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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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bluelugia 6 yr ago x
how do you give gifts to ur friends
Hi tare 6 yr ago x
It wood be cool avry time you level up
Froggy 6 yr ago x
Please help me .i am really good on Pet hotel but all I need is teats please help me
Nico1200 6 yr ago x
Tapjoy is safe and you just download any of the offers and play for a while with the game. Later, go back on PetHotel and you can after delete the game
Goth chic 👿 6 yr ago x
Lil 6 yr ago x
I am level 24 and have 2683956 coins and 5 treats! I got that without buying them! I got them by buying new rooms whenever I can and I collect it daily. I also visit my neighbors and pop heart balloons and collect their coins. I got the treats by doing jobs that only require coins and give u treats.
LLAMA ^.^ 6 yr ago x
you can get free treats by going to and completing a few offers.
Hope that helps :)
LLAMA ^.^ 6 yr ago x
go to www(dot)tapjoy(dot)com and complete a few offers to get treats :)
Sammy 6 yr ago x
If anybody could put up a hack for free treats I would be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
mac1971z 6 yr ago x
my coin count ends at 2147483647. does anyone have the same problem?
mac1971z 6 yr ago x
How do you save your game?
Vale 6 yr ago x
Me pasan vecinos para el pet hotel? Need !!! Graciassss. Facebook valush lovera
Kaamil 6 yr ago x
I know every ones solution to free treats and bones.all you have to do is open a new game center account(to do this you need to dign out of your current account and press create new account).
Once you've done this log in to pet hotel with your new account.collect 3 coins and press the neighbour button and gift your players name(this is only available in new update)then exit the game.sign in with your original account and then if you look in the
Neighbour section the game will have your new game center account and will say collect gift.tap this icon and you will get 15 treats or a free treasure chest.
Kaamil 6 yr ago x
Are youHappy sammy?
I found a way to get free treats
KAAMIL 6 yr ago x
Sammy, by the way im yor friend in smurfs
danika 6 yr ago x
I have 72 rooms and I want to expland but it won't let me?
Shanana12 6 yr ago x
How do you open your business on pet hotel
TanTanGH 6 yr ago x
I am unable to open Pet Hotel since I hack it with 9999 treats. It tells me that I must connect to the Internet and prompts me to retry.

Can you please help me correct this issue? I tried removing and resintalling and it is always the same. PLEASE HELP
J 6 yr ago x
@Gus you cannot get your pet back once it had been deleted. Sorry.
Lissavacca 6 yr ago x
I had 10 treats and i waz going to use them the next day and it said i had 0 treats why? and how do u get free treats???
Ram 6 yr ago x
One of my challenges is to give a gift to 4 friends. I have 3 gifts(don't know how I got them) but I don't know how to get them to the friends. Help!
Tess 6 yr ago x
BONES is the common prob here - I have no issues with earning coins - earn a couple of million a day but the challenges sitting there that require bones - and whats with those stupid chests - ARGH!!!!!
ljohn 6 yr ago x
Many many times my hotel shuts down. What can I do to stop this?
Wong 6 yr ago x
How do you get free treats and free coins in pet hotel.
Woerd63 6 yr ago x
My coin count also stopped at
2147483647. What can i do to start getting the counter to work again?
Cassie  6 yr ago x
I really need some treats
Tash mash 6 yr ago x
Why is this happening to me!!!!! And how on earth do I get bones for free??? Someone please help me!!! Please!!! I lost so many bones
Tash mash 6 yr ago x
Seriously who would ever pay $105 to get a barrel of treats?? The creators of pet hotel just want your money. How rude!!! They should just give 5 treats every 3 days!! Who is with me??!!?
Comicfan 6 yr ago x
Woerdo23, to start earning again you have to buy a room or expand. This is a problem withbiphone, iPad.

Ram, to get friends & get gifts you must sing in thru game enter and play. There is a place to add friends. Also you can add me ( Comicfan) is my GC ID. There is also a place there to get 1 free bone for each friend you invite.

Good luck
Comicfan 6 yr ago x
Ok. I can't type.

Woerdo23. I meant.. It is a problem with iPhone & iPad

Ram. I meant game center.
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