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Overkill free OM cheats codes tips verizon iphone/ipod touch/ipad game app

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guest 10 yr ago x
Good game but i wish they had better guns and more health. Without buying OM, difficulty ramps up quickly. Worth your time.

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guest 10 yr ago x
If you have the Verizon iPhone it doesn't work. Nothing fits on the screen.
guest 10 yr ago x
This free game is awsome. Best iPad 2 game so far. Fun and works fine without in app purchases. No need to pay for any other shooting game.
gino 9 yr ago x
Hugo468954 9 yr ago x
Joseph 9 yr ago x
So how do you get free OM in this game? Tryin to get the scar but just started the game.
Bestofthebest28 9 yr ago x
Wrong. I have a Verizon iPhone. It works perfectly.
akido 9 yr ago x

Theres a couple OM codes that craneballs let out on there FB page. Just to save you some time searching, the codes are:

xmas (30 free OM)
craneballs (30 free OM)

Also, save your OM, and get the first sniper rifle available (cant remember the name of it atm... but its good... its the bolt-action one...)

If youre willing to save your OM for a bit, wait until you have enough for the other sniper rifle (havent tested it out personally, but it looks like it could be good)
jim 8 yr ago x
where do i type in the codes?
jim 8 yr ago x
sorry it was soppused to be @akido
Laloc63 7 yr ago x
I love this game but did not save codes from start now I'm haveing a hard time my ? Is where & how do I put in codes
Laloc63 7 yr ago x
The only place I see is in black market ?
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