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Nightclub Story free online cheats for club cash (iPod Touch/iPhone game app)

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guest 8 yr ago x
Is it possible to exchange coins for club cash? Or any other cheats for this really addictive game, love the music! Is it possible for other people to hear my music playing from the iPod app?

tags: free cheats, iphone, ipod touch, club cash
guest 8 yr ago x
Really fun way to listen to your iPod and manage your club. You can also visit clubs of neighbors :) But I need more club cash for the fancy decorations. Visit me and you'll get a free drink ;)
guest 8 yr ago x
Would be nice to see more options for the drinks, decorations, and music. It also crashes with me now and then, but I just have to restart my iPhone. The best part of Nightclub Story is that the game is playing music from my iPod :) How can I earn or do I get more club cash for free? Any cheats appreciated!
Gamingchick 8 yr ago x
I need a money cheat for nightclub story
Gamingchick 8 yr ago x
Money cheats for nightclub story
melvie 8 yr ago x
how do u get more money and more cash ive alresdy tried changing the date and time but ti actually dosnt work plzzzz answer back..................................................................
cokedup 8 yr ago x
iphone nightclub cheats

how can i get more club cash and move up in levels faster?????
RIBBO 8 yr ago x
You get club cash by being promoted on drinks so keep buying a drink over and over again until you have reached 4 time of promotion and then do other drinks it works!!!;)
pizza pizza 8 yr ago x
pizza pizza
salva 8 yr ago x
how can i get more cash
TheFistPumpClub  8 yr ago x
I'm having some harassment problems with a very ignorant player can anybody help me on how to block them from insulting me
steven 8 yr ago x
I don't think it's possible to block a player yourself. You should contact Teamlava and give the username. Maybe they can investigate, warn him or ban this user forever from playing :)
Jami 8 yr ago x
Club cash cheats for nightclub story
Daz 8 yr ago x
Dose anyone know what the stars mean when u get done mixing drinks.I hit on it it gose to the top of the screen? It has a star and it has 30 in it pleaz help!
SophieODwyer 8 yr ago x
how do i get free club cash..?!
GAMINGCHIK 8 yr ago x
Ive learned something about nightclub story one thing is when you play the game for the first time in a day it says congrats you won blank amount of money for today. If you wait a couple of hours to get back on again close the app then open it again and it will give you more money than before.

Hope this helps, GAMINGCHIK
GAMINGCHICK 8 yr ago x
Dear daz,
The little stars you get after you make drinks also appear when people send you dancers they add to the hp that you get after you make drinks or get dancers like i said it adds to the hp and makes you that much closer to getting to the next level.

Hope this helps, GAMINGCHICK
NOCTURNAL 8 yr ago x
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Dashing 8 yr ago x
ok i have been playing night club story for a while now how do o get free cash i need it now!!!!!:)
NOCTURNAL/Gamingchik 8 yr ago x
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thebluefacedgirl 8 yr ago x
hey how do u get club cash or loads of coins and where r the the cheats shown on this website?
Club Electro 8 yr ago x
Thiers a way to get money with out worying about costomers using up all of ur drinks simply put a dj systom blocking the door and boom $5 every time with out wasting drinks it adds up quickly
oh and every one add:sunshinevill. storm8 code

Money/cash girl 8 yr ago x
Do u no when your designing and a lil sign keeps coming up every 11secs well put a DJ set down exstacly when the +5 comes up and you'll get loads of money but it doesn't stay for long all the things you bought disappearit furstaights me....
DiaNa 8 yr ago x
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Nurhanne 8 yr ago x
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DaNa 8 yr ago x
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Rose  8 yr ago x
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Kllaara 8 yr ago x
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Kmk 8 yr ago x
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Club Zen 8 yr ago x
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