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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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Britt 7 yr ago x
I always go to a cheat website works for me. although I have never took the time to try it on the dog hotel I think I might!
rorr 7 yr ago x
what version of iphone explorer are u using?
Kelsie 7 yr ago x
How do you earn more treats (bones) without buying them??
 Eth-The-Beef  7 yr ago x
Love this game. So addicting! How do you earn treats though. I'm on level 19. If there's a way to get free treats please tell me. If there isn't, I don't mind because I can easily buy the $12.99 pack that gives me 125 treats. If I buy that I'll get everything that I actually want. Awesome games. 5 . See-ya .
Rappou 7 yr ago x
I have the solution to have a lot of money. You just have to buy a lot of Pirate roms and in 18 hours you have 8,600 coins..
Char 7 yr ago x
Tap tap girl...
I tried to do what you said.. But when I try to open anything it says File not found... I then downloaded the Awesome Files app that iPhone explorer shows and Nup that didn't help either... Am I doing something wrong... Tutorial for the dummies please?? Lol
Tap tap girl 7 yr ago x
If you have downloaded iPhone explorer onto your computer there shouldn't be a problem. Here is a link- do you have the right one?

Attach you iPhone to your computer then open iPhone explorer. It should automatically come up with your phones name. Click that and it will drop 2 folders. Click the one which says apps. Then all the folders of the games etc you have will drop down. Scroll down to pet hotel and click that. Click document folder then the gamestate file will be in there for you to copy. The follow the other steps for the rest.
Tap tap girl 7 yr ago x
I'm glad that my hack has made life a little better and cheaper.
For those who it hasn't worked for I can try to answer any questions.
And NO your phone doesnt have to be jailbroken. Mine isn't!
And this hack works exactly the same for iPads.
cadbury girl 7 yr ago x
tap tap girl,

thanks for the tip however mine comes up with the file or directory not found error. any ideas on how to fix??
marinuska33 7 yr ago x
Tap tap girl, my problem is that when I drag the file "gamestate" to the desktop, the program does not copy and the program blocks. Do you know another way?

Excuse my english, I used Google Translator... I hope you understand me :S
Scouserman 7 yr ago x
Not a very good game tiny zoo the best
coolster505 7 yr ago x
Tap tap girl,

I am running windows 7 32-bit and have an iPod touch. I have pet hotel 1.1.4 on my iPod. I have iPhone Explorer and SQLite Database Browser and cannot copy the gamestate file on my desktop. Please help!
Char 7 yr ago x
I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems... Yep Tap Tap girl... That's what I got... Myself and the others must be doing something wrong lol... I am running windows 7 if that makes a difference
Jk 7 yr ago x
How do u get more treats for free
to get coins go 2 ur neighbor and pop all the balloons =D
Mar22 7 yr ago x
Taptap girl! I have downloaded both programs but I can't seem to view and open gamestate... Help!!!!
Char 7 yr ago x
Okay guys just do rate the game give it a bad review so that the will change the prices or give bones to people that complained in there massage and make bones cheaper or will give them free for rewards and trophies so like 5 bones per trophy
Corgie 7 yr ago x
I know one cheat for you to change your money and other items. It works on mac and sometimes pc. Unfortunatley 4 me it didnt work for me. I still need treats can anyone buy me some

Btw i love pet hotel

(edit admin: please no e-mailaddresses)
Tingy 7 yr ago x
how to build 2 pet rooms that have 2 different types of dogs in them?
Tap tap girl 7 yr ago x
So... I am unsure why you cannot view your apps on iPhone explorer.
For those who are having problems copying their gamestate across to desktop... It doesn't matter where you save this file. If dragging the file doesnt work then try copying the file as you would for any other file.
I'm running on Mac so not too sure about win7.

Once you have changed the file in sqlite save then drag back in to iPhone explorer and replace.
Hannah loves Taylor swift 7 yr ago x
Um can u get free bones some how
Blob  7 yr ago x
Tip: don't go onto the game pet hotel for a while and u will get sio much money. Basically go on the game collect everything then leave it for a couple of hours. Do this and u will earn soooo much money
Kristen 7 yr ago x
How do u get two dogs someone help
Will 7 yr ago x
Tap tap girl do u know how to over come when u click on the app and then it says file or directory not found
gracy 7 yr ago x
how do u get bones for free!?!?!? i've tried every thing!!!!! D-dog please tell me how
Taps 7 yr ago x
To get 2 different types of dogs u have to reach a certain level. Then there is the doggy room or the sand castle room which both have different dogs
Cinder 7 yr ago x
Hi tap girl, how about for iPad?
Adam boy 2001 7 yr ago x
How to get babies on tap pet hotel
alli :)) 7 yr ago x
@Tingy and @Kristen i have the same problem!! the only way to get two dog rooms is to buy one that costs bones and I dont wanna spend real money!! this is the first trophy that u have to pay for to get it :(
Taps 7 yr ago x
To get babies u click on kids rooms and choose a person to make a baby for whatever pet u choose

Same for ipad
Cinder 7 yr ago x
So even for iPad you use iPhone explorer?
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