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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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Laylay 7 yr ago x
Can somebody help me?????you gotta help me get some treats and for the buying treats somebody called Ron got treats that costed like 99.99 dollars , like just for....treats! Also help me get some treats I have a dojo, doggy kennel, bamboo room, cave,jungle and desurt. I wanna medow and the pirate room! From laylay
Laylay 7 yr ago x
Still no answers please , o pretty please!

From laylay hope you can help me!
Jai 7 yr ago x
They already updated the pet hotel but I haven't tried it yet so i think and hope it's much more easier to get treats and money.
Leiloni 7 yr ago x
If you visit your neighbors and click on their stuff you can get lots of coins. U can get treats to but you only get a couple at a time.
meee 7 yr ago x
which animal comes with the dusk room!
vickay 7 yr ago x
dusk is an owl. :)
amy 7 yr ago x
so far ive got...
doggy - puppy
bamboo - panda
jungle - monkey
honey - bear
cave - bat
dojo - dragon
desert - camel
aquarium - crab
pirate - parrot
medieval - pony
treehouse - squirrel
yarn - kitty
waterfall - salmon
dusk - owl
ice cave (limited time) - yeti
amy 7 yr ago x
oh and...
oasis - turtle
sammy jo 7 yr ago x
If you click on the settings in the left hand corner and visit a neghbor and get all there bloons and thing you get thee money just worked that out.. does any one no how to get the treats and bones for free costing me a fourtune....?
Tap tap 7 yr ago x
There is a way to get free coins, treats and experience and no need for a jail broken phone.
You need to download iphone explorer and SQLite database browser.
After that it only takes a minute.
sassyblonde 7 yr ago x
this does not tell you how to get free coins or bones please I need to know a cheat for free bones or coins without paying money!
Le Happy Fish 7 yr ago x
How do I get free bones!!!
kit kat  7 yr ago x
have you watched jurassic park its all about DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hii 7 yr ago x
How much does the ice cave usually cost or is it never there?
Any 7 yr ago x
I hate how they dont give u free treats i want to get the fairy room! Doesanybody know what happens when u buy a room that costs treats how u build it up with money or with treats too?
Any 7 yr ago x
The ice cave is 90,000 but limited time only im on level 21 it also depends on your level for it to show up
Eldmenwnj 7 yr ago x
How to get treats for pet hotal
StephieD 7 yr ago x
As I was "visiting a neighbour" I noticed one had 99999999999999 treats.. How the HELL did they get them?!?
charlotte 7 yr ago x
my ipodtouch is working fine but when i click the app it doesnt work , what is wrong with the game ? how do i fix it ? it really pisses me off because i payed like 10 dollars on the game !!!! HELP ME !!!

Triple h 7 yr ago x
How do I get free treats?!!!!!!!!!!!
Ally13 7 yr ago x
It say to get one of the the achievements you need to get 2 doggy kids. How do you get kids??
Sophie 7 yr ago x
I think you must hire nanny Maggie to get dog kids.
But how can you get free treats???
My neighboors have so many treats and I don't have any.
And what is the song called?
Triple h 7 yr ago x
How to get free treat pleaz I want now pleaz !? I want A cheat no chat.
StephieD 7 yr ago x
Can someone please answer my question or am I wasting my time on here? So close to deleting this game, it's so frustrating and I'm not patient enough to wait so long for expansions etc
Bubbles 7 yr ago x
How do you get 2 Doggy kids????
Bobbypin 7 yr ago x
Ok we all argre that it's not free so i read everyones comment so no one knows how to get treats omg i'm so sad :(
Bobby pin 7 yr ago x
To get two doggy kids you need to go to the &and click staff or kids room & you find the person you need and click buy
Sue R 7 yr ago x
How do I get doggie kids?
Sue R 7 yr ago x
Bobby pin, thanks. They sure don't give you any help with that.
Any 7 yr ago x
How do you visit other peoples hotel? For me it keeps showing just the same one thats on one of the apps picture
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