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Fashion Story free online cheats for gems (iPod Touch/iPhone game app)

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Danielle 6 yr ago x
Add me- buddahsbreathh (: ill add anyone
PeacefulImCute 6 yr ago x
Add me PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ! Storm id: RainbowDash615
Heelz and eyes 6 yr ago x
Hi im having a big issue with my game was wondering if any1 could help. I close my fashionstory store up @ nite with a items over the doors to try and store and once I come on and take items items away from door my store pretty much empty. All racks shelves etc. The money is there and my heart for the customers stays at 100. Could someone help me. Thank you
NinjaNina 6 yr ago x
So you all want more gems huh? Here is the solution: First of course you can buy them. Or, you all know how you have missions you need to complete? There is always a reward at the end. The reward is experience so you can level up, with either a gem or two or money. I really hope this helps!! Add me on both my accounts: sassycatmelw and sassycatmeow. Good luck!!!
????? 6 yr ago x
On the "Excuse Our Dust" quest, It says display 100 contracts. How can you order a contract or get one on the game?
Marina  6 yr ago x
Please tell me if I can get free jems without having to get the other story games.
-please help
Unique 6 yr ago x
Hey add me storm8: UniqueTxT
Christina 6 yr ago x
Has anyone heard of posting on 15 walls and getting 500 gems and $999,999,999. If so, did it work for you. I did it but it didn't work, maybe I did it wrong if it has worked for others.
Eva 6 yr ago x
Can you add me : 12021997E ?

Ellen 6 yr ago x
On Fashion Story it won't let me change my avatar. I paid for the changes I made in my closet but it doesn't show it on my avatar.
Katgatt 6 yr ago x
What are the cheats what do I do
nyancatz 6 yr ago x
add me!! hellonyan
foreverjay 6 yr ago x
add me foreverjay
Great 6 yr ago x
xemiliahx 6 yr ago x
Add my ID xemiliahx
Jazzycramer 6 yr ago x
This is how you get gems. When you go to buy a peice of clothes next to the shirt/pants or whatever you buy will be a number 0,1,2 whatever it might be. The more you order the higher the number you get. You get a gem for every 2 or 4. It easy yo het it in the one minuets ones first. If all your slots are open and your not waiting for clothes fill every slot with the same shirt untill you get to two and you will get a gem. It works with every item in every catalog.
watermelon4001 6 yr ago x
keep ordering the same item of clothing- for example pencil skirt. When you have ordered about 20 of them put them on display. There should be a note that pops up on the screen that says ' you have been promoted! ' then it tells you that you have earned a gem.
Kiki J. (not poppy!) 6 yr ago x
Umm, apparently none of the "cheats" work... that sucks.

Anyhoo... add me "kinanna"
Watermelon4001 6 yr ago x
@ Kiki jay.

The cheats do work! If they didn't work for u I am sorry but I earned 15 gems in 1 day with that cheat! : ) 👍
Katie 6 yr ago x
Hey! I need help getting more neighbors. 🆔 daisy527 my store name is Fashionista
Xx 6 yr ago x
Add me xoxodido
kitty 6 yr ago x
How can I keep my old game when I change cell :(
kitty 6 yr ago x
How can I keep my old game what can I do to keep it?
Sapphire Gems 6 yr ago x
wow! I was just called PATHETIC! I hate those people! Why do they CYBER bully!but I have this friend, best friend called ____________, and she's so nice! but please, make it so u can't swear!!!or say bad things!
Wink Pixie 6 yr ago x
How can u have two accounts on the same device? I heard from my friend says HER friend has TWO accounts on a SAME game same deviceI am really kind! Everyone loves ME lol! But I have a lot of best friends!!! A LOT! My walling covered with their nice message
Wiwkdhgbehsbgkegbkd 6 yr ago x
Hey everyone! I am Yium. yuim yin. I am 11 and I wanna know how to expand Ur store! I just started...playing.
esttrlla 6 yr ago x
hi.! add me please i need likes ID:esttrlla
dd 6 yr ago x
i need neighbors plzzzz add me heather_mullins21
Zienzile 6 yr ago x
When it comes to gems the only thing I wish is a conformation msg. I bought some gems and none of them were spent on what I really wanted, they all went to accidental taps and pissed me off. If u buy gems wait til the sales. They have them all the time so its worth the wait. The mystery boxes are not worth the gems and the goals thet set...well just do them if u want the reward because u spend more then u make, but ur gems will increase. I have gone broke trying to complete goals and it shouldn't bee like that :(. Other then that I'm still addicted:)
daylightdream 6 yr ago x
Add me i gift daily

Also add me on dragon story and bakery abd resteraunt story
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