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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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Emily 6 yr ago x
How do u get treats or yarn in your nieghbors shop?
KAAMIL 6 yr ago x
Why are so many people asking for free treats. If you want free treats follow my instructions on page 26.
Dashie 6 yr ago x
Can someone please give me a cheat or stradegy for getting free treats as such? Add me Game Center: 'GoldenBaramundi'
Dragynspire 6 yr ago x
I have negative hp ive been level 6 for two expansions! Help! My xp says -376523808 getting nowhere and need help to fix it please
sophie 6 yr ago x
How do you get 2 different types of dogs in the same room?
cichodw 6 yr ago x
Bought new property for 75 million and it never developed. Got ripped off of a lot of time! Sucks!
Fresco3 6 yr ago x
I deleted scarlet ibis room how do I get it back
nikky 6 yr ago x
This is just horrible, and not fair, i meen you cant get any treats and nearly everithing u have to pay with treats!!!!! :-( :-[
Gail 6 yr ago x
My friends list disappeared,but shows that I am still getting gifts but when you go there it is blank and no one is there to click on . Please help!!
kalz 6 yr ago x
join tapjoy and earn free treats and coins by just downloading games and run the game
msquare 6 yr ago x
on level 17 i was asked to build a second pirate room...which i did..but it doesn't confirmed task there any other pirate room that i dont know? Cos now i already hav 4 of pirate room... Helpp..
kalz 6 yr ago x
its the same pirate room maybe try and do it again if it has "go there" under the task try doing it that way, i had the same problem with another task and i done it twice and it worked 2nd time round hope this has helped
msquare 6 yr ago x
@kalz: i did, also built another pirate room (again)...the task still not completed.....arghhhhh...i hav 5 pirate room now... X-(
msquare 6 yr ago x
i just reached level come my jungle room and dog room collecting money in 2 hours? Not 2 minutes... Already bulit 6 pirate rooms and my "built second pirate room" task still not was on progress 1 of 2 before...then i close the game...and now it's back to 0 of 2 progress again...
ksweets 6 yr ago x
I've been at a 4.5 star hotel rating forever. I've done fun rooms, connectors, & decorations. How do I get to a 5 star hotel
msquare 6 yr ago x
Add more fun room, decoration and connector... U can build more than 1 of each fun will cost more spaces and coins but u will get the 5 problem still with the buliding 2nd pirate room...i guess i built more than 10 pirate room and still didnt complete the task.... :s its getting suck...
Tiffanyx3 6 yr ago x
Um...I dunno what is the problem here. You see, I updated my pet hotel recently and they have been giving me quests on free treats. I invited some of the friends on Facebook, and I earned 7 treats for 7 frenz. I know it's hard to earn treats, but I have not given up, and you guys should not. And I'm afraid my MacBook cannot download the two apps tap tap girl mentioned. It's pretty hard. Anyways, I love this game so much I play it everyday! Life is so unfair! My mom does not allow me to get treats, why can't we earn a treat everyday? >:0
Tiffanyx3 6 yr ago x
And yes, currently, I am at level 18 and I am aspiring for a new level. The bad thing is that it takes super long to level up, and if you don't collect the money from the doggy room, it'll really be a waste. I can't sit there and collect every 2 minutes! And if you have any other ways of getting free treats, (the easiest) please tell me, would you would you? I'm desperate here, I earned some treats and bought some of the cheap rooms. But I really dun wan to keep depending on luck. I have to pray when it comes to the daily bonus... TT.TT
Not working ;( 6 yr ago x
Taptap girl - it all went perfect on computer, I followed every single step correctly but in the end I got no results on my phone. When I connect it to computer ir shows the currency I made up, but when I go in the game it's the old small one ;(
Tiffanyx3 6 yr ago x
Umm...I have purchased a lot of cheap treats rooms. I got the treats for free by inviting Facebook friends and completing some of the tasks. Then the gave me a reward of 15 treats. Hope this helps! ;)
Tiffanyx3 6 yr ago x
Guys, it's a really bad idea to hack the game center or something. I once played smurf village and they gave me 5 smurfberries all the time. Cause it was a glitch, and then I ended up having 483 of them. Once I updated the game, the berries were still there -- but my village was reduced to level 1. TT.TT AND as some of us mentioned, we have problems after getting free treats. So we should not do this. This motion must fall. LOL
Tiffanyx3 6 yr ago x
Ok, and I have a question to ask, is the dolphin room free? And does it cost treats? And if it is free, how do you earn it. :s I have been dreaming about that room! Lolz
loler101 6 yr ago x
i am getting soooooo annoyed with this game now my stupid and cute arctic fox wont give me any red heart balloons 2 pop and thta is 4 a quest which expires in 15 hours......AHHHHHH!!!!! and i hate how quickly u run out of treats!!!! and another thing i have like 13 prizes that i unlocked and i have no space 4 them and to expand it costs 200,000 coins!!!!
lucy 6 yr ago x
Where is the spiral staircase on android? Its not in the special connectors and i cant find it anywhere :-( someone help pleaseeee
Susie 6 yr ago x
Can anyone tell me how to add neighbours pls
V1 6 yr ago x
Hi Everyone,

So here's my issue with PetHotel. When I open the game, it says I have a gift from 2 friends, but when I go to the Social page, it says I have 0/50 PG Friends. However, the last time I added a friend, it said that I had 52/50 PG Friends & was able to accept the gifts. Does anyone know how I can retrieve the friends & the gifts they sent?
Tiffanyx3 6 yr ago x
I'm not sure but I saw a utube video that says download cydia(the app) and download a hack called pet hotel DLC and have 999999999 treats and coins. I hope this helps but it's too complicating for me. Or you can download iPhone explorer and another app, and SQLITE database browser. You must open the game and will get free treats. XD
412 5 yr ago x
I have completed the Taj Mahal task but have not got the prize 😡
Bobon 5 yr ago x
Go and put down 40 pandas wait 4. Hours and tada infinite coins and treats
Tiffanyx3 5 yr ago x
Wtf the expansion nao is 8 million!!! And i only have 4 million....>:0 and im still level 23...T.T how to level up faster????
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