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Fashion Story free online cheats for gems (iPod Touch/iPhone game app)

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Hihhjhuj 7 yr ago x
How do you get gems for coins
Plazachk 7 yr ago x
What Happened to my cashier on fashion story? How do I get them back?
wojendyfia 7 yr ago x
I have no more gems!!!!!!! Does anybody know when they give sales for gems??? Im waiting for a good one but its taking really long
tayla 7 yr ago x
Need more neighbours Storm ID: uniquebeauty ! :):)
Missmarlyn 7 yr ago x
Helloo yeah i agreed this game is so addicting and fun but annyoing cause gems are so expensive ! Is nt fair but if i also wonder if there is any way on getting free gems?
lauren 7 yr ago x
add me: adorablechic

earning coins takes forever nd how do i get money quicker ?
missa 7 yr ago x
I need cheats for more gems! Also add me on storm8: missarocks
Jayjay 7 yr ago x
Add me I need more neibours its eve12341992 :)
Stephy 7 yr ago x
heyy people.... add me!!!

ID: HardToSayGoodBye

thanks!! :)
yuricpu 7 yr ago x
Please add me I'd love to have neighbors :)

Id: yuricpu
Diana 7 yr ago x
Add Mee Please: Diana895
iNeed neighbors lol
missa 7 yr ago x
Guys i need a cheat for more gems/money!!!!!! Help me!!!!
Kelly 7 yr ago x
When i go to bed and i have placed and order when i wakeup is expiered how can i stop the game when i go to ved or aoutomatically put the items on the store so they dont ecpire when the time is over??? Please help
Bebe 7 yr ago x
I am stuck on the arrangement page. How do get my exit button back to check catalog and orders?!!!
Nicki 7 yr ago x
add this code as a neighbor "01valle007
raysonmoon1 7 yr ago x
The item will expire if the time for the delivery times 2... so 4 hour delivery... u have up to 8 hours to set it out.... at bedtime set up the longer delivery times...
maddymoon 7 yr ago x
add this code as a neighbour : moonbel82
chic 4 eva 7 yr ago x
add my storm 8 id brigittepietranek. same id for nightclub story and resturant story!
Guest 7 yr ago x
Hey i Need gems.. ;) please add me! yaraDelirah! Thx
Holly 7 yr ago x
I am only getting 2 coins for every item I sell, is that right? Or is there something wrong? I have been playing forever and and I only have like 4,000 coins.
chablamm 7 yr ago x
Add me ID: chablamm
Trish 7 yr ago x
Add me trish0933
Toni 7 yr ago x
Add Me ;P Muffin_103 && How Do i Get Free Gems ,, i Dont Wanna BUY THEM !
missa 7 yr ago x
Yes Holly, that is right, you only get 2 coins per item. It is bogus. But go visit your neighbors store and you get bonuses. Also if you collect likes. I have been looking for a cheat, but I can't find one.
missa 7 yr ago x
Kelly, you can put a table or cash register in front o the door to stop other ppl from coming in. But there is no way to stop orders from expiring. Just order long orders such as 6-8 hrs before you go to bed. So you will have it in the morning.
belle 7 yr ago x
pls add me: talcohen888
and I know a way to get a lot of money. And you can get some gems too!
what you need to do is very simple: you just need to order the same thing (like: the same shirt or the same shoes) many many times!! there is a yellow line above the things you order..!
When the line if full (after you order the same thing again and again a lot of times) it will bring you 2000 money!!
And if you will do that again and again so the next time it will be full it will give you 1 gem!!! do this on the same things a lot of time!!!!
Bieber 7 yr ago x
Thanks stella, BUT WE ALL NOE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-p
FS expert& 7 yr ago x
Is there any cheats  i  FS it is great
guest 7 yr ago x
if we want to quit our fashion story and start a new one.. how do we do that on the ipod??
Pearl 7 yr ago x
How to unblock the cashregister??
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