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Tap Pet Hotel cheats for free treats and coins (iPod Touch/iPhone game)

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Any 7 yr ago x
The new upgrade is cool with the hot air balloons they just need to improve n give free bones even if its every time u level up
kitkat 7 yr ago x
wrking on jurassiac trophy i need to get three animals that lived in that time. any one know which 3 i need? thanks
Any 7 yr ago x
I think that the animals u need cost real
Bones sucks!
Sara Jo  7 yr ago x
Okay people to get more
Stars it says to get anoter kid... Most people
Don't know but u need to actually tap on Maggie and have her clean rooms!!!! This will up ur star without spending 200 plus bones on the other chick! Got it?!?!
Sara Jo  7 yr ago x
Also u get the puppy for buying Magyar under kids rooms when u make her work in the rooms it says in top right of the list of rooms the cost and number o times u do it
Ex(1/3 or 1/4) this also gets u more babies! I did 2/4 Panda ine ad now have a baby panda!!!!
Sara jo 7 yr ago x
Make that one baby for every time Maggie vleans the rooms! I now
Have four baby pandas and four baby puppies! Two babies per dog room(I have two) and two babies per panda room( I have two as well) and it's only been two minutes since my last post! Let me know ifnu don't understand what I am saying!
Taps 7 yr ago x
Yes everything is the same for iPod and iPad
me 7 yr ago x
Tap Tap please help:

Error: File is not a SQlite 3 datadase file

can you tell me which SQlite program you downloaded?

thank you
Battlegirl5 7 yr ago x
How the heck r u supposed to get treats without paying money /:(
Dixie 7 yr ago x
TapTapGirl i've done everything you said, but I can't drag the new gamestate file back over the one in iPhone Explorer. It just drags back. I can't 'Copy' and 'Paste' it either. Do you know what I could do?

Thank youuu
Sunny 7 yr ago x
I wen ton pet hotel did stuff and came off. I didn't know what I did butthen every single time I go on it even everyminute I get my daily bonus. If you do random stuff you can do cool cheats
Sunny 7 yr ago x
Oh yeah if you do random stuff you can activate a cheat that will work. Like daily bonus every minute(what happend to me) then when your in like level 20 you will get 10.00 dollars every minute
cubby 7 yr ago x
So you all know that when you click on get more treats/coins it brings you to a page you have to pay money for. But then I noticed it said get treats/coins for free so I clicked on it ... and it brought me to another page but you still had to pay money for them. Does any one know how to get free treats?
Abc 7 yr ago x
Does anyone know if the cheat still works with the new version? I already updated mine and am going to be so mad if that means I can't do it!! Also, what SQlite version should I download... Does anyone have a link? Thanks taptapgirl - you're awesome!
Abc 7 yr ago x
Just did it - it still works!! Thank you soooooo much!
E 7 yr ago x
What r the 3 prestoric pet rooms
Madi 7 yr ago x
How do you get free treats (bones)???? It's soooooooooo ANNOYING!!
Pretty99 7 yr ago x
How do I get different dog breeds...
Drizztdourden2011 7 yr ago x
How do you get a different type of dog?I built the dog room but all of the dogs are the same
Char 7 yr ago x
Is it just me or can nobody else get the daily bonus???

Ever since the last update I have not been able to get the daily bonus...
It comes up and just stays there, don't matter how many times or different ways I try to click it the damn think won't register and so therefore I can't get my daily bonus... Arghhhhh so frustrating since I'm on 5 Stars the extra bonus would come in handy for expanding....

Also I still am unable to do Tap tap girl's cheat... No clue why!!!
Kio 7 yr ago x

when I drag the gamestate into sqlite, I also get:

Error: File is not a SQlite 3 datadase file

Any help? Much appreciated
Ji 7 yr ago x
U have to buy them
Tahoo 7 yr ago x
Tap tap girl, your cheat works brilliant on ipad as well. Thx for sharing.

Once you r on certain level you will be able to unlocks few different dogs.
Cubby 7 yr ago x
What really stinks is that when I updated it the dang thing wouldn't even open! So then I had to delete it and start all over.
Rebi 7 yr ago x
I'm on level 20, and EVERYTHING costs bones
Fin 7 yr ago x
Could someone either send me some treats or tell me some cheats
??? 7 yr ago x
Taptapgirl Is there an easier way to hack tap pet hotel
fin/??? 7 yr ago x
If u r on lvl 18 or over u can get treats by connecting ur iPod/iPhone 3 or 4 to ur laptop mac or pc going onto then type in on search pet hotel then treats and then type in the no. of treats and then go on to the thing that allows u to see all the apps click on it and then come back onto ur starting screen then pull ur iPod out and then go on to tap pet hotel and u should have th no. of treats u asked for
Quintenbt 7 yr ago x
For fast treats or coins, go on pc and download iPhone explorer and sqlitebrowser 200 b1 win. You can watch this on YouTube but is the same as tap Zoo. Type in YouTube tap Zoo hack. You can do the same for tap pet hotel
Lostfan1 7 yr ago x
I've read u can pick up trash for more coins but I don't see any trash. I see what I think r rocks on ground in front of hotel but can't puck them up. Where and how to do trash?
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