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Fashion Story free online cheats for gems (iPod Touch/iPhone game app)

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jacys 7 yr ago x
I have gotten gems by liking other peoples botiques items. You have to fill up the pink bar at the bottom of your page when you are liking an item. ALSO im wondering if i can sell a one gem table and get a gem back? My storm 8 id: is jjotdan if you need a neighbor! thanks for reading. bye(:
bbaaabbbyyy  7 yr ago x
When you get to "level 2" for EACH item then you automatically get a gem... i got plenty with that
Blubblub fish 7 yr ago x
Yea I no. I got the surprise box and all I got was 1 little Lolita dress to put in my shop. You can't even put it on your avatar!!!! :/
Inkprincess 7 yr ago x
okay.. question- Im not sure what I was doing the other night.. I was re-arranging my "furniture" and tiles and what not.. But by tinkering with everything.. (I had my store stocked) then when it turned off ( like it ALWAYS does).. I force closed it and re opened the app.. then to my surprise.. EVERYTHING was gone.. and I was credited 50,000 coins.. has this happened to anybody?? It was like an automatic Sale .. Im interested in THAT cheat.. not too concerned with the gems.. Team Lava does give you plenty of opportunites to rec'v free gems.. It just takes too long for them to shop one by one.. and cash registers are exp.. so - yea if anybody knows what the heck I did.. plz advise me.. :)

Storm8 ID: Inkprincess

Thank You xD
Guest 7 yr ago x
You get one gem if you catalog many of the exact same clothes. See the thing on top of each catalog clothes, such as "Simply Casual" There should be a 0 and a meter. Touch a type of style (such as simply casual) and see the meter. Fill it up and it should give you 2,000 coins and some xp. Fill it up twice and you should receive a gem. Fill it up to 4 nag gain 10,000 coins! It is very simple. If you have any questions, please upload them!
Aquamarine 7 yr ago x
Thx Guest! 
That really helped me!
Rickyricotta 7 yr ago x
How do you move the furniture around?
ID:Lyr1232ic 7 yr ago x
I play my fashion story on my HTC EVO shift 4g and it plays just fine...the only thing I don't like is that I have to wait two minutes inorder for order to go through. Ajar that gets very annoying ....but I got rid of my iPhone 3g it wasnt my type of phone soo if you switch phones get an EVO by Sprint.
missa 7 yr ago x
Ok so I was wondering, when you click your clothes in the Catalog, you have an option to recieve items instantly for 5 gems. So does the 5 gems go towards that one order of let's say shirts, or does it go towards all my future orders and making all of my future orders arrive instantly? Please could someone answer! I don't want to waste my gems!! Add missarocks
XDDD 7 yr ago x
What is better magic or surprise box? Plz add me storm8id: SandraXDIP thx =)
china 7 yr ago x
What does it means when the cash register is blocked
missa 7 yr ago x
Hey guys thx for answering. Not. I wasted 5 gems and I only got that one order instantly. Never again will I visit this. No one has helped me. I have answered tons of questions for other ppl. But no one has the courtasy to answer mine, or even say thanks that I answered theirs. This site is jack
SantyDJ 7 yr ago x
@China: if you keep getting a msg saying your register is blocked, it means it's probably right next the wall or has something right in front of it were the "cashier" would be standing. Make sure you leave room in front of it bc there has to b a cashier working the register and if there's no room for her, your customers won't b able to pay. I hope this answers your question.
@Missa: I'm sorry you lost 5 gemsI just came on this site right now and if I'd seen it earlier I would've told you that it only works on that one item. Unfortunately you found that out the hard way and I'm sorry for that
Me says hi 7 yr ago x
Hi ppl help me on cheats!!! O n add me smartgirl52
kitkat 7 yr ago x
how do you restart the game?
i've messed up and would like to restart help???
Britt(: 7 yr ago x
the orange bar doesnt appear until your level 6 or 7
Britt(: 7 yr ago x
you cant restart): sorry.
Guest 7 yr ago x
How can you move your items around?
FameSpell iD: famecbtamed  7 yr ago x
How can we get free stuff I mean I love that game but it sucks that we don't get alot of things free
Inkprincess 7 yr ago x
@ Guest.. you click on design (the hammer) and then grab and drag to anywhere you want.. for tiles... pick one- tap twice.. same for walls. pretty easy.. - add me all.. INKPRINCESS
sunilmalhotra 7 yr ago x
After you buy items each item is showing 0 and soon as 1 finishes and 2 number starts you earn a gem
posh 7 yr ago x
Ok, I just read every single post on here on how to get free gems (thru a cheat) and it seems that nobody knows how or at least hasn't posted anything. That sux cuz yeah, they really are way too expensive! In restaurant story you can get sooo much more stuff w/out having to have gems but in fasion story if you want the really cool stuff you have to purchase them w/ gems and real money which is dumb.
Anyway, I am determined to find a way! I will call on some hacker if I have to cuz I love the game but refuse to buy gems. So I will post on here when I find a way to get em.
Also, plz feel free to shoot me an invite, my ID is NT1019
And im really good to my neighbors ;-)
chenmeicai 7 yr ago x
I love this game!

I don't know though, I'm trying to purchase gems but I think my credit cards are not accepted, I think it's a country policy. :(

Oh well, I will deal with earning the gems instead.

Add me then as neighbor!
Let's have fun playing. Yey!

ID: chenmeicai
Sdnative 7 yr ago x
How do u get rid of the blue like icons? They are distracting and ugly. I selected no on my preferences but they still show up. Thanks for any help
tmo04 7 yr ago x
add me tmo04

also you can add payton04
iloveyou2012 7 yr ago x
add me: ilbritt88
kt 7 yr ago x
add me! katekat629
kt 7 yr ago x
@sdnative if you are talking about the thumbs up blue icon, you should be able to click it and get xp points and some coins from it. They will go away after that.
Kate 7 yr ago x
How do I Change my cloths it won't work for me plzzzzz help I look so ugly
Ladyneo 7 yr ago x
Hey my storm Id is ladyneo if you want to add me
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