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Fashion Story free online cheats for gems (iPod Touch/iPhone game app)

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MoOshiie 7 yr ago x
hay who noes how to get free gems
really i need dem ASAP c im so desprate im ritin on a random Site LmFaO
jess 7 yr ago x
people keep mentioning about buying loads of the same items, and then you'll make a bar fill up?I can't see the bar?! :S
and add me: jess0991
Me 7 yr ago x
Is there any way that I can get gems without buying them and how can I get a neighbor now that I got the hang of the game I want to know how to get the main things I need to succeed in this game. I appreciate any help or guidance that anyone can give me
Me 7 yr ago x
Oh and please add me I.D. Diva4Diva
Jetsetter44 7 yr ago x
How do I find my stored furniture??
Mel 7 yr ago x
Is there a way that you can buy gems using the game money, and not real money?
kriselle 7 yr ago x
i really really need more gems and coins for fashion story cos im just broke!
Reggie 7 yr ago x
Ur star rating goes down when u get off for a long time
guest 7 yr ago x
Please stop you do not need to hack this game there is no way to do this if you do it will not be successful.
Shanan T 7 yr ago x
Stuck in design mode

I shut the game off in design mode, now it's stuck. Can't get to any other menus. What do I do?
Katie 7 yr ago x
You can get FREE GEMS by buying the same outfit, have you noticed that it has a number? It means your accomplishment, like when it says "Shopaholic" they give you $2000 and if you buy much more times instead of giving you money you'll earn a Free Gem, is easier with 1min, 5min or 15min clothing because it's not expensive and it won't take too long
Louise 7 yr ago x
love this game, shame theres no cheats you could enter like in Sims games.
Add me

Blabla 7 yr ago x
I don't see where the bar sort off ranking is of bying clothing because i only get money net gems ??

Please send me an invite to be neighbors...: Sanny4ffer
SexyyChickk;D 7 yr ago x
I really need more gems does anyone have any ideas??
mnmkhayat 7 yr ago x
it is an amazing game, but i need some help about how can i sell the floor (not all) just four blocks.
VegasVille2113 7 yr ago x
I need neighbors! My ID is VegasVille2113! Please add me, :) I'll send you gems! I have alot!
Rachie 7 yr ago x
I don't think adding apps works on he iPhone... My husband has an Android & I have the iPhone 4G... He get free gems when he adds other apps but when I do it on my phone it doesn't work...

Need more neighbors,... Plz add rachelena.5
MiRaNuCe 7 yr ago x
I have an iphone & when I downloaded the Fashion Story app, I opted to not receive notifications... How do I change that?? Plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heidi 7 yr ago x
@MiRaNuCe that's easy, go to the Settings app on your iPhone, choose Notifications and find the Fashion Story app. Set all to ON (Badges, Alerts, Sounds). See screenshot for an example.

Fashion Star 7 yr ago x
Hi! I need neighbours really badly. Please add me, somebody! My Storm8 ID is FamousGirlRestaurant. You can also add me for Restaurant Story!
katie 7 yr ago x
So my internet works on everything but this game on my ipod touch and i dont understand because my wifi is awesome. its really ticking me off.
Alicecullen5050 7 yr ago x
Hey, so I didn't buy a single gem yet somehow just playing the game for a long time got me up to 24 for the magic box, and I had 4 left over and somehow got back up to 8! I did download other story games for the 6 gems it gives u but I only did it twice and I used my first 10 gems it gave me when I first down loaded fashion story©, so I guess keep an eye out and read what Stella said, it helped out a lot :) thank u :)
And plz add! Lol my storm  is alicecullen5050

wojendyfia 7 yr ago x
I love this game :) but does anybody have a cheat to get free gems!!!
Amy 7 yr ago x
Well this esnt really a cheat but you can download but I can't really think if anything eals sorry:((
Tanda 7 yr ago x
I came on to this (random, yet helpful) site to find out how to get the Bubble Dress,Lady Gaga Bow Hair etc...
I found out lol (:
thanxs guys!
ID: Taleigha15
(i gift everyday ^_^ )
annniiee 7 yr ago x
add me! my id is: cheyenne123456765
dude 7 yr ago x
how do you delete or move stuff on fashion story? trust me it is not easy!!! you trie to delete the game and put it back on but it comes up wit h the one you delete.
MissAmerica8 7 yr ago x
Hey guys! If you have any problems, you can add me as your neighbour (my ID is MissAmerica8) and post on my wall, and I'll respond! And I'll like your items too :) Thanks! <3
jess 7 yr ago x
add me ! priincess0909
Tay 7 yr ago x
Add me: Tayla717
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