more money this game is driving me CRAZYYYY!!
!!!!!! :D
Jazz 6 yr ago x
ADD Jazlynrae. Thanks :3
the Paradise  6 yr ago x
Is there another way to get gems without spending my money?
mirimilys 6 yr ago x
I have clothes already on my catalog to place outside but I couldn't . I clicked and clicked and I can't place them. WTF?
luvvbug 6 yr ago x
i luvv this game but idk how the other gamers have all that pretty stuff in there store...i just cant afford it cuz my ipod iz jank and cracked so everytime u log in then log out for a couple of seconds and log back in it takes all the clothes of the racks and tables!!!!!
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