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Tap Bistro Bucks iphone app cheats free help popularity strategy quests

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guest 13 yr ago x
Tap bistro is really fun!! I have another restaurant game but it's not as fun as tap bistro! After you've completed the easy quests there's really not much more to do.

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guest 13 yr ago x
Wish I didn't have to buy serving counters that I needed with bucks instead of coins. Takes too long to clean and cook in appliances because you have to wait for the chef.
guest 13 yr ago x
Love it but disappointed you have to buy bucks to get a counter or complete a quest...
guest 13 yr ago x
I've put a lot of things in my inventory and now I have no idea how to get them back?! Help! Rather odd it costs bucks to buy a new counter. You eventually have to pay to finish the quests.
Guest 13 yr ago x
go to the store, if you have items in inventory you can use them without any cost.
guy 13 yr ago x
i wish u could trade coins 4 bistro bucks
MeMsMe 13 yr ago x
Does anybody know how to earn free bistro bucks?
Koolio 13 yr ago x
I would like to know too, but there are diamonds on the floor sometimes that u can pick up as trash and earn a bistro buck.
Jag 13 yr ago x
Diamonds seem to have stopped. Is this the case for everyone? Finding those while I cleaned up was the only way I could afford to buy counters. Would take weeks now to build up that many bucks, that I probably will give up!
Wharrgarrbl 13 yr ago x
I still get diamonds every time trash respawns. They did stop when I rearranged my floor layout, but after I switched it back to the way it was, I started to get them again.
Jag 13 yr ago x
Great, thanks. Just rearranged again and fingers are crossed that next time I go to clear up there's a diamond waiting.
Jag 13 yr ago x
 No. Plenty of rubbish but not a single diamond. I have rearranged again but not holding my breath. Any more clues? Been picking up rubbish and serving food like mad but on the higher level now I have only managed to make 2 diamonds in a week! Boring!
Jag 13 yr ago x
Yippee! More furniture moving and I have the diamonds back. A big thanks for your help.
Wharrgarrbl 13 yr ago x
Awesome, glad to hear you got them back!
Sue 13 yr ago x
Can this game be played online? My phon died a couple of days ago and I haven't been able to access my restaurant!
Deb 13 yr ago x
My Iphone broke & after I got a new one I lost my game. Can anyone tell me how to get it back?
Jack 13 yr ago x
You restore by going to about
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